Greetings again everyone. I know I said I had already done my final chapter of the story and that won't change. However, seeing as I grew very fond of these characters over the years, I asked for a commission of some of the major characters in the storyline. This commission is now finished and anyone who would like to see what Vegetto, Kavri, Jari, Chira, Chija and Sirania look like should check this picture out. I am incredibly pleased with the way the Artist portrayed them and very thankful that she did such a great job. It was pointed out that Vegetto, in the picture, looks like the Dance-Fusion (Gogeta). That is absolutely correct. I just like that outfit much better and considering Vegetto is permanently fused I don't see why he shouldn't be allowed to change clothes.

Edit: I apologize. For some reason, the damn Editor changed the Link I put into this Chapter. Anyone who is interested in seeing the picture, please either go to the Forum, or simply send me a PM, I will reply ASAP.