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Dress-up Diana

Chapter Three

J'onn was the first to design a new uniform for Diana. Since it was inspired by Martian technology, it was technologically advanced with high tech gadgets that even made Batman check on its patents. Plus, it clothed every inch of Diana from her neck down.

"Green!" Wally complained as they sat at the observation room. "Let's turn out the lights and see if she glows in the dark."

Hawkgirl gave him an elbow to the stomach so as not to offend the Martian although she had to suppress her mirth as John snorted when he came into the room. Superman was having a hard time keeping a straight face too.

"Well, let's test it in battle," J'onn stated.

Batman started the simulation. They watched as Diana battled one opponent after the other, utilizing the weapons at her disposal. And they were all impressed with the Martian's invention. But when the test was over Diana looked rather exhausted.

"It's too heavy," she smiled apologetically at J'onn who began re-designing his creation.

Seeing the flaws of the first try, it was the Flash's suggestion that they use the old reliable spandex. Red of course, like her top and more like his, he smiled to himself.

When Diana entered the simulation room, no one dared talk. She was covered alright, just like the body armor that J'onn designed. Only this time, the red spandex clung to her figure like second skin, too tight for everyone else's comfort. Even the gold breastplate only served to emphasize her enticing curves.

Batman even had to end the battle testing midway because it was suddenly eerily quiet, not to mention getting too warm, in the observation room and because his mind chants seemed to have lost its convincing powers as he watched Diana punch, kick, wrestle while her bosom heaved, jiggled…he shook his head.

Tired of the amateurs, and Flash's other designs that were as conservative as the first, it was Batman's turn to show them his proposal a day after. Diana was on a mission that time so they went through his design via 3d imaging. It was, of course, an all black leather jumpsuit, lightweight but efficient. And it looked very familiar though no one dared tell it to his face.

Leave it to the Man of Steel. "Give her a cowl and a whip, she'll look like your ex."

Batman glared at the Boy Scout as John tried to contain his snickers and the Flash breezed out the room and laughed his heart out in the hallway. But before Batman could make a sharp retort, there was a call in his commlink. He did not even bother to close the program he was running when he urgently stepped out. The remaining leaguers looked at the door.

"The ex must be looking for her uniform," remarked Superman as he prepared to leave too.

Flash had an idea. "Gentlemen, care to wager ten bucks on whose design wins?"

"You're on," Green Lantern agreed.

"What about you Supes?" Flash gave him a boyish smile.

Superman turned from the door. "Make that twenty," he smiled and added. "And a day off from monitor duty."

"Alright!" John and Flash exchanged high fives as Superman left and Hawkgirl entered.

"What about you Shayera? Want to join?" Flash asked while Green Lantern was already at the computer, trying Batman's handiwork. John stretched his arms above his head and prepared to type.

"If Superman's willing to give it a try, bring it on!" The ex marine challenged.

Hawkgirl cast her eyes heavenward. "I don't believe this! It's now a gambling contest, isn't it?" She did not even wait for the answer as she marched outside.

Meanwhile, a few minutes before, Diana arrived with J'onn from a goodwill mission in Belgium carrying with her a few gifts that the Martian scanned before they entered the watchtower. The gifts were several boxes of chocolates and she excitedly opened one, sharing the contents with J'onn while she accompanied him on his monitor duty. He politely declined on their second box, stating his preference for a certain cookie that he extracted somewhere. Finishing the last piece, licking her fingers, she left J'onn and looked for Hawkgirl.

Somehow, she had a strange feeling. She felt a little tipsy and wondered if what she ate were just chocolates. Still, she made her way to the simulation room with another box in tow, knowing that the rest would all be there, fussing about her uniform.

As she passed the hallway smiling and humming to herself, she failed to notice a dark figure appear from the corner. Batman was unaware too and they ended up bumping into each other. Because she was the stronger one, he seemed to bounce off her but as she tried to steady him by his elbows dropping the box in the process, she was pulled down with him, falling on top with her legs straddling his torso.

Her hair spilled into his face. The smell was intoxicating. She blinked and saw the right side of his jaw. A little turn to her right brought her lips mere centimeters away from his. She raised herself up on her right arm and her left swept her hair away from her face. The action gave him a beautiful glimpse of…paradise as her bosom heaved. Taken by her beauty, and how good she felt on him, he inched his face up to meet her lips. His hands strategically placed themselves on her rear and he felt a member of his anatomy rise to the occasion. She must have felt this too because as fast as they fell, the quicker she got up and apologized.

He stood up as quickly and picked up the box that she had forgotten and handed it to her.


"Thank you," she said abruptly and flew to her initial destination, not bothering to look back at him, sensing that she must be all red by now. When she neared the simulation room, her feet touched down and she walked the remaining distance, touching a hand to her warm cheek, smiling as Hawkgirl appeared.

"Are you okay?" Shayera asked in concern. "You look all red."

"I'm…fine," she almost stammered. "Just came in with J'onn."

"Must be the weather outside," Hawkgirl concluded.

Diana looked at the box. "Or these?" She handed the chocolates. "I saved this for you."

"Thanks," Shayera replied then pointed to the room. "Well, if I were you, don't go in there. Men experimenting with women's clothing is something…disturbing."

Diana giggled. "You mean, they are still fussing about it?"

"They even bet twenty and a day off."

Men could be so silly. "Even Superman?"

"And GL." Shayera pointed towards the nearby room. "Flash is helping design his entry."

"Attention all leaguers. Meeting in three hours," Superman announced via the PA system.

The disappointed grunts from the two men inside the room was loud enough for them to hear.

"I guess Kal's up to a better start," Diana commented.

They both shook their heads. "Men!"

When Diana retreated to her quarters, she had enough time to think. Men really are silly. Deciding to take matters into her own hands, she vowed once and for all stop this madness. Looking at the clock, she smiled. She had enough time to prepare.

It was a good thing when her mother, the Queen, exiled her, she did not go away empty handed. Pulling a chest under her bed, she carefully inspected the contents and smiled slyly when she found what she was exactly looking for.

Almost three hours later, she was finished. Looking at herself in the mirror, she let out a self satisfied smirk. After carefully replacing her tiara, she let a few moments pass by, wanting to make the dramatic entrance she wanted. After a while, knowing that most members were already there, except of course for Batman, she stepped out of her room to join the meeting.

She was careful to take in every reaction in their faces as she entered and sat down on her seat.

Shayera…well she thought that Hawkgirl's eyes could not be any bigger with the mask on…she was wrong.

John…he did not see much as Hawkgirls hands shot out to cover his eyes.

Flash…what do you expect? More drool.

Superman…he was doing his best boy scout impersonation by closing his eyes.

J'onn…well he is a Martian, stoic as ever. And before he came to earth, he was just as…similarly attired but in green.

When Batman arrived a few minutes later, he immediately took his seat beside her. The first he noticed was that Shayera was grinning more than usual, John seemed to have found something very interesting with his share of the table as he stared at it intently, Flash was smiling silly, J'onn…well he was himself. But Superman…his eyes were closed.

"What's wrong with your eyes?" He had to ask.

Just then, Diana stood up to go to her friend. "Yes…Kal what's wrong?"

It took his analytical mind a few seconds slower than usual to react because staring at her perfectly formed, bare behind slowed his rational thoughts. Then he jumped up as his brain started to function again, realizing that she was only wearing blue paint, her bracelets and tiara.

"Hey!" She protested.

He stood in front of her, his cape covering her nude form. "Are you out of your mind?" he whispered.

"Absolutely not!"

"Then why…" He looked at her from head to toe, realizing that it was a big mistake. He abruptly turned away.

"I think it's just fair…since all you men were busy contributing for the welfare of my uniform…that I do my share too in finding the right one." She explained over his shoulder. "This is what I used to wear before I was proclaimed champion. This is the sacred Amazon war paint."

"I like it…" Flash was still wearing the silly grin.

"So before the right replacement for my uniform is discovered, I'll wear this for the time being." She smiled. "So can we start…"

The Man of Steel stood up. "Okay, I've made a decision." He turned to Diana. Batman was still covering her and Superman's eyes were still closed.

"Superman…" Batman called out. "You can open your eyes now."

"Sorry…x ray vision," he replied. "Diana, you can have your old uniform back. Now."

Diana sighed triumphantly. "Thank you." Then she remembered. "I'll collect the twenty each from you guys and discuss my day off later."

Batman followed after her as she turned to leave. Outside, he removed his cape and covered her in it. "Sorry."

"About what?" she asked.

"About all this." He was carefully not to look closely. She might be covered in blue war paint but there was nothing warlike about the way she looked. He blushed, remembering what he saw earlier, everything he saw earlier.

When his cheeks reddened, a sudden thought occurred to her as she remembered Hawkgirl's famous words. She quickly took a glimpse downwards, looking for something below his utility belt.

She smiled. "I don't think…you're that sorry." He handed him his cape. "I think you need this more than I do."

He felt his cheeks grow warmer as she stepped away, admiring the sight of her beautiful, retreating form. Then he remembered what she was staring at earlier and realized he could not go back inside in his…state.

I am the night…I am vengeance. .. he thought. "I am in trouble," he muttered when there was no change. There was something he remembered that might do the trick. He pictured Joker the last time he saw the villain. It worked. He went back to the meeting.

"Well…since the agenda we have is no longer the matter…I guess there is no need for this meeting. Unless someone wants to state his or her concerns. Anyone?" Superman asked as Batman sat down.

"I just want to say a few things," J'onn spoke.

Superman nodded and sat down.

"I must say that I was a little afraid that our actions might have put malice in an otherwise honest and pure mind. When we started…all of this, I was afraid we tainted Diana in a way, making her too conscious of herself."

J'onn smiled. "Well, from her actions earlier, I guess we got what we deserved. And I was, for my part, glad that she did not lose that sense of confidence, that honesty, and I have to admit, sense of humor. That only proves we did not change her after all."

He continued. "And about her uniform. Well…it's really not about her uniform, but our attitude about it. Changing that would mean changing her. I love her the way she is and I know we all do. So instead of changing her, let's change our attitude, teach ourselves self control. It's not her fault she is the way she is.

"We must remember…Diana has us to depend on now. And, slowly, we must educate her in the ways of this world that are different from where she was raised in. One step at a time."

Superman stood up and patted his teammate. "I couldn't have said it better." When everyone else seemed to agree he declared the meeting adjourned.

Flash followed GL to the door then turned "Does that mean…we're giving her old uniform back?"

"Yes Flash…I thought you liked it?" Superman answered and smiled.

Flash frowned. "I like the last one better."

"Shut up, Flash," Hawkgirl warned as they left the room, leaving Batman last.

When sure no one else was left but him, he switched on his commlink.

"Yes B?" a female voice answered.

"Lessen flower deliveries by half," Batman whispered. He swore he heard her snicker.

"Got it," Oracle answered. "Anything more?"

He heard a familiar voice whisper in his mind. Chocolates…she loves chocolates, the Belgian ones.

"And O," he added with a smirk. "…several boxes of Belgian chocolates."

The end