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AN: Inspiration from a review of my story Bullpen, by Margaret.

" Everyone else ok?" Gibbs asked holstering his weapon and ignoring the glare that Agent Todd was giving him, finally when he realised she wasn't going to stop he looked her in the eye,

"Agent Todd do you have a problem?" He demanded

"Do I have a problem?" Kate demanded and Gibbs nodded, Kate looked pointedly around and nodded,

"You're damn right I have a problem." She ground out

"I examined the situation and this was the only way I could see to resolve it." Gibbs returned angry at having to justify his actions.

"You shot Tony!" Kate yelled extending a finger and pointing to an ambulance. Tony sat at the back while a medic wrapped his right arm in gauze.

" Letting Fitzgerald escape was not an option." Gibbs replied raising his voice slightly,

"So you shot Tony!?" Kate asked

"Agent Todd don't even to pretend that the Secret Service doesn't teach their people to do the same thing, Tony was in the way he was blocking a shot that a sniper could and did take. "

"I can't believe you Gibbs." Kate stated shaking her heads and Gibbs shook his head,

"You would have done the same thing."

"No I was standing right next to you and yet I didn't shoot Tony," Kate spat sarcastically

"Agent Todd if you have such a problem with the way in which I treat a hostage situation maybe you would be better off in a different position within NCIS." Gibbs fired at the brunette Agent.

Kate stammered a few times

"And what the hell does that mean?" She demanded "I like my job, I'm damn good at my job I just have a problem with the fact that my boss might shoot me!"

"That wouldn't happen."

"Yeah Gibbs and why the hell not?" Kate demanded and Gibbs grabbed her arm and spun her around and held her against his body in the classic hold a hostage taker would take.

Wrapping his right arm loosely around Kate's neck and upper chest Gibbs' rested the other on her head and drew it in towards her body and then let Kate go. Kate spun around angrily and sputtered, Gibb's left hand was resting at the top of his chest and she looked at him in confusion.

"I could get a clear shot with you, Tony's taller." Gibbs explained and Kate shook her head in disbelief.

The two stood in stunned silence for a moment and finally Kate shook her head,

"But you shot Tony." She stated again and turned as Tony approached the two, his upper arm wrapped in a bandage that was stained pink.

" Dinozzo?" Gibb's asked and the Agent smiled bravely,

"Missed the bone, but the paramedics want to take me to Bethesda to get the wound cleaned. "

Tony turned around again, and Gibbs looked between Kate and Tony.

"Tony." Gibbs stated and Tony turned around,

"I'm sorry I shot you." Gibbs said and Tony smiled,

"Don't worry about it Boss, I would have done the same thing for you."

Kate's eyes bugged in her head and she turned around, snorted in disbelief and wandered away,

"What's up with her?" Tony asked

"Gibbs shot you!" Kate yelled having heard the question.

Tony and Gibbs looked at each other for a minute,

"I'll meet you at Bethesda." Gibbs stated and the two men parted, one heading for an ambulance the other for a blue sedan.

Kate shook her head in disbelief and looked around the scene,

"Is no one else concerned that he shot Tony?" She asked but most people ignored her.

" Unbelievable, and I am not too short." Kate muttered as she headed for the car to catch a ride with Gibbs.

"If the terrorist was small he'd have to shoot me."

End strange little story. See reviewing can be good. Thanks to Margaret who made the review and inspired me to write this.