Chapter 4 : Bloody Identity.

Healer Lievens found himself cornered as soon as he stepped out of the guest room, which was currently acting as his medical bay.

Emeritus Snape was quite imposing. The quiet head of the Snape family was not to be taken lightly by any means. Of course Dillon knew exactly what the man wanted, the boy awake and talking, and was only slightly perturbed that he would not be able to give the man that. Emeritus communicated his first question with a glance, pushing himself up off the wall he had been leaning on in wait.

"No, the boy is not awake." Healer Lievens answered, "He most likely will not be awake enough to be of any use to you for a few days at least."

"Is that your medical experience or your sensibilities talking Healer?" came the gruff reply.

Dillon held strong, the boy would not have an easy time of it when he woke.

"That is my medical opinion, sir." There was a pause and Dillon could practically feel his worth being measured in the eyes of the Snape Head.

"Very well."

He mustn't have been found lacking.

"Did you find any identifiers on the boy during your examination?"

"No sir, not even a wand, though the boy is obviously magical."

Emeritus grunted.

"Can find out through medical information?"

Dillon shrugged, "I can try, but I haven't got much to go on."

"See that you do, I will be along tomorrow to perform some spells of my own on the boy." Emeritus held up his hand to forestall the argument, "They will not interfere with your patient Healer, you may be present as they are performed."

Healer Lievens reluctantly nodded, it was not as though he could have stopped it anyway, so long as their spells did not interfere with the recovery he would not be able to intervene.

"Make sure he recovers Healer."

It was not Dillon's imagination that there was a definite hint in the old mans voice.

A timid boy of around nine knocked on the door to the guest room at around ten in the morning delivering a missive from Emeritus the Head of the Snape Family which informed him to be expecting a contingent to perform the spells promptly at eleven. He did not know what was meant by contingent but it must mean more than one and that was enough to make him uncomfortable.

Emeritus and company arrived precisely at eleven o'clock; with him were three other Snape's whose significance he did not know.

Emeritus nodded to one of the men who approached the bed. The man placed his hand on the boy's forehead and nodded. Before moving back to where the Head of the Family was standing.

"The boy has a Fate." Was all the man said before he made his way out of the room.

They seemed surprised.

After a minute Emeritus snapped at them.

"Well, get on with it!"

The next man made his way towards the bed, his hair was a mess and he obviously did not care much for personal hygiene.


The spell was difficult to do without eye contact, and with the patient unconscious he was sure they were not expecting much.

The man broke contact not long afterwards.

"The boy is an Occlumens, not particularly strong but his barriers are high enough that I can't get through while he is unconscious, maybe not without eye contact certainly not without doing permanent damage, even then there is no guarantee, when he is conscious again I should not have a problem."

Emeritus nodded, they were all surprised that the boy was an Occlumens, but it did prove that he had something to hide. As there was nothing else for the man to do he was dismissed and the final man who had made his way in with Emeritus approached the bed.

Emeritus crept closer with him, and Healer Lievens crept forward as well interested to see what the Head of the Household was so interested in.

"I take it that you did not find any medical information on the boy?" Emeritus asked.

"No sir, I could not find any magical medical record of the boy. "

"Leon here works at the Ministry, in the Magical Identification Department, he will find out who the boy is, his name at the least should the boy be sufficiently magical enough."

Healer Lievens did not like the boy's chances should he not hold enough magical energy.

Leon pulled a small piece of parchment from his sleeve, before pressing it into one of the boys many wounds causing it to reopen. He would have objected but Emeritus gave him a sharp look.

Leon was about to perform Blood Magic, he knew that much, Blood Magic was dangerous and extremely restricted, Dillon seriously doubted that they had Ministerial permission to perform this spell.

Leon performed a complex incantation firmly holding his wand on the parchment.

He seemed to be struggling towards the end before he broke contact with the parchment and fell back onto the floor.

"What happened?" Emeritus barked.

"The magic was fighting me sir, It did not want the boys identity to be revealed."

"Will the spell still work?"

"I don't know sir, I think so."

They all turned to stare at the parchment.

Two names appeared on the parchment, where there should have only been one.

Dion Lucifer Black - Harry James Potter

Both the Head of the Snape household and the Head Medi-Wizard of Escillion School of Magic stared at the sheet in bewilderment. Leon was lying on the floor in exhaustion.

The head of the Snape household and the medi-wizard stared at the writing in confusion.

"What could cause the spell to do that?" Emeritus asked, showing the parchment to Leon on the floor.

"It means the child's name is in question…I've only seen this happen once before, one of the names I don't know which one is his birth name, the child in question was given one name at birth and later adopted, upon his adoption though blood magic the child was claimed by the adoptive parents as their heir. Magically the child is recognized by both names as he has been gifted with the blood and magic of both."

"So we either have a Potter raised as a Black or a Black raised as a Potter, wonderful."

"Is there anything we can do to clarify his parentage? The birth and the adoptive parents?"

"There is a Lineage Potion, but that takes months to brew and can only be administered if the patient is awake, the potion would identify which of the two sets of parents is most dominate as well as who exactly the parents are."

"Excellent, I will have my son Severus begin brewing the potion immediately."

"Your son, are you sure that is wise?" Dillon quested delicately, hoping not to upset Master Snape too badly.

"I assure you my son is an accomplished brewer, a candidate for a potions mastery in fact, he has already been approached by various prestigious establishments."

"Of course Master Snape, It would be a shame not to put such talent to good use." Dillon gently backed down hoping to calm any ill feelings he had stirred up with his doubt.