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Beetleborgs Time Continuous

Old friends re-unite.

It was a late Sunday evening, in Charterville, there was hardly a sound anywhere, mostly all you could hear is the occasional dog barking. Alex was on his computer, doing usual things such as homework, or playing games, listening to music, all the teenagers stuff. Suddenly, his old Beetle Bonder was bleeping, he didn't know why, because after the gang defeated the Crustaceans, there were no more enemies to conquer, anyway, who could be calling him, Flabber couldn't, he was in that new organ, located in New York, the only ones it could be, was someone else with a Beetle Bonder, a Beetleborg. The light was flashing red, that meant red striker, but how could she call him, last time he saw her she was moving to Japan, and there's only a 2 mile radius between the bonders, that meant she was in the area. He answered, and Jo spoke.

"Hey Alex, is that you?"

"Yeah, where are you Jo?"

"Not far, by Hillhurst, there's something coming from inside, I think we should check it out."

"I'll be down in a minute, Is Drew there with you?"

"Yeah, and Josh, we found him on the way."

"I'll call Roland then."

"K, see you in a minute."

They both hung up, Alex pushed the green button, on his computer, it beeped 4 times, then his bonder beeped, Roland answered.

"Roland, it's me Alex, the gang need us down at Hillhurst, they said there's something funny happening inside."

"OK, I'll be there right away,"

"Knowing you you'll be there already,"

"Not quite, hey, did they say to morph?"

"No, best not to, we don't want people to think that there's evil around again,"

"OK, see ya."

Alex pushed out his arms in front of him, and crawled on the wall outside his window, then he pushed his arms out to the sides, jumped and flew over to Hillhurst. When he got there, he saw Jo, Drew, Josh, and then Roland speeding up the road, next moment Roland was there.

"Sometimes Roland, I wonder how you don't get a speeding fine," said Drew.

"I'm too fast for them. "Roland replied. "Nice to see you all again,"

"You too," Josh piped.

"Now then, I wonder whats going on in that place" said Drew.