Disclaimer: This is a short story set twenty years after the Boo Saga. It includes a view on what could have happened if the Fusion between Vegeta and Goku would have been permanent as it had been suggested. Also, there are some scenes which include some very graphical language. So to put it clear, there will be violence (Well, considering the Main Characters are One-Man-Walking-Nuclear-Wars, who'd have guessed, eh?). You have been warned.

Twenty years had passed since the defeat of the Demon Boo. Twenty years in which no new threat had arisen on the world and in which the fighters had not met a real challenge besides themselves. It had been a peaceful time for Earth, but peace is something that disquiets a warrior's heart. So the heroes of the last battle had spent their days practising. But peace is also always interrupted at one point or the other and this is where the story begins. The story of the

Return of the Sayajin

It was another peaceful day in the bustling capital city of earth. People went about their business, their daily routines, chatting, hurrying from one place to the other, laughing and enjoying their life's. Children screamed for their parents to buy them the newest video-game and girls chatted about the newest idol in the magazines. Important men in suits dicussed important developments in world-politics or economics and older women gossiped about the latest rumors in the city. It was peaceful, no signs of the huge battle left which had been fought here twenty years ago. The people had not forgotten, but had chosen to go on with their life's and rebuild the capital city with great effort.

Videl walked along the crowded street, watching these people enjoying their day and had to, once again think about how they didn't even know whom they owed all of this. The mass of earth's inhabitants still believed that Mr. Satan had been the one to save the planet once again, like she had so long ago. But these times were over. At an age of 36, married to her beloved Son Gohan and with two beautiful children, Videl was one of the few people who actually knew about the true saviours of the world. The people chosing to stay in the background. She had witnessed the fighting and the awesome destruction caused in the fight and she knew that she owed her life to two people who nobody of these city dwellers even knew. The warriors from another planet, aliens, who had given so much to defend this world from certain destruction. A sacrifice which no one would ever honor, a sacrifice which was forgotten all too easy because of the false reverence to the false hero, her father.

And those two people, she would never see again.

A pang of sadness jolted through her heart as she remembered Gohan's grief when he had realized what the ultimate price for this victory had been. The Demon had been too powerful to be destroyed by normal means. So the two most powerful defenders had chosen to fuse themselves in a way that created the ultimate fighter. But a fusion that would last for all eternity. They had sacrificed their self's in order to save this world once again. Son Goku and Vegeta had chosen the only open path for them, to become one and destroy the demon ultimately. A slight shiver ran down her back as she remembered the scenes after the defeat of Boo. The deep look of sadness in Vegetto's eyes as he had looked at them from high above. The deep regret she had felt when he had turned around and vanished without a word. At first, she had been angered, but later she had realized that Vegetto couldn't have remained here. It was impossible for one person to live the life of two and on top of that Videl suspected that he himself had to have time to think things over. To cope with this new situation. But ever since that last battle, Vegetto hadn't returned and the friends had been unable to find him, no matter how hard they had looked. Sometimes, when she woke up in the night, she had the impression of a figure floating outside their window. She had the impression of sad eyes gazing through the darkness into the room where Pan and Chira lay sleeping, watching, but not daring to come closer. However when she got to the window to get a better look, the figure was gone.

She never told anyone of this, knowing for a fact that it would pain her husband even more, knowing that his father was somewhere out there. She left him with the belief that he was gone, forever. He had coped with it by now and was able to live his life happily. So were the others. Bulma with her two children, Trunks and Bra, Son Goten and Chi-Chi, C18 and the whole...family.

"Hey Videl!"

The shout brought her back into reality. She recognized the voice of Bra and her keen senses immediately picked up the young girl. A soft smile came to Videl's lips as she watched the blue-haired girl run towards her with a big smile on her lips.

"Ah, Bra-chan, what brings you here? Aren't you practising with Trunks. The Budokai is due in a few days, no?"

Bra finally caught up with her and grinned brightly, bowing feintly and inclinging her head. She had grown to a very attractive young lady with sparkling blue eyes, bright blue hair and a liveliness that she could only have from her mother though she had the strength of her father in her veins and his joy in fighting.

"Ah, yeah I am!" she giggled happily. "But I took some time off to get something to eat! Won't you join us? Trunks and Goten are there, too!"

Videl smiled and nodded, following the young girl through the streets to the restaurant nearby. She recognized Trunks and Goten, sitting outside and seeming very happy about something. When they noticed her, they smiled brightly and waved.

"Hey Videl-san!" they greeted her cheerfully.

"Good morning you two! Taking a small snack in your break?" she chuckled as she sat down on the table which was laden with dozens of bowls of various kinds of food.

"Hey Videl-san, are you going to take part in the Budokai, too? And what about Gohan-san?" Trunks asked.

Videl inclined her head and nodded softly.

"Of course. Gohan has dropped many of his lectures in order to get more time for training and I join him most of the time. Though it's really no good for me to take part when you are there, but it's fun."

Bra giggled and patted Videl's hand.

"Ah, don't sound so gloomy about it. You're the strongest human on this world after all, that's something to be proud of and besides you really can't..." and there she stopped. Her features suddenly took on a concentrated tone and she gasped. Trunks and Goten stopped devouring their food, having the same expression on their features and then Videl noticed it, too.

"What...is that?" Bra whispered with an awed voice. "This power!?"

Trunks and Goten looked up to the sky, searching.

"An aura of immense power. Approaching fast! Who can that be!?" All of them stared at the sky for a moment and then they suddenly saw a bright spark in the sky, lengthening and streaking through the blue heaven like a comet.

"There it is!" Videl exclaimed and pointed at the thing as it progressed through the atmospere, leaving a trail of fire behind it as it hurtled overhead. A low roar began to fill the air and slowly but surely, all other people noticed the thing, too. The people of the city stood rooted to the ground as the roar began to grow louder, climaxing in a deafening boom as the thing pased overhead.

"Come on!" Trunks and Goten both jumped up and were off in the air a second later. Videl and Bra followed close behind and the four of them took up the chase of the strange thing.

"Another monster coming to attack earth?" Trunks thought out loud. "But that would be dangerous. The power I felt from this thing is immense. Even Vegetto in his fight against Boo didn't emit such a power."

Videl narrowed her eyes at that. She wasn't as apt at reading aura's as the two half-Sayan's and during the fight with Boo, her abilities hadn't even allowed her to sense power signatures so she wouldn't have known if this one was stronger or weaker but Trunks words frightened her. She had seen how Vegetto had smashed the Demon into a pulp without any effort, a task made even more wondrous by the fact that earlier Goku, Vegeta, Gohan and all the other fighters hadn't even had a chance against the demon.

"Don't jump to conclusions Trunks-kun. So far it's only a ship coming in for a landing, nothing more. We cannot know if the pilot is hostile or friendly." Bra said through clenched teeth.

"Yeah, true, but it's better to expect the worst, in't it?" Goten threw in from beside her.

Videl nodded to herself as the four friends dashed through the sky.

A few moments later they could see a bright explosion in the distance, a sign that the ship had made a kind of landing.

"It went down over there!" Goten eclaimed and adjusted his course, accelerating to an even higher speed.

They arrived only a moment later. Goten in the lead slowed down to get a better look of things. The dust slowly settled around the crater the ship had created, but so far they couldn't see what kind of ship it had been. A moment later however he stopped dead in the air.


Videl stared at him. It wasn't all too usual that Goten was at a loss for words. The shock and surprise on his face was even more uncommon.

"Hey, Goten...what is it?" Trunks asked and stared at his friend.

Goten didn't say anything but pointed at the rim of the crater, his eyes wide.

All of them followed the gesture and all four suddenly gasped as their eyes recognized what Goten had seen.

A few meters in the air a figure hovered silently, arms crossed in front of its chest. Spiky black hair was billowed slightly in the soft gusts of wind. Dressed in a black combat suit with orange shirt and belt, white gloves and shoes, the figure had its back towards them, but there was no mistaking him. They all couldn't feel his power or his presence, but they knew what they were seeing.


The legendary fighter quietly watched the dust clear in the crater, seemingly oblivious to the fact that he in turn was being watched by the four friends.

"What...what is he..." Trunks began, but stopped. He was too shocked. Just when he had coped with the loss of his father he was now staring at the being he had become to secure the world. Videl could imagine the torment both of them, Goten and Trunks were going through now. The two of them were immobilized, unable to move, too stricken to even speak.

"L...look..." Videl pointed at Vegetto with a nervous, slightly shaking finger. What she meant was obvious. All of them had seen Vegetto and all of them knew that something had changed in his long absence. The long, furry tail that was swishing behind him softly was definitely a new addition.

Meanwhile, the dust had settled and Videl could identify the ship as a small spherical capsule with one tinted window. It looked badly beaten, which was quite reasonable considering the way it had landed here. She had never before seen such a construction, but granted, she had never really seen any space-ship.

"A...Sayan Capsule...?" Bra whispered quietly, torn between looking at the figure she knew at least contained her father and the small capsule on the ground.

"What?" Videl asked, dumbfounded.

"Mother told me about them. This one looks like a capsule the Sayan's used to travel around in space fast." Bra shook her head in disbelieve.

Videl turned to once again stare at the capsule on the ground, her gaze, too torn between the figure of Vegetto and the small ship.

"But...I thought...there were none left..." she whispered.

"That's what we thought, too..." Bra returned the whisper.

Things were getting stranger by the second. Vegetto reappearing finally, a Sayan capsule landing without a warning. To be honest with herself, Videl was at a loss as to how to feel. She knew from Gohan, that Sayans had once been a race of conquerors and murderers so she wasn't sure if the coming of this capsule was a good or a bad thing.

And then there was Vegetto. Vanishing from their life's in a flash, leaving them wondering if he was even alive and now appearing out of nowhere. It wasn't just him appearing, it was also the way he hovered there, remaining motionless, oblivious to their presence. Not one sign of recognition. Had he forgotten about them? Forgotten about his children and family and friends? She couldn't imagine that, not with Goku and not even with Vegeta. So why was he showing himself finally? It certainly had something to do with the capsule.

"Extinguish your aura's!"

The sudden command ripped Videl away from her thoughts. The strange voice was a mixture of the voices of Gohan's father and that of Vegeta. The super warrior spoke quietly and still the voice carried all the power of this man to them. They gaped at him, taking a moment to realize that it was him speaking and them being spoken to but then they complied immediately.

No second too soon. Even as the three of them came to a landing, the hatch of the capsule emitted a slow, long hiss, smoke curling from the lid upwards as it swung up slowly. The lid locked itself into the open position with a soft metallic click. A moment later, a hand gripped the edge of the lid and a small figure lifted itself from the interior of the capsule.

Videl could only stare in amazement as her eyes locked on the figue that now slowly turned. It was a woman, no, a girl, of maybe 17 years of age. Black, spiky hair was short and tied to a strange sort of pony tail behind her head. Coal black eyes slowly took in the surroudings, lips curled in an expression that only could be described as nervousness. She was clad in a tightfitting body-suit, all in black, wich pronounced very female curves, but also strong muscles and an athletic build. What cought Videl's eye a moment later was the long, furry tail which twitched behind the girl, also in a fashion that could only be described as nervous. She had only heard from Gohan about the tails Sayajin usuall sprouted, but this was the first time she ever saw one for real and not only one, but two. Why in all heavens was Vegetto sprouting a tail? True, he was Sayajin, but she knew from Gohan and the others, that both, Goku and Vegeta had had theirs removed permanently long before she had met any of the fighters. She had to admit however, it gave the girl a kind of cute look, though she immediately discarded that thought again, reminding herself that there was no knowing what they could expect of this one.

Slowly the eyes of the girl settled on Vegetto and there seemed to be hint of recognition in her gestures. She turned fully towards the fused being and walked towards him. Vegetto himself slowly descended towards the ground, touching down with a feint click of his boots. The girl approached him slowly, almost carefully and stopped a few meters away, her gaze firmly locked on Vegetto.

"Greetings." she said with a mild voice.

Vegetto inclined his head lightly, but didn't say anything yet. His expression was unreadable, no emotions present whatsoever.

Receiving no answer at all, the girl blinked once before speaking again.

"I...ummm...I was...looking for...well...." She stopped herself before stammering on.

Videl raised a brow. For all she had heard of the true Sayajin's, this didn't seem like one. Then again, Only Vegeta had ever really lived on the Sayan homeworld and he had never talked about it, which was understandable considering what had happened to the world. Still, she couldn't quite bring herself to see this girl as a world devastating warrior yet she reminded herself that looks could easily be deceiving.

Vegetto apparently finally thought it fit to speak himself.

"Who are you, girl?"

The girl herself inclined her head and the smallest of smiles touched her lips. Apparently she felt much better when being asked a question herself.

"My name is Jari."

Vegetto raised a brow, apparently urging her on to speak more.

"Well, ummm...I have been traveling through the galaxy for quite a while now, searching for...for..." as she spoke these words, she suddenly gulped feintly and looked down, away from Vegetto. Videl blinked, seeing a tear form in the girls eye.

"I...I' sorry...I'm searching for someone like me..."

A simple satement, but it carried a burden of grief that was feelable in the voice of the girl who had introduced herself as Jari. There was pain in her words, fear and resentment and Videl could imagine where it came from. The Sayan homeworld, Vegeta-sei had been destroyed a rather long time ago, along with most of the race. Up till now, the friends had believed that Goku and Vegeta were the only remaining, full-blooded Sayajin, but apparently that was not true. For once, if this girl was only as old as she looked and behaved, she couldn't have been born on Vegeta-sei. That taken into account, two more survivos of the destruction of the planet were necessary and even likely. But the sadness in Jari's voice was so deep, that Videl was led to believe her parents were dead, too.

"Someone like you, eh?" Vegetto said quietly.

Videl noticed that he had wrapped his tail around his waist, in effect making it very difficult to identify it on first sight. She suspected that Jari had no idea she was talking to one of her kind even now.

"Then what exactly are you?"

Jari looked up slowly, having forced the tears back now.

"I'm a Sayajin." she said with no small amount of pride in her voice.

"I was born on the planet Grittania, but my parents were both full blooded Sayan warriors and they raised me there until..."

The pride vanished quickly, being once more replaced by grief and sadness. She swallowed the tears down, hard and forced her voice under control.

"Until my parents were killed by a ravaging monster. I wanted to help them fight, but they would have none of it. They said that it was important for me to survive and set me into one of their capsules, sending me off into space before that thing could kill me. Since then I have been traveling the universe, always looking for another like me. I have found none...but I still have hope."

Vegetto nodded feintly as she ended her short account, looking her up and down slowly.

Videl felt a short flash of happiness for the girl at the moment. She could not begin to imagine growing up with nobody at all, always traveling, always searching. Lone in the universe, but never giving up hope and finally, here she would find what she had been looking for.

"I see, and has this monster followed you?" Vegetto asked quiely.

Jari shivered feintly and nodded.

"Yes. Another reason why I have not settled down somewhere is that he has indeed been following me. I don't know why he is so intent on killing me. I have reason to believe that he will come to this place, too, which is why I only want to stop by shortly, get something to eat and drink, check out the people on the world and then leave again as quickly as possible."

Vegetto inclined his head, raising a brow in a questioning sort of way.

"You are fleeing?"

At that, Jari stiffened and shook her head vehemently, anger flashing in her coal black eyes.

"I am NOT fleeing but I couldn't accept a planet like this with so many people on it being devastated by a fight between him and me!" she exclaimed.

Videl looked to Bra, Trunks and Goten. All three of them looked pretty uncertain and quite estranged. Apparently this was not the way a normal Sayajin behaved or at least they had only experienced other Sayajins. According to what Gohan had told her, a Sayajin would have cared less if innocent bystanders would be killed in a fight as long as he could fight.

Vegetto, too had raised his brow in wonder at the exclamation.

"You look like a Sayajin, but you don't sound like one." he stated quietly.

Again, Jari stiffened and anger flamed up in her eyes.

"What do you mean? How would you even know you...human!" she shouted.

Vegetto merely raised the other brow and finally uncurled his tail from his waist. Gently it swished back and forth behind him. The girl noticed it a moment later and her anger vanished in a milisecond. Her eyes widened as she stared at the tail, transfixed before she returned her gaze to Vegetto's features. Her frown slowly turned into a light smile. Once again, her eyes glittered as tears formed in them, but this time, they were tears of joy and it was clearly visible. Her fingers trembled softly. There was an unbelievable joy emitting from every gesture and a moment later, she couldn't control her joy any longer. With a yelp of happiness, she leaped forward and threw herself onto Vegetto, her arms wrapping tightly around the Sayan warrior. Trunks and Bra gasped feintly besides Videl. Vegeta would have forcefully, very forcefully removed the girl from himself, but it didn't happen. The warrior didn't do anything for a moment as the girl released all her joy in soft sobs against his chest and a moment later, to everyone's surprise, he gently placed an arm around the girl in a very reassuring sort of way. It was a very strange picture. Videl had seen Goku give some niceities to his family, but never Vegeta and of this being, she had only seen the awesome destructive power. It was strange to see this super warrior give a gentle touch to a person. A moment that seemed to stretch into eternity passed as the two Sayans stood in a silent embrace.

Vegetto looked down to the girl when she disengaged from the hug finally. In the years of his exile, Vegetto had learned to cope with the two different beings inside him and had begun the process of uniting them into a single being. The process was not yet completed, but it was almost so, which was why he had given this girl a show of affection instead of shoving her away. Now she stood there, gazing into the eyes of Vegetto.

"Easy there girl..." he said softly and nodded feintly.

"There's no need to cry right now. Your journey has come to an end here."

He smiled gently and looked behind him for a moment.

"Come on, you guys, no need to hide anymore."

Videl, Trunks, Bra and Goten jumped slightly, having followed the scene too fixated and only now realized that Vegetto had spoken to them. Slowly, they got up and walked towards the two. Jari looked to the four people approaching, a slight hint of apprehension in her eyes, but since Vegetto had called them, she relaxed quickly.

"Well, Jari, meet Videl, Trunks, Goten and Bra." He motioned at each of them in turn.

"And this is Jari." Videl smiled and nodded to the Sayan girl, Trunks waved, still a little uncertain and his eyes constantly wavered to Vegetto, just like Goten's. Bra smiled as well and waved, but her eyes, too wandered to Vegetto quite often.

"They're normally not this quiet, but there are certain circumstances which...well, which can't be explained that easily. We should take it easy and take Jari here back to the city to your homes. It's...time for me to return, too."

Videl nodded feintly, yet Trunks, Goten and Bra simply stared at the warrior, saying nothing.

Vegetto gazed back at them and after a moment slowly lowered his head.

"I know...I know..." he whispered.

"I cannot explain everything now and I cannot begin to apologize for what I put you all through but it was necessary. I couldn't do anything else and to be honest, if Jari here hadn't arrived now, I would not have returned for another 5 years. I will explain it all, I promise."

They all nodded feintly, while Jari watched them quietly, probably wondering what this was all about but she kept quiet and simply watched for now. Goten, Trunks and Bra nodded softly, though it was plainly visible that they didn't enjoy having to wait for the story.

"Let's get going."

He nodded feintly to the group and then jumped up into the air, taking off into the air, the others following quickly behind him.

"He's strange though isn't he?" Videl whispered to Bra as they sped trough the air towards the city.

Bra shrugged feintly and returned the whisper.

"I don't know what to think right now. He seems so distant. I...don't know."

Videl sighed feintly and looked at Vegetto who flew a bit ahead of them. He still had his aura extinguished, so she still had no idea just what he was capable of. Then her gaze went to Jari, who was flying a bit to the left. She cast her gaze to Vegetto rather often, but also to the others, including herself. When their eyes met for a moment, Videl thought she saw a glint of fear in her eyes before Jari quickly averted her gaze.

What was she still afraid of? Maybe it was that thing chasing her that made the girl worry. Having spent her life on the run probably hadn't helped the girl at all for sure. On the other hand, she should feel a bit more secure now that she was with a fellow member of her race? Or had she witnessed too much destruction to feel safe even now? That was probably just it. On every world she had visited, this monster probably had charged her and in passing, destroyed the whole world. A grueling thought to say the least, but Earth had often been attacked by Alien monsters and always Gokou and his friends had succeeded at throwing them back into the depths of space. Yes, there had been some close calls, but they had survived.

Videl didn't feel fear. She knew that she had the strongest fighters in the universe as her allies and that it would be nearly impossible to get past all the defenders of Earth. But Jari couldn't know that. She hadn't seen the awesome power of Vegetto or the other Senshi first hand like Videl had so she only had bad experiences to judge from. The fact that Vegetto was hiding his power-level didn't help at all, not in this regard. She hoped an explanation would come from him when they reached their home.

At the Son residence, Chi-Chi was fidgeting with the cooking devices with Bulma trying to help. They didn't talk much, not at this day. It was a ver special day for all of them. 20 years earlier, both of their husbands had vanished as the fused being Vegetto. They had never quite understood why the fused Super Warrior had chosen to leave his families behind. Chi Chi had cried a fair few times and still did once in a while, especially on the anniversary of Vegetto's disappearance. In the main living room, Krillin's family sat, waiting for the yearly dinner. C 18 looked young as ever, at least on the outside. There seemed to be something missing in her eyes ever since Krillin had died two years ago. Marron sat next to her mother, now a beautiful young lady with a remarkable resemblence to C 18 except for her coal black eyes which she had inherited from her father. Krillin had died of old age, quite naturally since he wasn't a Sayajin and didn't have their extended life spans. Marron herself was getting over her father's death by now and had begun her own training as a fighter with the guiding though hard hand of C 18. Though Vegetto's disappearance didn't affect them the same as it did with the others present, C 18 had, like Krillin insisted on joining the families on this day. C 18 herself, though emotionally almost always detached had explained that without Goku, she wouldn't be here, not like she was now, with a daughter and many friends. She said she owed him to at least try and be there for his family.

On the other couch sat Gohan with Pan and Chira, his two children. Pan, now at an age of 16 was also growing to be a strong fighter, though she didn't share her sisters joy in it. Gohan insisted on training both his children and both complied of course, but Chira took to the training with a playfulness that Pan lacked. Chira was Videl's and his second child, now 15 years old, promising to turn into a second Videl, except for her hair, which was the only real proof of Sayan blood in her as it was spiky and untamable.

All of them sat in silence, thinking about the friends they had lost while Bulma and Chi Chi continued to make the evening meal.

"Where is Videl-san Gohan?" asked Marron finally, not longer wanting to simply sit and brood.

"Oh, she went to the city to get a few things. Goten, Trunks and Bra are also in the city as far as I know. They wanted to be home in a bit though." he answered, smiling feintly.

"Talk of the devil, I can sense them coming dad!" Chira said and grinned widely.

"True, but..." Gohan didn't finish his sentence. He was standing the next moment, as were C 18 and Marron. Both of them had probably sensed the same. Indeed, Bra, Videl, Trunks and Goten were approaching, but there was another aura following them. An aura of great power though neither Gohan, nor C 18 or Marron knew this aura.

"Who could that be?" C 18 asked quietly.

Gohan shrugged his shoulders slightly.

"I have no idea, but it would be better if we go outside to see."

The group stood up and left the house quickly and even as they all went through the door, they could see the 6 spots in the sky, approaching fast.

"Six???" Gohan asked quietly, raising a brow.

"I can only sense five of them." C18 said with a quiet voice.

"Me, too." Gohan replied and narrowed his eyes slightly, trying to identify the sixth person. His eyes suddenly widened and he took a few teps back involuntarily.

"It..." he whispered and then C 18 realized it too, her eyes narrowing feintly as she saw the shape get clearer.

A bare moment later, they watched as the six figures settled down on the ground gently.

First Bra, Trunks and Goten, then Videl with a girl none of them knew and last, Vegetto.

There was a stunned silence as all eyes first roamed to the unknown girl, but then settled on the one whose disappearance they all had come here to contemplate. The Super warrior who had saved all of their life's back then. His black eyes surveyed the group of people slowly. For so many years, he had watched from afar, had chanced quick peaks on his family to make sure they were somewhat alright. It had hurt him when he had had to leave, but he had known back then that he could never have filled the position of two people as one person and even if that had been possible, he had been too confused, too shocked of this new situation. In the heat of battle it had been nice and well to use the Fusion to beat Buu, but after the battle had ended the full meaning of this new life had dawned on him and it had been too much. The unification process of Goku and Vegeta into Vegetto wasn't complete, but he had felt the ki of this girl approaching from far away and had wondered why she was coming here and more importantly how her mere existance was even possible. Apart from Jari, there was another thing that bothered him though, something that he felt would be important soon but which he couldn't really identify.

So his exile had ended sooner than he had anticipated and now he was back with the people he had left behind. Towards many of them, he now felt a bond of friendship, but since it was the combined emotions of two beings, his disposition had shifted somewhat.

Now he felt a slightly dimmed sense of friendship towards all of them, but the intenseness of the feelings Goku had had was gone. That was one reason why he had not shown himself for so long. Only the children. The children were very dear to him and he knew why. Vegeta's desire not to let the Sayan race die out, coupled with the true-hearted feelings of Goku made for a very deep bond towards these kids, towards Chira and Pan, Goten and Trunks. He had visited them often, during the night, had gazed through the window of their homes to catch a glimpse of them and had quite often watched from afar while they trained. Now that Gohan had turned away from training and towards studies, it was upon the younger children to become strong, to defend their world. His world.

And then, a Pure-blooded Sayan girl comes along. Of course, Vegetto's interest had been piked. To begin with, one survivor indicated that there could be other survivors and a pure-blooded Sayajin girl was the beginning of a new Sayan race.

His thoughts returning to the here and now, he realized that still, nobody was talking and everyone was staring at him.

"I suppose I have some explaining to do..." he murmured and nodded.

End Chapter 1