Well, hi. I've got this annoying idea for a Tomb Raider story that will not go away, and since I have finished one of my other stories, (non tomb raider) I have decided I will write it.

This is my take on how Lara got thrown out of her house, disowned by her family, and met her Aunt in Croft Manor. I don't know if this has been done before, most probably it has, but loads of people do Lara and Kurtis ones, set after AOD, so I can do this.

Disclaimer: Don't own anything to do with Tomb Raider...

Note: Flashbacks are in italics



Cold. Everywhere cold. No place to escape from it. It reached down into her soul. Her mind was replaying the evens of the last hour.

"Lara Croft, you shall not, I repeat shall not abandon your heritage for that career. I have brought you up to follow in my footsteps."

"What, dinner parties and drinking whisky?" Lara replied, giving her father a glare. "I am twenty one years old; I can do what I want!"

"Yes, well unfortunately, you have a birthright, Lady Croft." Her father replied, his words dripping with sarcasm.

Lara stood there, amazed at the coldness of her father's voice. Lara looked into his brown eyes, deciding to use the ultimate argument.

"What would mum say, knowing that you are stopping me from living my dream?"

Lord Henshingly Croft stood there gaping at her. The fire from the study fireplace casting shadows on his weathered face.

"HOW DARE YOU?!?" He yelled, placing a smack across Lara's cheek, sending her to the carpeted floor.

Lara let the tears fall silently down her cheeks, touching the inflamed skin on her cheek. "D...Daddy, how could you?" Lara's voice was broken with sobs, hugging her legs to herself, her dark braid hanging limply over one shoulder.

Her father dragged her up by the awful summer dress she was forced to wear. "You are no daughter of mine."

With that final statement, he threw his only child out of the manor house and slammed the door behind her.

A second later, a small brown bag dropped from a window, the one she found in Cambodia, full of money. Obviously hinting at getting a hotel or something.

Lara pulled herself to her feet and walked out of the grounds, slinging the bag over her shoulder...

Lara opened her eyes from the horrible images of the previous hour. She was sitting in a field, in the middle of the Kentish countryside, at the middle of the night.

Cold, lonely and with no where to go, Lara curled herself up on the grass, hoping to find a piece of warmth in the tiny green blades.

Slowly, she drifted into sleep, thinking of how big the price was for following her ambition.


Yes it is short, that's because all of my prologues are. Please tell me if you think I should carry on, or leave it as a one poster. Also, I need to see if anyone knows the Aunt's name, (the one who lives in Croft Manor) if not I'll make it up.

Thanks for reading (so far?)