Ai Shiteru
By invader pixie

Disclaimer: I do not own TMM okay? Okay. I MIGHT not continue this, it depends if you want me to or not.

AN: This is my first and probably last YURI fic, guys! I just think that Zakuro and Mint love each other, so yeah. R&R Enjoy! Oh, and this is sort of just the prolog.


I sighed and finished my tea. Then Zakuro and me got back to work. I wanted to tell her the truth, but I cant. We're both girls. Lesbians aren't very common and we might get in trouble. But I must tell her tonight at her Mew Mew sleepover.


I walked home to get ready. Mint can't know that I love her. We have to good of a friendship, and if she doesn't like me back, then it might ruin what we have! But she has to know! If she doesn't I'll decay knowing that I've never told the truth about me. I sighed and opened the door to my mansion.

AN: Yup, really short. But ah well, who's gonna sue me? This WAS just the prolog, after all. The story will start at the sleepover...