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I Believe


Every Now and Then

Legolas and Aragorn. Arwen frowned slightly as she thought of the two warriors. While she was awed and somewhat envious of their bond in life it grew eerily stronger in death. For long nights her husband would stand at their bedroom window, wistfully gazing into the skies and city below, as if waiting for a messenger.

"You know he watches you still."

Aragorn smiled but did not turn, his gaze still sleepily gazing out of the window at the world covered in the darkness of night.

Arwen smiled at the sight of her husband's form leaning against the sill, the floor-length curtains billowing about him now and then on a warm midsummer night's breeze. His broad clear brow in the moonlight glowed. "He would be very happy for us."

Pain replaced wistfulness in the king's eyes then. He was quiet for a moment more as his blue orbs shifted downwards. His voice was a husky rumble. "He would have loved to see our child."

The queen rose then and crossed their chambers to her husband. Their blue eyes met and her red lips curled once more. Gently, she took his rough hand in her own and placed it upon her still-flat abdomen. Through the cool silk of her nightgown he could feel her warmth. "This child will possess our strength," she gave his hand a squeeze. "Every day the pain will lessen. It will never leave you entirely, and that is well. That is as it should be. Yet he would not wish for you to be so melancholy, Estel."

"How can I not be such when around every corner I expect to meet him? I still find myself wandering in the evening until I realize that I am only lost in the ghost of a memory," he paused, tears threatening his eyes. "I will never happen upon his friendly presence again, and that thought alone is more than I can bear."

"Then do not think it," Arwen's brow was furrowed slightly in concern for her lover. She sighed and sat upon the cushions of the windowsill. "I know what you feel, Aragorn. There was so much uncertainty while you were on the Quest. The thought that you might be killed and I might never be able to see you again caused me many nights of grief."

Aragorn slightly tilted his head, the warmth of her love washing over him. He reached out for her cheek. "Arwen-"

"I, too, loved Legolas, Estel. And while he was not so close to me as he was to you I still miss him terribly."

The words she left unspoken were more powerful than those she did. With Legolas gone, Arwen was now the last of her people in a city of men. The idea of such isolation sent shivers down the Ranger's spine. He seated himself next to her, his arm slipping around her waist as she leaned into him.

"It became a tradition that whenever he came to Rivendell, he'd spend at least one night stargazing with my brothers and me. I see so much of him in you, Estel. He truly was your kindred spirit. You know as well as I that he would not wish this grief upon you. He is in a better place now."

Aragorn sighed. "It does not make it easier to bear nor the pain any lighter."

"Time, Estel. Time is the only means for us to heal. The knowledge that he is now in the Halls of Mandos should comfort you. No more suffering can come to him. Our grief is selfish, for in the end it is for ourselves that we grieve; that we will no longer be blessed by his presence. Our time has passed, now his spirit is free."

"No matter how selfish the pain it is still great." He leaned his head against hers. "But thank you, my Evenstar."

Arwen placed a kiss upon his cheek and rose, holding his hand. "I merely spoke what you already knew to be true."

Aragorn rose in turn. "You truly are a star in the darkness, meleth-nïn. You always help me to see the light."

As they stood together a moment longer the drapes around them billowed in the breeze.

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