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Things did not look good for Dona. Her baby kept moving in her large belly, and she felt sicker and sicker by the minute. Grabbing her belly, she saw Toby standing not too far away with his back against the glass wall. "Why?" Dona just looked up in confusion. "Why did it have to be him? Tell me, Dona...Was it cause I wasn't good enough for you? Was it because the indecent almost four years ago? Tell me, Dona..." He turned around, and there were anger in his eyes. And yet...they were also very sad. He lost the one he loved to some creature that was not supposed to be in this world. "WHY! TELL ME!" Toby banged his fist against the glass wall.

Dona didn't know what to say. All she could feel was the pain coming from his voice. She knew that he loved her with all of his heart; the only thing was how could she explain it to him? She could say that Raphael got to her first, but that would make things worse if she said that. What to do? She could hardly think straight with the baby moving around like this. "Toby, I don't know what to say...there's nothing that I can say to make everything better. All I know...all I know is that you were a great friend, Toby. You helped me all those years, and you stayed by my side even when I lost all hope. Please, Toby...don't do this. This...this isn't the Toby I know!"

"The Toby you used to know no longer exists!" He turned away, "No longer exists. The only thing I feel is abandonment. You abandoned me, Dona...why? Why did you..." His voice began to crack.

Dona got up and started walking toward the glass wall; she somehow wanted to hold Toby in her arms. He was her best friend, and now this has happened. What could she do? "Toby..." Toby just stood there without moving. She inched closer, "Toby, please. Please look at me." Tears started to fall from her eyes, "Toby...even though we never..." She paused; thinking of the words to say. "Even though we never were a couple...I loved you."

Toby turned to look at her, and took a step back. "Loved? LOVED!"

"Yes...Loved. I loved you as my best friend, and you're like a brother to me, Toby. If something were to happen to you I would be deeply horrified." Dona's tears continued to fall. "I don't...I never wanted to lose that special friendship that we shared. Please, Toby...believe me."

Everything he heard was hard to believe. How could she love him that way...even after everything that he had did to her. Things just didn't make sense anymore. "Just what do you expect me to do?" He stepped back for a moment, just for a moment. "What is it that you want from me? What do you want me to do?" Toby leaned against the glass with a pleading face. He really loved her, and it hurt him so much that he was the cause of her pain.

"Get Raph...He'll...He'll..."Dona felt a sharp pain run through her side.

"Dona?" He knelt down to her level, and she was holding her stomach, "Dona? Dona? Are you alright? Dona?"

Dona just knelt in pain, "Toby...please...get Raph..." The pain finally went away, "I'm alright. Please, Toby, if you really care about me...You'll get me out of this place."

"Ok guys, ready?" Leo said as they stood in front of the Eastman Warehouse. This is where the note said that Dona was held captive. It surprised the Turtles that Toby would pick his father's warehouse for this.

"Oh, I am more than ready." Raph punched his fist into his hand, "I'm coming, Dona. So...are we going or not? Come on!" Raphael started making his way into the shadows. His determination was strong and he wasn't going to stop till he found her.

"Here we go guys! Let's go!" Mikey jumped up with a fist in the air. "I'm so pumped!"

"Quiet, Mikey!" Donny tried to quiet down his excited brother. Things here on out were not going to be easy for them.

They made their way into the building. As they carefully search high and low for Dona; Leonardo noticed something, "Guys.."

"Yeah, Leo?" Mikey asked.

"Ummm...where did Raphael go?" Leonardo pointed out. Raphael had separated from his brothers; this was not good. "Damn it, Raph."

I am the only one that can find her. I know that I asked for your help guys...but somehow...I feel like I am the only one that can find her in here. Raphael made his way in and out of rooms in search of Dona. Sad to say he wasn't having much luck. Damn it, Dona, where are you? How am I going to...Hello? Raphael saw Toby walking in the hallway, and came up with an idea. He followed Toby for a while till the moment was right.


Toby walked slowly, thinking of what Dona said. Even though they never were together as a couple she loved him. She cared deeply about it him, even if it wasn't a romantic love it was still love. "Dona, what am I to do with YYYOOOUU!" Toby felt his body being picked up and slammed into the wall of a hallway.

"Now tell me where my wife is you piece of shit!" Raphael began to punch him in the face, "I swear to God, if anything happened to her I'm gonna..."

"She's fine." Toby flinched as he saw Raphael make another fist.

"What?" Raph held his fist back, still aiming for Toby's face."Why should I believe you? You threatened to keep my wife away from me and you...you...if it wasn't for Dona I would have killed your sorry ass right about now. Now tell me where is she!" He pushed Toby harder against the wall.

"She's safe I promise."

"That's not what I asked you."

"If you want me to tell you...you have to let go of my throat." Toby tried to breath, "I die I can't tell you where she is now can I. Now...put me down." Toby looked at him with anger. There was no way that Dona was really in love with...this...this "Thing." But somehow...it seemed wrong of him to keep him away from her. "Follow me."

Raphael began to follow Toby hoping that he was telling the truth. Cause if Toby was lying about where Dona was he was going to kill him. Toby stayed quiet as he made Raphael follow him up some metal stairs and in and out of rooms. Damn...this place is a freakin' maze! Where could he be taking me. I'm coming Dona...don't you worry. I'm almost there.

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