In Smaller Proportions


Well, here's that special chapter I promised. If you haven't read the epilogue yet, this isn't it; it's the previous one. This one is a little compensation for you guys, another way of making it up to you for the long wait.



Yuki looked down. "You're going to stick yourself to me again, aren't you?"

Chibi-Kyo stared back innocently at Yuki, his small hands still grasping the shiny yellow rubber duck Shigure had bought for him. Since day one of coming home with it, he had not seemed to part with it once.

Yuki sighed, scooped the toddler up and deposited him onto the couch. "Alright, let's just watch a movie or something."

Chibi-Kyo watched him walk to the television set and the array of discs stacked up nearby. Yuki sorted through them, finally stopping at one.

The Quest For Chocobo? He flipped it over to read the overview. Join our brave heroes - Dean, Jean and Sean - on their mission to seek out the friendly yellow birds of Chocobo Forest. Will they succeed despite their inexperience? Based on the original chronology of Final Fantasy. A short film suited for the whole family.

"We'll just watch this one then," Yuki informed his smaller companion, holding the CD cover for his inspection.

Then he opened it, slot the disc into the player, and the video started on auto.


"Well, men? Are we ready to go a-hunting for the elusive Chocobo?" said Dean, standing tall in all his might and glory.

"But Dean," said Jean. "We don't even know what a Chocobo looks like."

"Fear not, Jean," said Sean. "We'll know it when we see it."

"That's right!" said Dean. "Move out, men!"

Suddenly, the leaves nearby rustled. Out popped a yellow bird the size of a small hen. It looked up at them curiously.

"Wark?" asked the bird.

"A-A-A-AH!" screamed Dean.

"A-A-A-AH!" screamed Jean.

"A-A-A-AH!" screamed Sean.

"Wark?" asked the bird again.

"You shall terrorize us no longer!" said Dean, drawing his pistol. "DIE, YOU FIEND!"



"BWAHAHA! You are no more, you!" said Dean smugly, throwing up his finger and pointing into the forest. "Go back to where you came from, you flat feathered fool!"

The small, pathetic mound of yellow and red refused to answer, or even move.

"You dare to defy me? Then DIE AGAIN, YOU FIENDISH...uh...FIEND! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE!"




Chbi-Kyo's wide crimson eyes stared at the now blank screen, wondering what would happen next.

"You know what? I think a nice good book on peacefulgardening would be appropriate right now. I'll be right back."

Yuki got up and quickly disappeared into his room. Suited for the whole family! What was that critic thinking!


Kyo was finishing the last of the carton of milk when a certain small someone came into the kitchen and looked up at him.

Kyo looked back down at the individual. "...What?"

Chibi-Kyo turned his duck upside-down, and used its tail end to point at Kyo.

"Bang," he said gravely. "Bang-Bang."





Pelz-Junge grins. "Welcome back, Kyoshi. Did you have fun?"

"Bang-Bang!" chibi-Kyo cries out happily. "Bang-Bang! Bang-Bang! Bang-Bang!"

"Plenty, eh? Good for you, little buddy."

Pelz-Junge pets chibi-Kyo on the head, and turns to face the web-cam mounted on his table.

"Well, folks, that's all for now. Hope you enjoyed it. BUT!" Pelz-Junge winks during his pause. "I plan to continue with a sequel! So here's hoping that you guys out there will support it, just like you supported 'In Smaller Proportions'."

Suddenly, Pelz-Junge pauses to answer a conversation on his msn messenger.

HW: Did you do the movie that Yuki and chibi-Kyo saw?

PJ: Yeah, actually.

HW: Man, that's just plain odd. And what do you mean 'suited for the whole family'! And you actually murdered that poor chocobo, you nut job! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!

Pelz-Junge leans back, away from the keyboard. "Touché."

As though in agreement, chibi-Kyo pokes Pelz-Junge's cap with his rubber duck's tail end. "Bang-Bang!"