The Tetris Poem: by Electric Ammo

Falling Blocks...

Falling Blocks...

Tetris is nothing but falling blocks.

Or at least what most people think,

Because they lose the game and stink.

What's the purpose behind the blocks?

Something like dynamite, construction, or rocks?

Why am I typing this poem right now?

By and by time flies like a cow.

How are cows flying you ask?

I don't know, finding out is such a task.

But we must remember the Tetris blocks,

How they are Atari's falling rocks.

The puzzle to know when you'd win,

This game of life, oh what a sin!

To make this game go on and on.

Can there be truly someone who has won?

I don't know, but look at the time.

I have to go to bed, so pay me a dime!

I typed your Tetris poem, so say goodbye

To say goodbye to the Tetris guy.

I enjoyed this poem, or at least so

By my alternate me, Electric Ammo.

Falling Blocks...

Falling Blocks...