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Dress-up Diana

Chapter One

When she first set foot in Man's world, everyone was busy. Some humans were busy hiding from the invaders, some were trying to fight the invaders, the heroes of the planet putting up a good fight against the invaders, and the Martians...well...busy being the invaders. At the time, everyone else but the Flash, during a lull in the battle, noticed her beauty. But the fact that she was a scantily clad superhero did not come to attention.

It was a few days after the Justice League was formed, after the Martians scurried home upon discovery that they did not like the earth after all because their sun tan lotion was not as effective as the advertisers claim, that the other leaguers noticed the advantages and disadvantages of having an Amazon with vital statistics almost impossible for a woman to possess, long legs that are to die for, skin as flawless as a newborn's, and a face...well what do you expect from a goddess, an ex-princess. If she were not an Amazon, she would have made a fortune pursuing a very different career with that face and that figure.

Everything was well at first, humans picking up the pieces of their lives, recovering from the destruction that befell them. The league was busy lending their strength as the Watchtower was built. Then, minor emergencies started occurring with most of the calls coming in from the male population. Then, to make matters more obvious, emergencies somewhat turned to requests and Wonder Woman was the unanimous choice as the most requested superhero. Green Lantern was the first to complain to Superman, when he responded to one of these so called emergencies and instead of a thank you, he was given a grunt and a disappointed look. Of course, Hawkgirl would not be kept quiet for long because she always seemed to have something to say, she was the strong but not the silent type kind of girl. And because she was a girl, and girls being girls, it was a tiniest bit annoying when the newly built Watchtower looked more and more like a fancy flower shop than their headquarters. And, she had to admit, that it was not very easy to have Miss Perfect for a teammate and...not get any attention. Not that she was looking for attention, she knew she had the looks too, if not for that mask that she needed to put on all the time. Though it would not hurt if someone showed a little bit interest.

J'onn smiled. If he could just assure Shayera that someone was indeed starting to take interest, but of course he could not and would not tell for it was invasion of privacy. All are entitled to their secret thoughts, except of course when these thoughts and feelings are too strong he could not help but feel them too.

Thinking back to the matter concerning Diana, he had to thank his alien upbringing for there are things that do not bother the Martian that much. Maybe it was because he was a telepath that he focuses more on the inside of a person, rather than the outside. But then again, he had to admit that Wonder Woman was just as beautiful both ways. So he was concerned when the youngest member of the league discovered something on the internet. It seemed that the fascination of humans about Wonder Woman was getting too much.

Superman was naturally just as concerned since the man was all about respect. As a result, an emergency and a very secret meeting was held among the men early that day while Hawkgirl and Wonder Woman were deliberately sent on an investigative mission.

John, being the ex-marine was the first to arrive followed by J'onn and Superman. Flash had just finished his ham sandwich and was sipping on an iced beverage when he arrived. He immediately took the seat next to John. Both men began speculating as to why the urgency in the meeting and why the women were absent.

"It's unusual for Wondy and Hawkgirl to be late." Wally looked at another empty seat. "Though I can't say the same about him."

Just as Flash said those words, the meeting room door opened and the Batman entered. It was evident that he was not a morning person evidenced by the way he sat on his chair and cast everyone a 'Woke up on the wrong side of the bed' look.

"Speaking of the...you know who," Flash said in a whisper.

A glare that could melt the ice in his mocha was sent the Flash's way. "No. Food. Here."

"Sorry." Wally was gone in a red blur for about three seconds. When he came back, he was wearing a guilty face without his drink.

Superman cleared his throat. "This would only take a while,"

The room went dark as he punched a series of keys on the panel. Thumbnail images appeared on a large monitor screen fronting everyone. With a mouse click, the images became larger than life. Pictures of an unclothed goddess appeared before them. Some were artistic enough, some suggestive and some downright pornographic.

"What the-"

"Oh my!"

Both Green Lantern and the Flash gasped. "Wait! I haven't seen that before," Flash complained.

As soon as they appeared, the images were gone as J'onn turned the monitor off. He did not like the idea that testosterone levels just went beyond the normal limits.

"So what do we do about that?" asked a concerned Superman. "I never thought it would reach this kind of...obsession." He cast a knowing look at Flash.

"Hey...I...it wasn't me," Wally nervously said in his defense.

"Don't flatter yourself, you're not that talented." The deep, baritone of the Batman said. "It's obvious that it's not Wonder Woman's body."

All four pair of eyes looked at Batman suddenly.

"How would you...kno-" Wally started suspiciously then stopped as the other man glared at him.

"It's a photo manipulation, Flash." Green Lantern seemed to have found his voice finally after the shock. "Her face...it's pasted over another's body."

Superman spoke. "This should be stopped. And whoever is behind all this."

Obviously, Batman wanted to blurt out. "I'll take care of it." He said and abruptly rose then turned to the Man of Steel. "Next time, only call me when there is a real emergency."

Again, J'onn smiled at the memory of that meeting. Some humans were very secretive about their feelings, most of all him. He was frank to the point of being rude, but when it comes to his true feelings, he was too wary to the point of denial. But sometimes, his feelings can be felt by the Martian, but only for the briefest of moments and then nothing. And of course, even if he did not show it, he was indeed affected by her.

A presence broke J'onn free of his reverie, the woman who affected a certain man more than anyone else. Wonder Woman had just arrived from the so-called mission with Shayera. She smiled at J'onn in greeting as she walked towards Superman, in her elegantly regal way, absolutely clueless about the free floating thoughts about her, not to mention the graphic internet images.

As she got nearer, the Martian had to suppress a chuckle, because it seemed that the Man of Steel was not made all of steel after all and was not as unaffected as they thought he was. J'onn sensed uneasiness, even embarrassment as the raven-haired beauty conversed with the world's biggest Boy Scout. If Diana was not as naïve as she was, being in an island only populated by female for the most of her life, she would have noticed the nervous way her friend was avoiding to look anywhere below her chin and the fact that he was blushing. It did not take a telepath more than a second to know that Superman was indeed embarrassed because of what he saw earlier on the internet. Even though he was Kryptonian, he was raised in the company of humans. And that made him a man too.

He did not want to eavesdrop into their talk, knowing it's just Diana reporting the results of their mission to the leader. Then she walked away, retreating to the pantry to explore the next best thing Man's world has to offer: junk food.

Later in the evening, after Batman briefed Oracle on tracing the origins of the pictures, another issue was to unfold. And Batman is none too happy about it. He had a confrontation with the Joker. But while they were exchanging pleasantries in the form of knuckle sandwiches, Diana, who was flying nearby, became aware of the trouble.

After the situation was taken care of, Wonder Woman left. It was then that Batman contacted Superman to meet him in one of the darkest corners of Gotham. On his way, Superman encountered Diana and she gave him a brief detail of what happened. When he arrived, there was no more sign of the villain.

"You're late," Batman accused without turning around as Superman landed soundlessly behind him.

"I had to take care of an emergency," the bigger man approached. "What's your emergency? I saw Diana on my way over, she told me everything's taken care of."

Still crouched near his favorite gargoyle while looking at the streets below, the other answered, "It's her uniform."


"Wonder Woman's uniform... it's the root of all this...interest, this trouble."

"I thought you'll handle this trouble?" When Batman made no move to look at him, he continued. "You also said this is not an emergency."

It was hard to miss the amused tone of the Boy Scout. Batman turned to him. "I was reintroducing my fist to the joker. Then she arrived."


"The sight of a bloodied Joker..." Batman's voiced trailed "...with a raging hard on is something you would not want to remember." Batman shook his head as if trying to release himself of the image.

Just as it was said, Superman pictured the scene. He tried to fight against it. But he lost. The world's greatest superhero guffawed.

"Its. Not. Funny."

Superman had to control himself, then let out another laugh. After a while he composed himself while the other man glared. If glares could only kill he'd be a dead superhero by now.

"So what do you suggest we-"

"Meeting tomorrow 8 am. Change her uniform."