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Sophia smiled down at Amy as she jumped down the stairs one at a time. "Are you ready to meet your Grandmother?"

"Uh huh," Amy answered cheerfully.

They reached the bottom of the stairs and headed into the living room where Luke and Matt were already waiting.

"Is Vivian here yet?" Sophia asked, as they walked in.

Luke shook his head, as he continued to watch out the window for his mom. "No, not yet."


Vivian looked at the clock and sighed. She stood up from her chair and made her way out towards the garage. "This should be interesting," she commented as she opened the garage door.

Starting the car and backing the car out of the garage, Vivian thought about calling the whole thing off. Shaking her head, she headed towards Matt's. Within moments she was walking up the front steps and knocking on the door.

Luke opened the door and smiled wryly. "You didn't Tyler with you? Pity," he glanced over his shoulder when Sophia growled at him. "Anyway, this is Amy." Luke gently pulled Amy from her hiding place behind him. "Amy, this is my mom, your grandmother."

Amy looked up shyly at Vivian. "Hi," she smiled.

Vivian smiled at Amy, and then looked back at Luke. "Are you going to make me stand on the stairs the whole time?" She tilted her head and arched an eyebrow.

Luke grinned sheepishly and moved aside so that Vivian could come inside. Once everyone was settled and explanations about Luke, Sophia, Ruby and John's abrupt departure, they all began playing a game of monopoly, which Amy and Vivian-being on the same team-won.

"Well, I need to go finish with some errands I need to get done." Vivian stood up from the table. "Thank you...and come and visit again sometime." With an almost sad look in her eyes, Vivian headed for the front door.

Luke walked with her to her car. Much to Vivian's surprise, he gave her a hug. "Thanks for understanding Mom. We visit again sometime. Take care of yourself." With that he had gone back inside. Vivian smiled as she got into her car and headed towards the store. Maybe she should follow one of Luke's example and give Tyler heck. He had been being a pain lately.

The End