Dear Readers, I am sorry that I have not updated my story. Well here is the sequil to SECRETS

I hope that you will enjoy this story.

DISCLAIMER: I hate this. I do not own the TMNT gang. But I do own Dona, Faith, Toby, and a secret new member. If you want to know who this is then read to find out.

It has been almost three years since the tower collasped, and now everything was peaceful and quiet. Dona now has a job at an Italian restaurant as a waitress. She also met a guy who works there. Surprisingly, he also goes to the same college she did. This guy was Toby. Every night he walked her home from work. One night he asked her a question, "Why do you wear that red mask for? I mean you wear it at work and at school?"

Dona hated to bring up the reason why she wears the old bandana, "I... I promised a friend that I would see them again, but something terrilbe happened and... I don't think I ever will." She lowered her head. They stood in front of her house I'm sorry, D.P. Here maybe this will make you feel better." He brought her into a deep kiss, but she pushed away.

"You shouldn't have done that?"


"I don't ... I'm in love with someone else." She turned her head, "I'm sorry." She opened the door and entered her house.