The Words You've Never Said...

By Penmom

(1) Author's Notes -- This is a little - did I say little? - Stand-alone fic that popped in my head today as I was thinking about Chapter 13 of The Man in Her Life. I can't finish Chapter 13 until I exercise this ficlet from my brain. I have provided you with my set-up for Season 4 here but I am cutting to what I would consider to be the cherry on top.

(2) I have never been much for quoting lyrics but in this case, this little ditty was my muse. It popped in my head fully formed when I heard this song.

I've been the needle and the thread
Weaving figure eights and circles round your head
I try to laugh but cry instead
Patiently wait to hear the words you've never said...

Must Get Out
by Maroon Five

Picture this - Koss has died - (so sad) - but it happened in a noble way and his memory will long be revered on Vulcan. His sacrifice has helped to stabilize the planet during this most difficult time in its history. Before the absolute end, he frees T'Pol from any hold he might have over her and in so many words confirms that it was wrong of him to hold her to her commitment.

In processing a passage in Surak's newly rediscovered teachings, T'Pol finds the confidence to grasp what she was wanted for a long time now - namely Commander Charles Tucker.

Several months go by - adventures are had, planets are saved while T'Pol comes to terms with her short-lived marriage and Trip does his best to give her some space. Finally, Trip goes on an away mission had goes badly and he is even feared dead at one point. While Archer, Malcolm and Hoshi look on; Trip comes out of the wilderness looking worse for the wear but in one piece... And now ---

One minute, he wasn't there and then he was. For a moment, she was sure that she was hallucinating. Her mind just wanted to see him so badly that it was conjuring up imagines out of her imagination. But then, he looked at her and every emotion that he inspired rose up like a sandstorm on Vulcan.

He didn't move, captured by her gaze. He had thought that he might never see her again. And yet, he had cheated fate - again.

She was closing the distance between them before anyone else in the search party even saw him. It was her own flight across the clearing that alerted the group on onlookers to his presence.

The weight of her body struck him so hard that he had to clasp his arms tightly around her back to steady himself. She left no space between them as she shifted her hands to clasp his beloved face. When he met her gaze, he was struck by the tears that she made no effort to hide.

The picture she made rendered him speechless. When she spoke her voice quivered just slightly - the emotion was contained in her tone while her words were albeit formal as if she was finding confidence in the formality of her culture. The words did not come easily to her but she made them come.

"Commander Tucker, your recent absence --- it has made me realize --- what I wish to say is ---is that I regret that I have never said that I love you." The last three words were whispered but he heard them as clearly as if she had shouted them.

She did not hesitate now that the hardest part was over. She pulled his lips to her own and kissed him for all he was worth - in front of the Captain, the crew and the universe.

Fade to Black.