Ai Shiteru
By invader pixie

Disclaimer: in the prolog. And yes, of course I will write the first chapter.

AN: So we meet again at the sleepover...

Zakuro yawned and stood up. It was now or never. "Mint, can I talk to you... alone?"

Mint blushed. "O-okay..." She followed Zakuro into the kitchen. "What is it?"

"Mint, I think we both know 'what' it is I called you here for." Zakuro told her, leaning down to Mint's level.

Mint blushed red. "Za-zakur-r-ro!" She looked up. "Does this mean that you... l-love me, too?"

Zakuro blushed as well. "Y-yes, Mint, I love you too." Zakuro leaned down and pressed her lips onto Mint's. She blushed madly. Mint wrapped her arm's around Zakuro's neck and deepened the kiss, as Zakuro tongue was granted access into Mint's mouth, and Mint to Zakuro.

"Oh my god..." Ichigo murmured, dropping the cup she was holding, so it shattered, startling the girls.

They quickly broke apart. "No, Ichigo! It's... it is what you think. But we couldn't hide it forever!" Mint exclaimed.

Ichigo smiled. "I guess I should pair Lettuce and Pudding, then? So you're all lesbians?"