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"I cannot believe this is happening," Rory exclaimed to her mother.

"I can't either, but I'm loving it!" Lorelai said as she put an earring on her earlobe. "Ooh, you think I can snag me a husband, too?" She teased.

"Mom, that is not funny!" she scolded her mother.

Lorelai snorted. "No, funny is finding out that I fell in love with Daddy Warbucks and you fall in love with his son and we're like in-laws and blood related!"

"And so the cycle of in-breeding continues," Rory said, disgusted.

Rory looked at herself on the mirror. She wore a cranberry colored cocktail dress. Logan would've said she was dressed to kill but he had to wait to comment on her outfit until he sees her tonight at her grandparents' Thanksgiving dinner.

"Why can't grandma accept the fact that I am dating Logan?" Rory huffed.

"Because he is eerie," Lorelai said without skipping a beat.

"Would you all prefer me dating Dean?" Rory brought up the sore subject. Since the "incident", Rory and Lorelai danced around the subject spoke about it once and dropped it like a hot potato when words they didn't mean to say to each other flew. It became the yellow card thrown out when they wanted a subject dropped.

"I don't know," Lorelai said, pausing to spray perfume on her wrists. "There's something about that boy that isn't right. I just can't put my finger on it."

"Oh you say that about all the guys I dated," Rory interjected. She patted the stray strands of hair escaping from her tight French twist.

"Hmm, let's pause and think about that statement, shall we?" Lorelai asked. "You only became serious with Dean, Jess, oh and Dean again."

"Then I dated Graham and that kid I went out with that sat by the radiator," Rory corrected her mother. "Logan was a good change!"

"Yeah, and you dating him for a year and a half still makes me think he's like the grim reaper or something. He still gives me the heebie-jeebies," Lorelai shuddered.

And so started the conversation in regards to this night's exceptional Thanksgiving dinner. Rory was appalled by her grandmother's veiled attempts of finding a suitable mate for her. Her grandparents were not fond of Logan despite his blue blood, education and breeding so the elder Gilmores decided to have a soiree, inviting all eligible bachelors within the Hartford area. Lorelai pretended to be offended by the rendezvous but simultaneously doing the happy dance since she had been overlooked as the running gag in the Gilmore household.

"So, how come grandma is interested in me finding a husband when you're not married yourself?" Rory asked.

"She gave up on me already, "she responded nonchalantly. "Remember that creepy neighbor grandma set me up with and he was sucking up to her do badly that the tip of his nose was brown?" Lorelai reminded Rory. Rory just wrinkled her nose.

"Ooh, and the whole Digger thing..." Lorelai shrugged.

"But you liked Jason," Rory reminded her.

"See, that's different," Lorelai said. "That's like the whole thing with Lane where she has to hate everyone her mother sets her up with. If mom found out that I liked a guy she set me up with, she would gloat. And grandma gloating is not fun."

Rory just gave the 'unbelievable' stare at her mother. "Wow," she deadpanned.

"Consider yourself lucky that I am not like Mrs. Kim," Lorelai waved a finger at her daughter. "Or I would've set you up with someone like Kirk."

"Kirk," Rory turned around to face her mother. "Think about that statement."

"It would be interesting for a while," Lorelai giggled. "I mean, night tremors. Naked running. It's fun for all!"

Rory groaned. "Mom, just get your purse. We have to go."

"I don't like college Rory. You're no fun," Lorelai sulked.

Rory picked up her shawl that was spread out on the back of the couch. She took the keys to her mother's jeep and marched out of the Crap Shack's main door.