Authors Note: Sight is probably the most important thing that we possess and we often take things for granted, Agent Sands can attest to that. So what happens if we cant see something directly in front of us no matter how hard we try, would a brush with fate alter our perception of things? Would Jack be able to adjust his view?

"O'course, mate!" the pirate captain yelled amidst creaking wood and snapping sails, "I'm Captain Jack Sparrow, savvy?"

Gibbs shook his head nervously just waiting for disaster to strike. The sky was nearly black, not a cloud in the sky was white, and a storm was breaking sure as he took breath. Jack was altogether too confident 'twas awful bad luck to test the gods in such a nefarious way no matter how many other victories the Pearl had.

Jack was a first-rate Captain, and no mistake, but Gibbs often wished he'd play things a little closer to the vest. He'd questioned the Captain as the third crack of thunder rumbled the heavens on whether they should set port, if they'd make it through the storm, and if Jack would be able to steer the ship through the hellstorm they were likely to face.

A ship raid the day before last had gifted them with enough treasure to keep the men content for months, powers knew they could always use more. It hadn't been a heavily gunned ship, but a very intelligent one all the same. The Captain of the English ship had flown the flag of surrender immediately after the Black Pearl's colors were spotted.

Though Jack hadn't made any mention Gibbs could tell that he was disappointed, though a little proud, at the ships quick withdrawal from oncoming battle. The plundering was done the same way as always, pleasantly, efficiently, with no unnecessary death.

That was the only rule Jack was adamant on, the others he waved aside with good-willed indifference. Men were allowed to drink so long as it didn't coincide with men lagging in their jobs. Gambling was also permitted but dueling was limited to sword-fights and first blood matches.

Jack made certain that his crew understood that the Pearl was no bloody Navy-manned ship and proceeded to break every rule in the book. Why fight for the Queen when men could battle for themselves and retire rich as kings?

Lightning arced jagged across the horizon and Gibbs winced at the echo of thunder in response. Storms were definitely not his forte, when he had accidentally been locked in the brig as a child things had fallen on him while he was helpless to do much more than cower in the corner.

Unlike Jack who never seemed more alive when the darkness rolled in and the sea thrashed its fury. Ana, too, had prepared and changed her normally white shirt to a deep blue. Her hat was safely stored in Jack's quarters where the sea couldn't drag it out to ocean.

Gibbs saw the sideways glances Captain and first-mate shared, Jack had noticed the beguiling way Ana filled out both shirt and breeches. She had the body and temper of a woman, but the heart and spirit of a man. The arm of one too when she was irritated, most likely twould be Jack at the receiving end of that blow, but ne'er did he object to it.

"Keep to your posts, men, and lets ride'er out." Jack was at him immovable stance at the wheel, though Gibbs had seen him climb rigging surefooted at any spider, nor was he averse to swabbing the deck, knotting hemp, manning ropes, or the hundreds of other little jobs that kept the ship afloat.

The crew respected him for that very reason, their Captain wouldn't ask of them anything that he wouldn't do. The ships anchor was stored away safely and anything that could easily be dragged overboard was shackled or bolted down.

Jack knew the storm wouldn't last long, but it would be fierce and a test of their endurance. He wouldn't have had it any other way, although he knew some of the crew through otherwise. He chanced a glance in Ana's direction and knew that she was ready- for- and there it was. The Caribbean was every bit as unpredictable as they were.

All they had to do was watch for the signs, rain poured down pure and touched with a hint of salt. The sky darkened even more, though Gibbs would have wagered that impossible a few moments ago, and waves tossed the ship to and fro violently sending ropes thrashing wildly about. Jack rigged the wheel so that the wind didn't force them into the reefs.

They kept their footing though the decks floor was nearly submersed in sea water and various species of fish, sea-weed, and kelp. Lightning struck the water beside them sending steam rising into the chilled air seeming every bit as eerie as the curse those two years ago.

Jack saw Marty valiantly battling the accumulating water that was up to his knees. He always worried for his crew, but wouldn't mention anything for fear of hurting his pride.

Ana glanced towards the lightening clouds at the same time he did, the storm had just about canceled itself out. Thunder sounded with less intensity, and Jack had almost steered them clear of the dangerous sharp coral.

He felt the foreboding before he heard Ana's scream of warning. A bolt of sizzling hot light arced from the disappitating clouds and struck the end of the Black Pearl's mast. Ana struggled against her sodden and heavy clothes just as the wind blew the frayed rope out of her hands.

She cursed in exasperation when Jack pushed Cotton out of the way as the heavy piece of the ship aimed directly towards him.

"Jack!!" Ana screamed unsheathing a knife to cut through the mass of knotted hemp. Jack knew that there was no way to evade the inevitable blow, but he pulled the rope tight to secure the wheel. Light flashed through his mind and all went dark. The last thing he felt was the water that rose and fell with the ship submerse the right side of his head and sting with an intensity that rendered him completely unconscious.