Love Hina

Chapter 1


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So I finally made it. I don't know why I even came.

Keitaro Urashima stood at the steps of Hinatasou, an inn his grandmother ran. His parents, despite his objections, had driven him here and dropped him off, wishing him the best of luck. They didn't want to take a chance of him using public transportation. The last time he did, some punk had touched him to try and start a fight, which Keitaro quickly ended with a backhand, sending the wretch of a man into the wall of the subway car, leaving a slight impression.

It isn't bad enough that I can't go to Tokyo U, that I can't keep my promise to that girl fifteen years ago. But now they force me to move in with grandma, saying that the change of scenery will do me good. Don't they realize what could happen? Wasn't Rei a good example of why I shouldn't leave the house?

Thinking back to Rei, he felt depression grip him as he wondered up the stairs. The poor girl had allowed herself to be handcuffed to him while he slept, saying she would prove the rumors about the boy untrue. Her friends came to get her the next day, to be confronted by Keitaro, telling them that Rei was in the hospital with a broken pelvis and suffering from dehydration and severe exhaustion. They ran away, never to be seen by him again, but Rei did continue to call, asking if they could meet. My damn curse and her friends ended up putting her into the hospital, and the first thing she does when she heals up completely, is try and tempt fate again. Girls are so confusing.

As he arrived at the inn, he called out for anyone. "Grandma Hina, I'm here! Hello. Anyone? Hello?"

Great, I travel all this way, risk endangering god knows how many people, and the old witch that talked my parents into this little 'diversion' isn't even here to greet me. Man, I need to relax. Maybe a soak in the hot springs will help.

Keitaro made his way to the springs, making certain no one was in them as well as the changing room before placing a sign on the door. "HOT SPRINGS IN CURRENT USE. DO NOT ENTER. SEE GRANDMA HINA FOR DETAILS." Then he changed and entered the springs.

God, I forgot how good this spring feels. He relaxed, floating over to a rock and reclining against it, the water making the rock warm enough to help it relax his back muscles. If nothing else, I can get some time away from the house. It's bad enough that every time I look out the window, I see Rei looking up at me with that look of desire on her face. God, the woman is 21 years old. It happened four years ago. Get over it.

Still, she accepts the curse, but I fear that is why she wants me. I know she had a crush on me before I got yanked out of school. But still, I figured she would have fled the country after the incident. I know her friends kept bugging me for a while. Guess the whole damned neighborhood knew.

Maybe I'll invite her over to talk; we never really had a chance to do that after she returned from the hospital. Kind of hard to talk to someone who won't get that stupid grin off her face. The doctors did say she never asked for painkillers until about 72 hours later. Still, I do need to stop running from this and confront her.

Keitaro sighed, dunking his head under the water. Maybe I'll wait till I get back. The last thing I need is for her to try and get a room here so she can 'accidentally' get inside my zone.

It was then that a sudden noise caught Keitaro's attention. He looked over towards the changing room to see a young girl exit, wrapped only in a towel. SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! Can't that bitch read a sign? Doesn't she know what 'DO NOT ENTER' means? I gotta stop her before she gets too close. I've gained some control, but I really don't want to test it out on a stranger.

He prepared to open his mouth, to warn the girl of the danger she was in, when she spotted him. "Oh hi, I didn't know you were already in here."

She began to approach him, his mouth frozen in terror. What type of girl comes into a hot spring naked with a guy already in there? Shit, she is twenty feet away. Gotta move fast. He slowly backs away from her, trying to keep her out of his zone, trying to keep her at least six feet away.

"Where are you going?" the girl asked. "It's not like we get to talk that much anymore."

Shit, she must be blind. I've never seen her before. That's just great; she thinks I'm someone she knows. Trust me girl, if you knew me, you would be walking in the opposite direction. Keitaro kept moving away from her, trying to circle around and get out of here before the girl placed herself in danger, but a lose rock in the bed of the hot springs caused him to stumble and go under, with the girl running at him to make certain 'her friend' was OK.

Keitaro managed to get himself standing again in the water, before leaning on a rock, trying to cough the water out of his system. The girl rushed to his side. "Are you OK; it looks like you took a big fall Kitsune?"

Great, she thinks I am a girl. Shit, she is three feet from me!

Grab her; you know she wants you to.

No, she doesn't know it's me.

The girl places her hand on his thigh, trying to calm down her friend Kitsune. Unfortunately, she ends up placing her hand on something she knows shouldn't be on Kitsune's body.

Keitaro, now beyond controlling his curse, grabs the strange girl and sets her on his lap, only the towel keeping them from fully joining. He immediately kisses her, shoving his tongue into her mouth. The girl at first trying to figure out why her best friend now had a penis, has her mind silenced shortly afterwards as Keitaro's curse begins to effect her, causing her to join into the kiss, surrendering her passions.

"Naru, is everything OK?" Kitsune called out from the changing room, to see her friend sitting on a guy's lap, with their tongues in each other's throat. "Oh, shit!" She runs out into the hot springs, her towel forgotten as she reaches for Naru to drag her off this guy, figuring he was trying to hurt her best friend. But as she drags Naru away, she notices her friend fighting her to return to the stranger, and then relaxing, as if the force driving her had disappeared.

"Ki...Kitsune, what's going on?"

"You two stay the hell away from me!"

Both turned towards the voice, seeing the naked man standing before them, backing away and trying to make his way to the changing room. "Damn it, can't you read a sign that says 'DO NOT ENTER' in big bold letters."

Kitsune looked at the guy, trying to figure out why the pervert was trying to leave, what he had done to her friend, and why he wasn't hiding his 'nice' package from their eyes. But the real thing that got to her was his eyes; they looked like they were barely containing the fear behind them.

"Damn it, why are you two here, didn't Grandma Hina warn you about me coming here today?"

Naru, now finally getting herself together, decided that the strange pervert had had enough time to talk to them that way, as well as what he did to her, made her very angry. "Grandma Hina hasn't been here for over two months, she went on vacation. And she never told us about her 'grandson', if you really are that to her."

"WHAT!" The guy turned around, giving Naru a view of his package, and not bothering for either to cover up their shame. "That old bat invited me up here to the inn for a few weeks to relax and let my parents go on vacation without worrying about me. She kept telling them that everything would be OK, that I'd be safe here. And you are telling me that that old BITCH left two months ago, with tenants still in the inn, and didn't even bother to tell them to stay away from her grandson."

Kitsune decided to chip in as well. "Grandma Hina isn't a bitch, and this isn't an inn, it's a girl's dormitory. Now quit being a pervert and cover yourself up."

"A...girl's...dormitory." Keitaro put his head in his hands before leaning back, screaming into the heavens. "DAMN IT GRANDMA, WHY THE HELL ARE YOU DOING THIS? DON'T YOU KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN!?"

The girls looked up at him in shock, seeing the guy appear to be crying, afraid of what might happen, and knowing he couldn't do a damn thing to stop it. He stood back up and looked at them. "You better get the other girls staying here, and send someone to get Aunt Haruka from her tea shop, assuming she didn't 'conveniently disappear' before I got here. Tell her that her nephew, Keitaro, is here and Hina told him to come. That should get her ass moving. I'll be in the manager's room waiting until she comes and gets me. She's safe around me, you aren't."

With that he left, the two naked girls standing in the spring looking at each other, wondering what Grandma Hina had just brought upon them.


Haruka was sipping some tea by herself. Business had been slow lately, and she was planning on closing up early. Her senses told her something bad was about to happen, but she ignored them. That is until she saw Kitsune run into her shop.

"Hey Kitsune, why the rush?"

Kitsune took a few seconds to get her breath, before finally speaking. "Do you have a nephew named Keitaro?"

Kitsune was shocked as Haruka went pale, and passed out.

"I'll take that as a yes."


Keitaro sat in the manager's room, his bags still against the wall. He hadn't bothered to unpack anything except the clothes he was now wearing, seeing he would be leaving here the first opportunity he got.

He placed himself against the solid wall, about as far from the door, window, and that weird hole in his roof as he could, should someone not listen to his warning and try to get near him. But even all this preparation did not stop his fears from running.

This is the worst possible thing to happen to me in four years. Grandma convinces my parents to bring me here, go on vacation, and get the house renovated. Aunt Haruka doesn't even have a car, so she couldn't take me back, even if the place wasn't currently being redone. I am stuck here.

Here, a damn girl's dormitory! What, has the old bat went senile, doesn't she know that I can't get near people? Is she trying to get me to kill myself? I almost did that after what happened with Kanako.

Tears began to fall down his face as he momentarily recalled that event. She said she knew what would happen, and wanted it to happen, she said she loved me. It still doesn't stop me from blaming myself.

It was then a knock came on the door, as Haruka peeked her head through, seeing her nephew crying. She stepped inside, lighting a cigarette. "So, the old bat really did it this time, huh?"

"Yeah," Keitaro replied. "I take it the rooms above your shop are full of supplies."

"Yeah, the old bat ordered a lot of stuff before she left. No idea why, at least until now." She went over and sat down next to her nephew, knowing she would be safe as long as she was a blood relative. She placed her arm around him as he finally broke down and began crying. "It'll be OK Keitaro, you'll get through this."

"I attacked that damn red-head Aunt Haruka. I couldn't even stop her from getting near me, and I barely kept myself in check after she entered my zone. If her friend hadn't come in..."

Haruka held her nephew, trying to give him comfort, and knowing that her life had gotten a lot more interesting. "We will make it through this Keitaro, but we need to tell the girls. They need to know everything, especially since you are stuck here."

She stood up, helping Keitaro to his feet, before wiping his face with her apron. "Now, are you ready to talk to them?"

"Yeah, I think so. Just make sure they stay away from me." As an afterthought, showing how many times he had had to think about situations like these before, he stopped her and turned to her. "Make certain they are on the pill. I don't want them to have the lives ruined by me."

She smiled and nodded already planning to take them to the clinic tomorrow.

With that, the two went to the stairs, Haruka first, so as to make certain the girls were outside of Keitaro's zone at all times.

Both shared the same thought as they made their way to the living room. Damn you old bat!


All the girls of Hinatasou were in the front room. Su was bouncing around, as happy as could be to have a new playmate. Shinobu was making certain that all the food was set out, especially the little plate to the side where this Keitaro would be sitting; surrounded by a huge circle no one was supposed to enter. Motoko stood off to the side, her hand on her sword to attack whoever made Naru so nervous; Kitsune was taking another swig from her bottle of sake, trying to loosen herself up. Naru was sitting on the couch next to her best friend, trying to figure out why she had so willingly given herself to that pervert.

Then they came down the stairs. Su started to run towards them, before Haruka grabbed her, holding her tightly, and pulling her far enough out of the way for Keitaro to go to his chair in the corner, slightly glad to see the circle that was six feet in radius.

Haruka sat Su down next to Naru, before stepping back to address the girls. "Ok girls, it appears Grandma Hina has pulled a very dirty joke. Nephew, would you please explain how you got your curse to the girls."

Keitaro looked up at her, showing everyone the fear in his eyes. He took a long sip of his tea, before beginning. "This happened about thirteen years ago. My sister Kanako and I were playing in the woods when we came across a young miko fighting a red demon. The demon was fast and the miko was barely avoiding his claws. I grabbed my sister to protect her from the demon, but when she saw an opening to run away, she took it. Not that I blame her, I would have done the same at her age."

"But what we didn't know was at that time, the miko was trying to seal the demon into a rock. As her parchment hit the demon, he began to turn to vapor and rush towards the rock. I saw my sister was in the way, so I ran as fast as I could and pushed her to safety. I wasn't so lucky."

Motoko dropped her tea, the cup breaking on the floor. "The demon was sealed inside of you?"

Keitaro just shook his head. "The miko was horrified. She took us to our parents, who begged her to remove the demon. But she couldn't. The only way to remove the demon would be to shatter the object it was sealed inside. I would have had to die to release the demon."

The girls each stared at both Keitaro and Motoko. Each had heard stories about demons, but none ever believed it was true, until they met Motoko and she had told them of small demons she had beaten, as well as those she had witnessed her sister defeat. Now they were meeting a man who had one sealed up inside of him.

"Keitaro, please continue," said Haruka.

Keitaro once again looked at his cup. "I was eight at the time, and when I showed no signs of possession, she told my parents that she hoped the evil would not touch me. But warned my parents that they would have to withdraw me from school before I turned ten, as well as keep me away from non-blood relatives as soon as puberty hit either me or them."

Keitaro looked up at all of them. "The demon was a perversion type. It found women, and used an aura to make them his to control. He would them sleep with them, implanting his child into them, so as to reproduce. The child's birth would kill the mother."

"WHAT!?" screamed Naru. "I'm going to die! You killed me you bastard!"

"You are safe Naru," chimed Haruka. "The miko said that Keitaro would not be able to do that, that any children he sired would be completely human. We confirmed that later after an incident I don't believe we need to repeat. Besides, unless you had sex, you shouldn't have to worry about being pregnant."

Naru calmed down about, glad she wasn't going to die and glad the pervert hadn't gotten far along to get her knocked up. At least now she knew why she had been so willing to give herself to him.

"As I was saying," Keitaro continued. "I can't be any closer than about six feet from non-blood members of my family. If you are a male and touch me and are not family, I will attack you. Females inside the circle become consumed by the demon aura, as I do as well, and we then proceed to do what Naru experienced. I've been able to get some control over this, and usually it takes a physical touch to set me off on either sex."

The girls looked at Naru now. Su was the first to talk. "What did you do with him Naru, was it delicious?"

Naru and Mitsune both face-faulted. Naru nearly screamed, "It was nothing!"

Kaolla, in her usual ignorance, continued to chatter. "Keitaro, can we do what you did with Naru?"

Keitaro looked as if he was about to smile, understanding that either the little dark skinned girl either understood what she was talking about and was trying to make everyone uncomfortable, or she knew nothing and was just trying to be involved. "No little one, I believe you are too young for such things."

Motoko, who had remained silent since her comments about the demon, decided to speak. "What are you to do now Urashima?"

Keitaro looked back down to his now empty cup, wishing he had a pitcher to fill it back up. "I really don't know. I can't go home without a relative driving me, or I might end up with someone in my zone. Even if I could go home, my parents are on a second honeymoon; courtesy of Grandma Hina, as well as the house is being redone, so I would almost certainly have a male run into me and set off a fight. I can't stay here because one of you would end up in my zone, just like Naru did, and I don't want to have that on my conscious. I can't stay with Aunt Haruka because Grandma Hina has her spare rooms stuffed full of supplies that if you got rid of them, it would seriously cripple the house's budget. I guess I can go stay in the woods, as long as Aunt Haruka can bring me some food. That will do until my folks come back."

"Why not call your parents and ask them to come back early?" asked Shinobu.

"I wish he could girls, but I tried to call them as soon as I recovered from being told my nephew was here. Wherever Hina sent them, they can't be contacted. And they won't come home early, because they were assured that Keitaro would be OK here and safe from outsiders." Haruka lit up another cigarette. "It would appear the old goat really put some thought into this."

Naru turned to look at the poor man. His curse was something that most men would be willing to give their souls for, yet he acted like it was the end of the world. She wasn't really ready to buy it. "Let the pervert stay in the woods. He probably would try and get each of us in his zone again the first opportunity he gets."

Keitaro stood quickly, knocking his tray and cup to the floor. "You thing I enjoy this curse. Do you really want to know how much I enjoy this damn curse?" He looked around at each of the girls; fire was glowing in his eyes. "Because of it, I had to drop out of school before puberty. I had to tell my own adopted little sister over the phone that we couldn't even hug goodnight anymore because she reached puberty and would become a target. I had to be home-schooled because I couldn't go to anyplace public. I can't even go to college and keep a promise I made fifteen years ago because I would run into someone and either nearly kill them or have sex with them on the spot. I ended up putting a girl in the hospital for a cracked pelvis, dehydration, and mental exhaustion because two of her friends handcuffed her to me while I was alone and sleeping in my own house; claiming it was a ritual to enter their club, since god knows how many rumors were floating around about me. My own adopted sister purposely walked into my zone because she loved me not as a brother, but as a possible mate, because I promised her that she would never be alone, and because of me, she had to go live with family on the other side of the damn country."

"I have to work in the back of my family's store because it is the only job I can do, because if I didn't, I would be stuck in our home 24/7. I get to hear all the rumors floating by about me back there. Do you know that because of this thing, not one day in my life since puberty had been peaceful? Even my family is stressed by it. Each one of them fears that maybe; just maybe, one day their safety from my zone will be gone, and I will go after them. DO YOU THINK I ENJOY WATCHING THE PEOPLE AROUND ME SUFFER BECAUSE OF ME!?"

Keitaro rolled back his sleeves, showing several scars along his wrists and arms. "Do you know how hard it is to not kill myself because of this hell? How many times my family stopped me before I could go through with it? And you have the fucking audacity to say I enjoy it. In case you forgot, you walked in on me, and I had a sign clear as day on the door, telling you not to disturb whoever was in there. And you call me the fucking pervert!"

Keitaro sat down, his rage with his energy exhausted, he began to cry.

Naru and Mitsune both looked down, both angry at what he said, as well as feeling guilty for thinking he was a pervert. It was obvious to both just how tormented the guy was, how much he had to deal with on a daily basis, just to try and make it through the day.

"Fine then," Naru said. "He stays in the manager's room; we'll drop his food at his door, and knock to let him know it's there. If he has to go to the bathroom, he has to warn us so we can avoid his zone. Is that OK?"

Keitaro looked up, tears still coming from his eyes. "OK, but tell whoever lives in the room above me that they shouldn't stick there head through that hole. A wall may provide a barrier, but my zone extends up as well as down and all around. If they peek their head down, and I am standing nearby, they will be caught up in it as well."

Naru became flushed. "Uh, that's my room."

Keitaro looked back at the floor. "Of course it is. In that case, be careful, I'm going to my room."

As Keitaro got up to leave, Kaolla remembered a letter Grandma Hina had giver her to give to her grandson when he arrived. "Keitaro here, this is for you." She ran at him, stunning everyone that she had forgot about his zone.

Everyone watched as she stepped inside his zone, holding out the letter to a now horrified Keitaro. But what shocked everyone even more was that as soon as Kaolla crossed into the zone, she immediately went from a mid-teen girl to a young woman who looked like she was in her early twenties.

"Su," Keitaro called out, trying to control the urge to grab the lovely girl in front of him, "please place the letter on the floor and back up slowly."

The now adult Kaolla looked scared, but did as Keitaro asked her. As soon as she left the zone, she immediately returned to her younger self. "Wow, I thought only the red moon could make Su big?"

"Su," asked Haruka, "what are you talking about?"

"Oh didn't I tell you," chirped Su, acting innocent again. "When Su is hit by the light of the red full moon, Su transforms to adult Kaolla. It is a strong magic from where I am from."

"And where is that?" asked Mitsune. She never got her answer, as Keitaro, having finished reading the letter, never gave her a chance.


Everyone turned to him, as he was putting the letter back on the floor, anger very apparent in his voice and eyes. He raised himself, looking directly at Haruka. "After you read this and call the old goat, could you bring the phone to my room, I need to call someone." He then quickly left the room.

Haruka went over to the letter and opened it. She repeated Keitaro's earlier comment. "THAT FUCKING BITCH!!!" Then she informed the girls that there would be another meeting after dinner, while she had to go talk to Grandma Hina. You old bitch, don't you care who you are hurting with these actions.

Keitaro was already in his room, crying once again. It's not bad enough she had to thrust me upon them, she had to pull this shit too. God old woman, what did I ever do to you?


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