The Truth Is Out There

Chapter One

The Claiming

Jareth gave a side glance toward Sarah as they walked toward her

new bedroom. Her face was a mixture of pain and happiness. She

had Toby, and that was all she wanted. Yet still...she also was

ruled by a tyrant. She wondered if he knew that she had told

people about him. Of course her friend Rachel, and then there was

Mulder, and don't forget Rod. Wait! She almost laughed aloud but kept her-

self in check. "Mulder" she murmured. "What did you say?" Jareth

looked at her oddly. "Oh I just said it's Cold Here." Sarah hoped

that was enough and walked a little faster to her room.

Chapter Two

The Taming

"I don't understand it. How can a baby just be missing!" yelled

Nany Garrison. "She took him, I KNOW it!" Mulder's eyes went a bit

wide and he glanced at the very bored looking Scully. "I am sure we

will find Toby and Sarah Mrs. Garrison. Until then, please stay

calm." Scully could have kicked herself for saying anything about

calm. "My child is missing and I am supposed to stay CALM!!!"

Chapter Three

The Evidence

Mulder glanced around the room. Nothing was out of place in little

Toby's room, that is other then Toby. "Okay Mulder tell me again

why we are here, when obviously Miss Williams has taken the boy?"

"You see this?" asked Mulder.

"Yes it's glitter."


Scully threw her arms up and walked over to the messed up bed. "So

the kid probably spilled some." Mulder only smiled. "Well then why

was the same pile of glitter at the orphanage?"

"Sarah already has a trademark?"

This time it was Mudler's turn to throw up his hands. "I know you

didn't believe Sarah when she said that there was a Goblin King, but

all evidence points to it." Scully's mouth dropped open. "Mulder

all you have is a pile of glitter. Nothing points to anything,

other then Sarah kidnapped the child."

Chapter Four

The Ending

Jareth sat watching his crystal as Mulder read the book

"The Labyrinth". He was going to have trouble and he knew it. On

the other hand, he wouldn't mind if Mulder wished away that cute red

head. A wicked grin formed on his mouth. "Well, well what have we

here?" Scully sat in the middle of the throne room looking very

confused. "I'm afraid...I'm afraid to believe."