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below is a "Trailer" for the squel, per peoples encoragement. Enjoy!


This Preview is certified PG

Fina: In the days of the Old World, there Six civilisations.

Six Moon Crystals.

Six Gigas.

But unbeknownst to these warring six, a seventh Civilisation watched from a distance.

They created their own Gigas.

Now, The Procyon Armada have found this Machine.

And are using it for their own evil means.


Amelia: That's it...we're dead.


Deep Voice: Coming January 2005.


Deep Voice: Join Daniel and crew as he battles to save his people


Deep Voice: with the help of friends old and new.

Jenny: Houston, we have a problem.

Deep Voice: and discover the origins of Treasure Planet itself.

Peter: Escape Pods Away!

Deep Voice: A new chapter in the the Captain and I Saga.

Daniel: "I'll always love you...no matter what happens."


Deep Voice: The Captain and I 2: The Battle for Earth.

Destiny, is at hand.

Rated PG-13

End Deep Voice

A small preview of the sequel to my first fic. Trust me, this is going to be good.

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