Author: Kristen
Series: Balancing Acts 1/?
Chapter Title: The Wish
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Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters from the X-Men. I also don't own Buffy, Dawn, or Anya from the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Rating: PG-13 for a couple swear words
Spoilers: There aren't really any for X-Men but we'll just say general knowledge of who the X-Men are and for Buffy there are a couple spoilers from Season 6. This is set a few months after the Season 6 finale.
Summary: Dawn uses a four-letter word. Not that one! Get your minds out of the gutter. Dawn says the wish word. To teach her a lesson about making wishes Buffy will use her contacts to make Dawn a temporary balancing demon and undo other people's wishes.

AN: This isn't going to be like my regular fics. This will be more like a series of one shot fics rather than an ongoing multi-chapter fic. Each new part is going to have a beginning, middle, and end and this will be a multi-fandom crossover. I'm trying something new here and will use this series as a chance to get my feet wet in a couple new fandoms. X-Men is up as the first fandom

The Wish

"Oops." Dawn looked at her new surroundings with chagrin.

"Oops! Is that all you have to say?" Buffy leveled her sister with a stern look.

Dawn shrugged her shoulders and offered, "I'm sorry?"

"Oh, you're going to be," Buffy replied. "As soon as we get out of this mess, you are so grounded," she said pointing a finger at Dawn.

Dawn sighed in resignation as Buffy turned to survey the office she and Dawn had been dropped into, the office of Professor Xavier. Dawn should know better than to idly wish for anything, especially to wish that they could meet the X-Men after watching the second X-Men movie. She was going to make Dawn recite 'I will not make wishes' every ten minutes until the words finally managed to ingrain themselves into her head.

This was so embarrassing. She couldn't even veg out in her pajamas and watch movies anymore without something Hellmouth-y happening. Faced with so many threatening people she really wished she was wearing something other than a tiny pink cotton tank top and her favorite pajama bottoms with those cute pigs that reminded her of Mr. Gordo all over them. Dawn was dressed in similar attire though her tank top was blue and the pajama bottoms featured the Scooby Doo characters and the Mystery Machine. This was so very not how she wanted to appear. Of course Buffy hadn't really wanted to be doing any disappearing or appearing anywhere tonight, hence the embarrassing pajamas.

No, if she had really wanted to be here she would have dressed much more appropriately. Why couldn't Dawn have wished for this to happen when she was attired in something less humiliating? Who was going to take the Slayer seriously when she was dressed in pants that had cute little piggies all over them? And looking around the room, she wished very much to be taken seriously. Because it looked like she was going to have to do some fast talking to get them out of the latest mess Dawn had gotten them into.

Buffy glanced around the room and took in the sight of the Wolverine with claws out and Cyclops with hand on his sunglasses, prepared to remove them at a moment's notice. She would feel much more comfortable if his hand was nowhere near his eyes. At least he was staring straight at her and not Dawn, she noted with some relief. If she was hit, she knew she had a much better chance of recovering from the injury than Dawn ever would.

Nightcrawler was there with teeth bared menacingly and an intimidating look upon his face. She noticed uneasily that Rogue was slipping her gloves off. The last thing Buffy wanted was for Rogue to get anywhere near her and take her Slayer abilities. She started cataloguing all possible strategies for taking Rogue out if she had to. Buffy knew she would need all her Slayer powers if it came down to a hand to hand fight with Logan. Why did Dawn have to get her into situations like these?

Bobby stood next to Rogue with hands held out before him ready to ice her and Dawn, Buffy knew at a moment's notice. A chill went down her spine just imagining it. Buffy was a California girl born and bred and the thought of being frozen solid in ice was very unpalatable.

Storm's eyes had whitened and a strong wind had picked up in the room seemingly out of nowhere. Buffy heartily hoped a lightning strike wasn't forthcoming. That couldn't happen indoors, right? Buffy turned to the last occupant of the room and winced. Professor Xavier was looking at her with a glare to rival Giles.

"Who are you and what are you doing in my office?" The Professor asked sternly.

Buffy slowly pulled Dawn behind her. With the tension in the room she wasn't taking any chances. She didn't care if it looked silly making her tall sister hide behind Buffy's petite frame. They were going to have to go through her before they could get to Dawn. "I hate Tuesdays," she muttered. Everything always happens on Tuesdays.

Dawn began to babble. "We're no one really; just two sisters who were having a movie night, not making plans for breaking and entering. I mean it's a complete accident we're here, the result of a harmless lapse in judgement. I may have made a tiny, teensy, weensy," she brought her fingers together to emphasize how microscopic, "little error and accidentally transported us here. A simple mistake really," She laughed nervously. "Anybody could have done it."

Buffy rolled her eyes. "And yet anybody usually learns from the mistake the first time, not repeats it," she said referring to the wish Dawn had made that trapped everyone in the house the night of Buffy's birthday party.

Dawn glared at Buffy. "I thought we were going to discuss this when we got home, not here in front of everybody," she hissed. "And you said you wouldn't bring that up again. I paid Anya back already."

"Oh don't worry, Dawn, we'll definitely be having a long discussion when we get home," Buffy whispered in a promise over her shoulder. "And I wouldn't be bringing it up if you hadn't repeated your mistake and topped it with this fiasco," she hissed angrily. "You are in so much trouble."

This wasn't the time for that however. Like she had promised, the discussion could wait until they were back home, hopefully in one piece. What couldn't wait was ensuring they stayed that way and actually did make it out of here.

Buffy tried for a friendly, innocent smile; the same one she used on Giles when she was in trouble. It had marginal success with the Professor who relaxed a little at the sight of it. Her smile grew a little brighter at this good sign. "My sister has accidentally and irresponsibly," at that she leveled a glare at Dawn before turning back to the hostile group, "brought us to this dimension by mistake. If you'll just stand down we'll get out of your hair as soon as possible."

"What a load of bullshit," Logan growled. What they had done was use their mutant powers to break in and not come from another dimension. They didn't smell human to his senses and that Buffy person, what kind of name was that anyway, radiated a predator's presence. He didn't trust her farther than he could throw her, which considering her size was probably was a good distance, but he still didn't trust her. There was something about her that marked her as dangerous despite this innocent act she was trying to pull. They were definitely mutants and had come up with the most ridiculous story to save their asses now that they had been caught, Logan thought.

"Professor?" Scott asked. He kept his hand on the frames of his glasses, not relaxing his grip one bit. Buffy knew he was asking the professor if they were telling the truth.

Buffy watched the Professor narrow his eyes in concentration and seconds later she felt a delicate probing in her mind. Buffy was no stranger to having her mind invaded. The Master and Dracula had done it and Willow had done the same before when Buffy was catatonic after Dawn had been taken by Glory. Though it was against Buffy's nature to let anyone but Willow do so she let the Professor in. She knew it was their best hope of getting out of here without a fight.

She was rewarded for her efforts a minute later by the Professor's words of reassurance. "They are telling the truth. They are indeed from another dimension and the young lady did indeed make a rather amusing error that resulted in their appearance here." He would think Dawn's wish was funny, Buffy thought exasperatedly as she relaxed out of the fighting stance she had been in and let Dawn move out from behind her.

"What kind of error?" Storm asked curiously as the rest of the X-Men relaxed their aggressive poses. The wind in the room was dying down and her eyes had returned to normal. Buffy noted with relief that Rogue was pulling her gloves back on and Scott's hand had fallen to his side.

"That is not important," The Professor said, eyes twinkling. He smiled as he gestured for Wolverine to stand down, who seemed reluctant to do so. "What is important is that it was unintentional." He turned back to Buffy and Dawn with interest. "Will you be able to get yourselves back?"

"Yeah," Buffy answered. "I just need to make a call to a friend. Anya can take us home."

"You can use my phone," Professor Xavier offered.

Buffy shook her head. "It's not really that kind of call." The X-Men stared in bewilderment as she chanted a few words in another language then called out loudly, "Anyanka, I need a little help here!"

They were surprised when another woman suddenly appeared two feet away from their mysterious guests. "Who summons-?" She paused at the sight of the visitors. "Buffy! Dawn! What are you doing here?"

Buffy glanced exasperatedly at Dawn. "Someone still hasn't learned not to say the W word."

"It was an accident!" Dawn cried out in protest. "And I really wish you would quit harping on it," she muttered.

Buffy just snorted then ignored her to speak to Anya. "So could you take us back?"

"D'Hoffryn isn't going to be happy that I'm interfering again," Anya replied, hesitating.

Buffy got a considering look on her face. "Tell him to come to me. Maybe we can work something out and convince Dawn of the dangers of wishing at the same time."

"Buffy, you can't!" Dawn protested, frantically.

Buffy rolled her eyes in exasperation. After all that she had done for Dawn, all the different times she had saved her, even going so far as to die for her once, the thought that Buffy would let anything terrible happen to Dawn was insulting. "I'm not going to let anything bad happen to you, I'm just going to let you work off the price of Anya's interference. Your punishment will be left to me."

"But Buffy-" Dawn started.

Her sister interrupted her with a held up hand. "No. You need to do this. What if you had wished something far more dangerous? What if Anya wasn't here to help us out?"

Dawn grudgingly admitted Buffy had a point there. "Fine, but I don't have to like it."

"I didn't expect you would," Buffy said wryly. She held out a hand to Dawn. "Let's go home."

Anya snapped her fingers and with a flash of light the trio disappeared.

End The Wish

Up next, Dawn works off the price of Anya's interference.