In Smaller Proportions


Wow. Hi there, folks. I never figured myself to do this, but it has been plaguing me since I viewed a bit of Fruit Basket with English subtitles. So right now, I'll have you know that I have zero experience in this line of work, so spare me if you find OOC characters.

Well, anyway, here it is at the special request from Howling WereWolf, my beta-reader for anything and everything I've ever tried composing.

Let's get on with the story now, shall we?



Kyo felt guilty.

Even though he had left a message stuck on the refrigerator door, he still felt guilty.

If he was going to leave, he couldn't just up and go like he used to. Feelings had nurtured, and he had to at least tell them in person.

But then, he would have to wait for them to return, and time was one thing he did not have.

Checking that he had everything for the final time, Kyo slung his backpack over his shoulder, and headed out the door.

Guess I'll be gone for quite a while... Sorry, Tohru...


It was finally time.

He had been waiting for so very long, and now the moment had come.

Now that the Sohma cat was finally leaving the house, his chance had arrived.

Hidden carefully in the forested area, he watched the teen slide the door shut... walk down the porch... walk in his general direction...

He smirked.

Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.

Time to make someone scream.


Some time later in the day, the door slid open once again to hail the arrival of two more residents.

"Kyo-kun! We're back!" Honda Tohru called out, removing her shoes and stepping into the house. After receiving that phone call from Hatori, Kyo had commented about not feeling well and hurried home first. Passing the kitchen, she went upstairs to see if she could catch him and verify if he was alright. It was nowhere near mealtime, anyway.

Approaching his room, she tapped on the door. "Kyo-kun? I'm coming in, alright?"

When there was no answer, she carefully slid the door open, in case the boy was asleep. Looking in, she saw everything laid out the way it usually was for Kyo.

But the owner himself was not there.


Instead of going inside, Yuki chose to circle around the house perimeter.

The house had been quiet. Too quiet for his liking.

After all, this was Kyo, for crying out loud. If that stupid cat was in the house, there was bound to be some noise about now. But there was nothing except Tohru's calling, and it disturbed him.

Even if Kagura had come by and kidnapped Kyo, there would at least be some form of evidence, such as broken doors, broken tables, broken chairs, broken anything in particular. But no, the house had looked alright.

"Alright, where are you, you moronic feline," Yuki muttered, almost reaching the end of his second circuit.

Suddenly, with a loud "THWAP!", something connected with Yuki's shoulders and sent him sprawling onto his back.

What the...? Yuki propped himself up on his elbows and took a good look at his attacker.

It was a toddler, probably no more than two years of age. Wide, kittenish crimson eyes stared back at him under a disheveled mop of orange hair.

Yuki groaned and sat up. "Where on earth did you come from?"

In response, the kid just smiled and continued staring at him.

Seeing no other real alternative at the moment, Yuki picked up the toddler and held him at arm's length for further study. The child blinked as Yuki cocked his head slightly, and copied the move. When the gray-haired teenager cocked his head the other way, he mirrored that as well.

Who would leave such a small child out here? Yuki wondered, noticing how the boy's shirt sleeves hung off his little arms. And in clothes of obviously the wrong size, at that.

Right at that moment, Tohru came running from the house. "Yuki-kun! Have you seen Kyo-kun? I think he's gone!"


Then something clicked in Yuki's mind.

Stupid cat gone... strange kid with his hair and eye color... wearing clothes way too big... It can't be.

Fighting a new wave of panic, Yuki pulled back a floppy sleeve to check the toddler's right arm.

Secured around the small wrist was a string of purple and white beads.

The kid giggled, and Yuki finally let the wave hit him as it pleased.




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