He supposed he couldn't expect anything pleasant to come of this; in fact he was almost sure it would be the opposite really, whatever was to come would undoubtedly be decidedly unpleasant.

At least he knew to expect the worst, Harry thought wryly

He watched in silence as the Dark Lord Voldemort lifted his wand and pointed it towards him. Nope he was pretty sure a Cheering Charm would not be forthcoming. A pity really, he could probably use one right about now.

Harry had been held captive by the Dark Lord's followers for the past several weeks, a fact which was hard to forget, given his body's protests. Despite being in his follower's custody for the past few weeks this was the first Harry had seen of Voldemort himself.

It took every ounce of will Harry had to lift his head; to watch what he assumed would be his death rush towards him.

Of course the effort it took to raise his head sent stars dancing before his eyes, interrupting what he heard of Voldemorts self-congratulatory speech, not that he was particularly interested in it anyway. It was probably best that the Dark Lord's gloating over his defeat was mostly lost in a sea of spinning stars. Well the speech was lost to him anyway; he probably had an avid audience hanging onto his every word in his flock of rabid Death Eaters.

Eventually his head cleared enough to catch some of what Voldemort was saying, something about "the irony...dead...even born" and "dead before...defeated me..." Harry could only reach one conclusion from this, though he was surprised he could actually think clearly enough to reach a conclusion; Voldemort was going to send him back in time.

To die.

Typical Voldemort really, wasting all that power to send him back in time just so that he could gloat that he had defeated Harry Potter murdered Harry Potter before the great Harry Potter even had a chance to defeat him. It had probably never even crossed his mind to go back in time himself to prevent Harry from defeating him in the first place. That just wasn't the way Voldemort worked, and anyway why would he bother, he was actually winning now, he had the advantage.

Voldemort shouted out a spell and within moments Harry was surrounded by a green and silver mist, which quickly and painfully penetrated his body.

He felt like he was being ripped apart.

With a painful soul-wrenching scream, Harry Potter disappeared.