Title: Wish Upon a Lost Wing

Pairing: SasuNaru, maybe some other people jumping on Naruto or Sasuke. Dunno yet. But the main pairing will be Sasuke/Naruto.

Warnings: um… language, um… shonen ai, yaoi later, who knows? It hasn't been written yet.

Summary: Uchiha Sasuke had everything in the world – and would never call himself lonely. But he learns what company is when a blonde by the name of Uzumaki Naruto comes into his life. AU. Shonen-Ai (maybe even some Yaoi), SasuNaru/NaruSasu

Disclaimer: I do not and never will own any products of Naruto, because I am a poor fangirl who needs nothing but her imagination and her godforsaken computer to create what we all love to call FanFiction. However, that does not excuse the fact that… that… awww, SHIT I forgot the script. Dammit… now what am I supposed to do. Tyr's gonna kill me sobs in a corner

Notes: Since Chibi-sempai (a.k.a. Nazo) can't seem to get her ass around to writing a story for my birthday LIKE SHE PROMISED! (joking, Chibi-sempai. I know you were busy, but I wanted to make my b-day special) I decided to take it into my own hands. So this story is premiering in honor of Kyuubi-kun's birthday – 28 October. Yeah, I'm pathetic, I know. Also, this will be a chapter fic, not just a one-shot.

Wish Upon a Lost Wing

Prologue: A Meeting


"This is just part of the story of those who fight against the dwellers in darkness…"

- Daisuke Moriyama, author of Chrono Crusade


Uchiha Sasuke was not unhappy with his life. His parents were rich, his brother was famous. He was seventeen and was already attending one of the top Universities in the country. All in all, Uchiha Sasuke had a pretty good life.

Even though he was away from home most of the time, coming back only a few times a year, Sasuke was not lonely. He knew that his parents would want him to be strong in the face of any and all weakness, and loneliness was just another of those weaknesses. He knew that it would vanish as soon as he turned on the television, so he paid little attention to it.

Little did he know how much his life would change on one brisk Autumn night.


Sasuke was just getting out of his last class of the day. He pulled his coat tighter around him, trying to ward off the cold as he walked to the other side of the campus. Looking to the stars above him, he knew that it was late. He was planning on just going back to his dorm, get out some coffee and perhaps flick on the stereo or television while he did his homework. It was what he did every night.

Now, Sasuke didn't mind having a schedule. In fact, having a schedule fit his brooding personality. He knew where he needed to be at what time and what he did at those places. It was a simple life, but it wasn't like Sasuke needed so many activities to clutter his time. He knew that he was happy with this life – or happy on the inside.

He wore a mask that was completely indifferent to the outside world. He preferred it that way. Growing up, his parents had expected much of him and he had risen to meet those standards as best as he could. He couldn't be bothered with little things such as "personal happiness" and "friends." He needed to beat his brother, Itachi, just once.

That was Uchiha Sasuke's main goal in life.

That goal changed, along with a lot of other things on the 28th of October. It was on this Thursday that Sasuke would meet the one person who would change his life forever.

He was walking along, shivering slightly when the wind blew. The wind, he noted absently, was especially cold tonight.

It was then that he heard the yells of someone in pain. Dropping his book bag, which had been hung casually over his shoulder, Sasuke ran towards the sounds. He found a helpless blonde boy at the mercy of several men. Sasuke didn't recognize any of the men, but the blonde's trouble was simple enough.

Sasuke could smell the alcohol, even from where he was standing. These men were trying to pin the blonde down. They were ripping at his clothes frantically. The boy fought back but his efforts were useless. It was five on one, and the blonde obviously didn't know how to fight. He was struggling useless, trying to get away from the hands that kept groping him. He yelled for help again.

Sasuke shook himself out of the trance he seemed to be in. He dove into the five, punching and kicking relentlessly, trying to get them off the blonde. He wasn't known as one of the top five martial artists in the country for nothing. It wasn't long before his triumphed over the drunks. The Uchiha turned back to the boy, wondering if he was okay.

The blonde was sobbing relentlessly into his shirt. The boy was dressed in a white robe-like outfit. He had bright golden hair and blue eyes. Three whisker markings appeared on his cheeks. Right now, he had course tears dropping down his face. Sasuke couldn't help but feel pity as he looked at the blonde.

"Oy, what's your name?" he asked, in his usually indifferent tone. However, there was a slight kindness to his black eyes that wasn't usually there.

"U-U-Uzumaki Na-Naruto," the blonde stammered, still crying, though he seemed to be starting to calm down. Cerulean blue eyes looked up at the Uchiha. "A-Are you the o-one that saved me?"

Sasuke nodded, unsure of why Naruto was asking this question. Shouldn't it have been obvious that Sasuke had saved him? They were the only two conscious people within a hundred feet, at least.

The Uchiha was snapped out of his reverie when Naruto jumped to his feet and glomped the poor brunette, sending them both flying to the ground. Naruto landed on top and was currently squeezing all that remained of Sasuke's air out of his body.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you," the boy kept repeating. Sasuke just sighed.

"Jeez, if you can't handle a couple of drunks, then don't walk around alone at night, usuratonkachi," Sasuke snapped at the boy. "Now get off me!"

"Sorry," Naruto said, jumping back and wiping his eyes with the back of his sleeve. "I… I guess I'm not used to customs around here."

"Where are you from?" Sasuke asked.

Naruto smiled. "Heaven," he replied with a happy smile, as though it were the most obvious answer in the world.

Sasuke stared at him. "You have to be shitting me, kid," he grumbled. "I'm Atheist, I don't believe in a Heaven or Hell. So tell me the truth."

Naruto looked at the boy strangely, making the brunette slightly uncomfortable. "But I'm not lying… I'm an Angel, from Heaven," he said. "Kami-sama sent me to deliver a message to one of the Four Great Angels of Heaven, and…" His shoulders sank and he looked at the ground. "And I screwed up… again…"

"Look, kid," Sasuke grumbled. "Like I said, I don't believe in any of this shit… but do you have anywhere to go?"

Naruto looked up at Sasuke with suddenly blue eyes, shaking his head in a silent 'no'.

Sasuke sighed. His brain wracked for an answer to his problems and suddenly realized that he couldn't just leave the blonde out here on his own. He would have to get Naruto somewhere safe. The only place he could think of as "safe" was his single-bed dorm room.

"Come with me then," Sasuke said, holding out his hand. His mind growled to him about how he was inviting a mental patient into his dorm room willingly and that if something bad happened – it was all Sasuke's fault and his mind would do nothing to help him.

Naruto stared at the hand for a moment before a grin lit up his vulpine face and he jumped to his feet, half-pulled up by Sasuke.

"Ano sa… ano sa," Naruto said quickly. Sasuke began to walk in the other direction, towards his book bag and then towards his dorm room. He was slightly unnerved by the fact that this boy wouldn't let go of his hand. "What's your name?"

"Uchiha Sasuke."

"Uchiha Sasuke?" Naruto tried the name on his tongue. He smiled happily, knowing the other boy's name. It didn't take a lot for Naruto to smile. Sasuke was so caught up in his thoughts that it took him a few minutes to realize that several people were staring at the pair.

The reason for this was the fact that Naruto was hovering five or six inches off the ground.

"Dobe!" Sasuke growled. "Care to put your feet on the ground?"

No, Uchiha Sasuke was not in a very good mood right now, after finding a lost… what had he called himself, Angel? Well, after finding a lost psycho, Sasuke now learned that said lost psycho could fly. Not a very good thing.

It was only about ten minutes later that the two arrived at Sasuke's apartment. Naruto followed Sasuke inside, his big azure eyes staring around at everything.

"You… live alone?" he asked in a timid voice.

Sasuke nodded, questioning once again why he had brought this blonde home to his apartment.

"Make yourself comfortable. You're gonna be staying here until we figure out what to do with you."

Naruto turned to Sasuke with a broad grin on his face and Sasuke felt his face heat up a little bit when he saw it. Ignoring it, he went into the bathroom to take a shower and clear his head.

While Sasuke was doing that, Naruto had sat down on the couch. He found himself amused by the feel of how you could sink into the cushions. Soon, he found his eyelids drooping and he curled up on the couch, falling fast asleep. A small smile lit up his whiskered face.

When Sasuke came out of the shower, dressed and toweling his hair dry, he noticed that Naruto was asleep on the couch. The boy's breathing was light, and he seemed to be tired.

Smiling slowly to himself, Sasuke walked over to the closet and grabbed a light blanket – for it really wasn't cold in the apartment – and draped it over the blonde.

He looks so innocent when he's asleep, Sasuke thought to himself. Kind of like an Angel. Then his thoughts jerked themselves out of his fantasy world and back to reality.

What am I going to do with some kid that claims he's an Angel? That can't be true! Angels and things – even if they did exist, I have never seen them nor believed in them so there should be no reason for one to show up on my doorstep. Goddammit! Ah, well. All I can do is wait until he wakes up.

Not even bothering to do his homework, Sasuke went into the other room, shutting off the lights and crawling into bed. Adjusting himself to be more comfortable, the boy finally fell asleep.

Kyuubi-kun's Korner!

Yeah, this chapter sucked, but whenever I get around to writing the actual storyline – well, its going to be better. I just had to get Sasuke and Naruto together and I really had no ideas on how to do that. I know its short, but this is just the prologue so NYAH!