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A Problem at the Prom

It was time of the spring prom. All of the couples in school were making all their plans to go. Bonnie was making Kim's life miserable after she and Josh had gone their separate ways. Nothing bad had happened, it just was by mutual agreement that the two young people would go their separate ways. Bonnie could not understand that and rubbed the fact that she was going to the prom with Josh. Kim put up with it over the past weeks although it did not help to see all the other couples making their plans. It probably was good she thought that she and Josh had gone separate ways. The missions had been coming one behind the other and she and Ron had been around the world several times chasing Drakken, Shego, Monkeyfist and Killigan. She had had little free time over the past couple of months with the missions and school. She had spent almost as much time with Ron as she had her own family.

Ron was also tired. He knew that Kim was not feeling just right. She seemed to have gotten over Josh okay, but something was definitely wrong. She wasn't her lively spirited self. He wanted to ask her to the prom, but he thought if he did and something went wrong it might hurt their friendship. He had talked to Monique to see if someone had asked Kim to the prom yet. Ron had seen Monique at the food court in the mall and he sat down to ask her. "Afternoon Mon, how's things?" he asked. "Hi, Ron, everything is great, where's Kim?" "Probably, getting some rest, we got in from China late last night. Monkeyfist had been raiding some monkey shrines and the government asked us to come in, track him down and stop him." He said. "Has Kim said anything to you about the prom, has anyone asked her to go yet?" Monique smiled to herself. Kim had asked her the same question about Ron that morning on the phone. She knew that Kim did not have a date for the prom and was totally miserable about it. "Why don't you ask her, I know that she has picked out a dress. It was one that you and her had picked out earlier for a dance with Josh but she didn't get to go because of that mission to the South Pole." Said Monique. "Oh, yeah, I remember that one." Ron mentioned "That is the one where I fell over a block of ice and messed up the Kimmunicator. It took Wade an extra couple of hours to call in a ride for us and she missed the dance. She would barely talk to me for a couple of days after that she was so mad." "So, why, don't you ask her" Monique asked, "I am sure she would love to go with you" "No, Monique" he said "I don't want to mess up your friendship because of it, I'll see you later" Ron got up and walked off. Monique finished her lunch and went back to work at Club Banana. When she walked in to the store she saw Kim waiting for her. "Kim, girl, what's up." She said. "Hi, Monique, I was just returning this dress, I had picked out it out for the prom, but it doesn't look like I will be going." Kim said not smiling. "Come on, Kim, why don't you ask somebody? Why don't you ask Ron?" Monique questioned. "I don't know, Mon, I was so mean to him after he made me miss that last dance with Josh, I am surprised that he even talks to me. I am so sorry for treating him that way." Kim moaned. "I don't deserve a friend like him. He has always helped in the long run and he has always been there for me. I'll just stay home Friday night. I'll see you later" Kim laid the dress on the counter. "You know Ron helped me pick this out, he said I looked Boon diggity in it." Kim looked up. "Who returned that great looking tux?" she asked. "I believe, Ron did, said Monique. "He had picked one out in the hopes that he could get someone to go with him, but it seems he was out of luck too." "Yeah" said Kim "Out of luck, just like me. I'll see you around Monique." Kim quietly left the store.

Monique hated seeing her two best friends so miserable. She picked up the dress and hung it up next to the tux so she could put everything back into stock later. She stopped and looked. She could not believe her eyes. The tux and the dress complimented each other perfectly. When she saw this, a plan came to her mind. She saw Kim in the dress and Ron in the tux at the upcoming prom. She had a plan to make both of her friends have a night to remember. She wrote some notes on a pad and put them in her purse. She had a lot of work to do when she got off work.

Kim got up late on Friday morning, there was no school that day and the prom was that night. She was completely miserable. She picked up her phone and got ready to call Ron just to see what he was up to. Before she could call the Kimmunicator beeped. "What's the stitch Wade, she asked. Kim, Monkeyfist is in Middleton, he may be after Ron. I can't get in touch with Ron, so I don't know what is happening. Get to the old warehouse outside of Upperton, I'll have a ride for you by the time you get outside. Thanks Wade" There was red hot anger in Kim's eye as she got ready, Monkeyfist better be ready, if he hurt Ron, there would be a high price to pay.

Ron was slow getting up. Since he had nothing to do that day and he wasn't going to the prom that night there was no hurry to do anything. His cell phone rang. "Ron, it's Wade, Monkeyfist is in town and he has Kim. You need to get to the old factory as soon as you can. I'll have transport for you as soon as you get outside." "Thanks Wade, on my way" Ron's anger was strong as he got ready. "If Monkeyfist has hurt Kim in anyway I will make him hurt in so many ways he has never envisioned."

Monique's cellphone rang. She answered it. "Monique, it is Wade. Your plan has started to work. I think I can keep the two of them separate and busy for most of the day. Then I have them "accidentally" meet each other at the dance at the right time. Do you have the dress and the tux ready?" "Yes" said Monique, "Thanks Wade, if we can get the two of them at the prom at the same time, everything will be just perfect." "Don't worry Monique, I'll get them there at the right time. The two of them deserve this for each other."

Wade was true to his word. He kept Kim and Ron moving most of the day. Each time they got to the spot where they were heading, the villain had moved. The time had come when Wade needed to get Kim and Ron to the gym where the prom was being held. He had been busy all day keeping Kim and Ron busy when the alarm on Kim's website went off. He was a warning from Global Justice. Monkeyfist was really in the area. He and his legions of monkey ninjas were looking for Kim and Ron. They had been chasing the two all over town as Wade had been sending them all over town.

Wade had sent Kim and Ron to the gym. They each wondered why Monkeyfist would go near the prom, but as long as that is were they needed to be then that is where they wanted to be.