Yu-Gi-Oh: War of the Gods.

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Author's notes: Even though this takes place in the world of Yu-Gi-Oh, it is not about Yugi, Kaiba, Joey, or even Bakura. This world coexists with my contemporary Wolf General's "Demon Duelist Legacy" which I highly recommend. While Yugi and co are at the Shadow tournament finals, our story begins.

Davis Coffin sat on his front porch waiting. He glanced at his watch, 2:15 it said. He'd been waiting all day for the mail.

("When will it get here?!?") He thought. He glanced at his watch again. Davis knew perfectly well that the sign-up for the tournament qualification duels closed at 3:00.

He was a tall kid, with long dark hair drawn back into a ponytail; he wore a black T-shirt that said "The Sword of the King" on it. It then had a verse from the biblical book of Revelation. Davis a very committed Christian, and God was number one in his life. Number two however, was the game of Duel Monsters!

Davis loved the game, and he loved to play it with his best friend: Malachi Anasazi. Davis glanced up as Malachi's red VW beetle pulled up in front of his house. Malachi hopped out and jumped up the steps to Davis' house.

Malachi was blonde and well muscled, he wore a red shirt and jeans, and on his left arm he wore a duel disk. Malachi looked annoyed, and antsy. He was definitely in a hurry.

"Dude..." he said.

"I know," Davis said cutting him off.

"The qualification duels for the Global Duel tournament close in like half an hour, why aren't you there?" Malachi asked ignoring him.

"My Duel Disk hasn't arrived yet," Davis moaned, "I ordered it from Kaiba Corp last week, they said 'Rush delivery'! I spent months saving the money to get that thing, and now I'll never get to use it because of the US postal service!"

Malachi laughed, "Kaiba Corp is in Japan, Davis; what'd you expect? You didn't think that it...." Malachi never finished his sentence, because Davis had jumped off of his porch and was bolting down the street towards the mail truck that had just come around the corner.

"Roy! Roy!" Davis yelled, "Is it here yet? Do you have it?"

Roy the mailman chuckled as he pulled out a box marked "RUSH" in bold red letters. It had a Japanese postmark.

"Yes Davis," Roy said, "You've been bugging me all week, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. Here's your Duel disk, and something else."

Roy handed Davis his Duel Disk, and a small yellow packet with something scrawled with magic marker. "For Davis Coffin and Malachi Anasazi". It said. The packet seemed warm to Davis' touch; he slipped it into his book bag.

"Come on man!" Malachi yelled, motioning for Davis to get into his car, "we can still get you there in time to get registered."

Malachi wasted no time in getting Davis to the stadium where the qualification duels were taking place. He bolted to the registration desk, practically panting.

"You're just in time," the woman behind the registration desk said, "One more minute and you'd have been out of luck."

"Thanks!" Davis panted, "Davis Coffin. Spellcaster/Warrior/D.D. deck" he said as the woman asked his name and Deck-type. She gave him a funny look, and handed him a small card.

"You'll be dueling first today," she said.

"First?" Davis asked with a surprised tremor in his voice.

"Yes first," she said, "your opponent will be a Buffy Summers"

"What about you Mal?" Davis asked.

"Already registered before I went looking for you," Malachi said. "My duel is later tonight. Now pop that duel Disk out of the box...Your duel is next."

Davis looked embarrassed, in all of the excitement he'd forgotten to take his Duel Disk out of its box. He practically ripped it out on his way to his duel. He was so glad that Kaiba Corp didn't take a "batteries not included" approach to their products.

Black Falcon Industries was hosting this tournament. Its CEO Joseph Herour was a world-renowned game fan and businessman. It was rumored that Black Falcon Industries had created it's own version of the duel disk, but Seto Kaiba had beaten them to the patent.

Davis walked into the stadium. It was about as big as a high school gymnasium, and at the other end of the gym was a cute blond girl. She was pretty, and wore a silver cross around her neck. (Which made her even more attractive to Davis, who had vowed long ago to only date Christian girls) She had on a white blouse and black jeans and sneakers.

"You Davis?" she asked sweetly.

"Yep," he replied.

"Good, I'm itching for a good fight."

"Let's duel!" they both said, and as if the Disks could hear them, they switched from standby mode to dueling mode. With the blades flapping out, the life point totals lit up.



Cool, Davis thought, extended game rules like in the Shadow Tournament. I can work with this.

Davis being a gentleman glanced up as he drew his cards.

"Ladies first," he said.

"You'll live to regret that," Buffy said, "I summon Vampire Orchis in attack mode." She yelled. (EARTH/4/Plant/Effect/1700/1000) A giant tree with fangs, and small fanged flowers appeared on the field in a shower of sparkling light.

"This allows me to special summon one Des Dendle from my hand to the field."

(EARTH/4/Plant/Union/300/2000) Smaller vines with fanged flowers appeared, and began wrapping themselves around the Vampire Orchis.

"Union Activate," she said. Davis noticed she removed Des Dendle from the disk and slid it into the spell/trap card zone. "I play one card face down and end my turn."

Davis looked at his hand as he drew, he didn't have anything stronger than Vampire Orchis, but he did have a monster that tied.

"I play Double Coston in attack mode," Davis said, and was transfixed as his twin-headed black ghost appeared on his field. It looked so real. They began spinning around and laughing. I then set two cards face-down, and end my turn."

(DARK/4/Undead/Effect/1700/1650) Davis was even impressed by the two giant images of cards facedown on the field.



Buffy seemed surprised that Davis hadn't attacked.

"I summon Master Kyonshee in attack mode, (EARTH/4/Undead/1750/1600) Attack his Double Coston now!"

"Uh-oh," Davis said, pushing a button on his Duel Disk and praying that the card would activate before the Kyonshee's Attack got through.

Master Kyonshee, lifted up the silk cover on his face, and twin beams of green light shot from Kyonshee's eyes towards Double Coston. The Coston seemed to panic for a second, but then a small metal shield with a glowing blue rim appeared in its hand. The attack hit the shield and the Coston began laughing again.



"What?" She yelled! Why is your Double Coston still alive? Better yet? Why are your life points higher?"

"Your attack triggered my trap," Davis said, "Draining Shield, which negates the attack of one monster, in increases my life points by an amount equal to the monster's attack."

Buffy seemed to consider for a moment, but then seemed to decide not to attack with her remaining monster. "I play another card face-down, and end my turn."

Davis grinned and drew. "I sacrifice my Double Coston, for the Dark Magician."

He smiled as he slid the Coston into the graveyard, and placed his rarest monster on the field. (DARK/7/Spellcaster/2500/2100).

"Whoa!" Buffy said, "that's a seven star monster! You need to sacrifice two monsters for it!"

"Nope!" Davis said excitedly, "Double Coston acts as two monsters when it's sacrificed for a monster of Darkness, so my Magician was properly summoned."

The purple robed sage nodded in agreement, and then pulled out his green staff and pointed it at Buffy.

"Attack the Vampire Orchis," Davis said. Instantly a flash of dark light shot from the tip of the staff. The Orchis screamed, and the Vines of Des Dendle Shattered to Virtual Dust.



"What gives?" Davis asked, "I just crushed your creature. Why isn't it dead?"

"Well," Buffy snickered, "Looks like the shoe is on the other foot isn't it? Don't you know how union works?"

"Oh yeah," Davis said, realizing that because the Union monster was equipped to Vampire Orchis, it was destroyed instead of the Orchis. "End turn."

The Dark Magician seemed to relax, and moved toward Davis a little bit.

Buffy drew and smiled. "First," she said, "I sacrifice Master Kyonshee for Vampire Lord. (DARK/5/Undead/Effect/2000/1400)" The master glowed green and disappeared from the bottom up, a moment later a tall pale man with black and red robes appeared on the field in its place.

"Next," she said, "I play the spell card Premature Burial, I pay 800 life points to bring back Des Dendle (300/2000)."



"Then I play tribute to the doomed," she declared, "to rid the field of your Dark Magician, and all it costs me is a card from my hand." She smiled and slid a card into her graveyard slot. Davis looked in horror as his Magician was mummified.

"Vampire Lord, Vampire Orchis, Des Dendle, attack his Life points directly." She grinned as each of her vampires came up and bit Davis. Davis nearly fell, not expecting that much pain from a hologram.



"Now!" she said, "As per Vampire Lord's Special Ability, discard one Monster from your deck. I'll Unite Vampire Orchis and Des Dendle and end my turn."

Davis groaned and popped his deck from the duel disk. He fanned it out trying to decide which monster to toss. Inspiration hit him! He had Monster Reborn in his hand. He'd toss a strong monster, and revive it! He grabbed his strongest monster and slid it into the card graveyard. He slid his deck back into the disk and drew.

"Now I'll play Monster Reborn," He said, "to resurrect the card you just made me toss."

"Trigger Trap," Buffy interrupted, "Magic Drain." Davis looked uncomfortable as a pale holographic Vampire appeared behind him, and looked over his shoulder at the cards in his hand. The Vamp was invading his personal space. Davis knew that he had to toss a spell card from his hand or Monster Reborn wouldn't work.

"I toss my Exchange Card," he said, "in order to make a little Chaos. I summon Dark Magician of Chaos." (DARK/8/Spellcaster/Effect/2800/2600) A Black Version of the Dark Magician appeared to rise from the graveyard. It looked like the Dark Magician had gone darker than usual, with leather, and a long metal staff that had green sparks of energy sprouting form the end of it."

A card popped out of Davis' Graveyard slot, Davis snatched it up before Buffy noticed. "Dark Magician of Chaos," he declared, then he paused. "Before I attack," he said, "I play Soul Absorption. Now! Dark Magician of Chaos attack the Vampire Lord!"

"Activate Trap," Buffy said, "Call of the Haunted: to resurrect Patrician of Darkness (DARK/5/Undead/Effect/2000/1400)"

"I never sent that card to the graveyard!" Davis exclaimed.

"You're right," Buffy replied, "I did, when I discarded for tribute to the doomed. Now my Patrician will redirect your attack to my Orchis!" The Dark Magician of Chaos created a sphere of green energy that he began rolling on the ground with his staff. He knocked the sphere towards the Vampire Lord, but a second blue vampire with blond hair rose from the ground, and the sphere changed direction towards the Orchis. Once again The Orchis screamed in pain, as the blast hit. The energy enveloped the tree, and the vines seemed to shudder and vanish into a swirl. Moments later the tree was bare.



"Why did your life points increase?" Buffy asked. She didn't sound mad this time, just curious.

Davis pointed to the giant image of the soul absorption spell card on his field.

"Every time a monster is removed from play, soul absorption gives me 500 life points. Every monster Dark Magician of Chaos Destroys is removed from play."

Buffy nodded and drew. I summon switch Vampire Orchis to defense mode and summon my favorite monster: Vampire Lady! (DARK/4/Undead/Effect/1550/1550)

A blue-skinned blond vampire wearing a seductive outfit appeared on the field. She giggled slightly.

"Oh crap!" Davis said loudly.

"What?" Buffy said, "I just said that she was my favorite monster, not my strongest. She's not that tough."

"Yeah I know," Davis said, "It's just that I have a weakness for cute girl cards. I hate to destroy them."

Buffy smiled, "Fortunately she'll be destroying you, not the other way around."

Buffy: Vampire Lord ATK: 2000, Vampire Lady ATK:1550, Vampire Orchis DEF:1000, Patrician of Darkness ATK: 2000, no spell or trap cards

Davis: Dark Magician of Chaos ATK: 2800, Soul Absorption, One face-down Card.

"I play Offerings to the Doomed," Buffy declared, "To eliminate your Dark Magician of Chaos at the cost of my next draw phase."

Davis winced as once again his monster was mummified but this time there was a second effect.



"When Dark Magician of Chaos is destroyed, it's removed from play," Davis said not waiting for Buffy to ask.

"I switch my Orchis to attack mode and attack you directly with everything that I've got," Buffy declared.

"Not everything," Davis said, "My Shadow Spell Trap Card holds your Vampire Lord at bay and drops his attack by 700."

Chains erupted from nowhere and bound Vampire Lord.

Buffy: Vampire Lord ATK: 1300, Vampire Lady ATK:1550, Vampire Orchis ATK:1700, Patrician of Darkness ATK: 2000, no spell or trap cards

Davis: Soul Absorption, Shadow Spell.



Davis once again nearly collapsed as Buffy's Vampires bit him. Who knew that holograms could hurt so badly?

Davis stopped. It looked pretty bad for him. He had 1500 life points left, and Buff had just told him to discard another monster because of Vampire Lady. He slid a monster from his deck into the graveyard slot, and drew.

Pot of Greed. Dear God, he prayed, I can't imagine that you would care about a stupid duel, but if you could help me out here, I'd appreciate it.

Out loud Davis declared, "I play pot of greed, to draw 2 cards from my deck."

He closed his eyes and prayed once more, and then drew his cards.

Davis opened his eyes and looked at the cards. Then he smiled.

"I play Spell Economics," Davis declared, "That makes it so I don't have to pay Life points for spell cards, which allows me to do this: Dimension Fusion!"

A swirling vortex appeared at both ends of the field.

"Normally I'd have to pay 2000 Life points for this card, but thanks to Spell Economics, not anymore. Now we both get to summon as many cards as we'd like from our remove from play piles: I Summon Dark Magician of Chaos (2800/2600)." Out of the vortex on Davis' field the Dark Magician of Chaos appeared. Des Dendle (300/2000) appeared on Buffy's field. Once again a card popped out of Davis' Graveyard and Davis quickly grabbed it.

"Now I play Mage Power!" Davis declared. "My Dark Magician of Chaos gets 500 point's for every spell and trap on my field. That's Mage Power, Soul Absorption, Shadow spell, and Spell Economics so that's 2000. (4800/2600) But wait, there's one more thing, I play Diffusion Wave-Motion. (5300/2600) Again, Spell Economics takes care of the Life Point cost, and now my Dark Magician of Chaos will attack and destroy all of the monsters on your field at once. Your monster's effects are shut down as well, so don't even try to redirect an attack with that Patrician of Darkness. All of your monsters will be removed from play, giving me much needed Life point's so: Dark Magician of Chaos: Dark Dimensional Magical attack."

The Dark Magician of Chaos lifted his staff up high as the sparkling energy of the attack began to form. He slammed his staff down sending five blasts of energy at Buffy's monsters. They all became caught in the swirling vortex, and vanished.



Buffy just stared in silence as Davis breathed for the first time since the duel started. His Dark Magician of Chaos gave him a nod, before disappearing in a manner not unlike someone turning off a TV. Davis smiled. He'd won! That meant that he qualified to be in the tournament! He had to restrain himself from jumping up and down! Suddenly Buffy walked up to him.

"Here," she said holding out her Vampire Lady card, "Since I'm obviously not going to be there, I'd like my Vampire Lady to see the finals. You'd better cream everyone in the tournament the way you creamed me or else."

"I promise," Davis said. He took the Vampire Lady and slid her into his deck, and then bolted. I've got to move fast if I want to catch Malachi's Duel.

Author's Notes: Well there you go: be honest! Let me know what you think. Also OC's and original Decks are welcome.