It was a hazy summers day at Croft Manor; warm with a temperate breeze, and it was entirely inappropriate to be in anything other than shorts and tees. However, in the evening twilight, Lara found herself in one of the gardens on her grounds, dressed in a modest black dress with matching tights and heels, whilst wearing her hair in an elegant knot at the nape of her neck. Kurtis was dressed just as formally, in a black suit which looked awkward on the American, despite his best efforts to appear presentable.

It was exactly one week after they had left Turkey and they were holding Anya's funeral. They were unable to take her body out of the country, due to the awkward questions that would follow, however they took her body down from its hung position and laid it gently on one of the tables they had been fastened too. They cleaned her body as best as they could with a jug of water nearby, no doubt used for ritual purposes, and off cuts of their ceremonial robes. They then took some of the least damaged formal robes that Karel's henchmen had been wearing and covered her body in the white linen. With one last look back, they both left the room and sealed it, and escaped to the dying sunshine above.

However, despite her body resting in Turkey, Lara insisted on holding a funeral for her friend with an empty casket, determined to give her the send off she deserved.

The brunette remained quiet throughout the small ceremony, where the only other guests were her butler and Jeanette, the woman who had helped them fight Karel. Without a son, and with nowhere to live, Lara had offered her a place in the manor to allow her time for healing. In return, the blonde cooked meals for them, which she found both comforting and rewarding.

The small ceremony ended uneventfully with each of them placing flowers on the spot they had chosen. Both Jeanette and Winston left to prepare the evening meal they had dedicated to Anya, leaving Lara and the American alone. They stood in silence for a few moments, appreciating the marble gravestone that acknowledged the existence of a woman who helped to save an unknowing world.

"What do we do now?" Kurtis asked, taking Lara's hand as they walked back to the house that Kurtis had become a permanent guest in.

"We look to the stars," Lara replied, looking at the white pinpricks of light that were beginning to illuminate the darkening sky.



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