Disclaimer: Maison Ikkoku is not mine, it is Takahashi-san's, so please do not sue as I have nothing to give except maybe my r

Disclaimer: Maison Ikkoku is not mine, it is Takahashi-san's, so please do not sue as I have nothing to give except maybe my rusty old computer. Thank you, have a nice read….Please?

Maison Ikkoku

The Guy in Room Number Five

By Grey, For BJ

Hello, my name is Godai Yusaku. I'm a tenant in the apartment building Maison Ikkoku. I live in Room Number Five, which is sorta ironic, considering my last name has the word "five" in it. Anyway, I used to be a ronin, that is, I failed my college entrance exams the first time I took them. It was tough, but I was determined to make up for it and pass next year. So I moved to Maison Ikkoku and began to study in earnest, that is until I met the other tenants. Those crazy freaks…Er, sorry, it's just that Yotsuya, Akemi, and Mrs. Ichinose can get pretty damn irritating. Like, rip your own head off and throw it out the window just to escape them annoying. Eh, sorry, that was kinda gross huh? Anyway, I was all set to leave, when she walked into my life, and the front door too. She had gorgeous long shiny black hair, the kindest smile you could ever see, and uh, other lovely areas of her anatomy. Ahem, cough cough, yes sorry, got something stuck in my throat. So anyway, I fell for her, hook, line, and sinker. Over the past few years since that fateful winter day, a lot has happened in my life. I made it into college, I got my first real girlfriend (not her though, sigh…), and I fell in love with "her" personality as well as her looks. But all that is irrelevant now, because you see, well, that is… Oh hell, As of tomorrow morning, Kyoko Otonashi, widow of Soichiro Otonashi, and manager of Maison Ikkoku, will become… Mrs. Kyoko Mitaka…

God I hate my life…

I suppose I should start at the beginning hmmm? Well, alright then. It all started about five days ago…Tch, there we go with the damn irony again, anyway five days ago, Kyoko had just come back from a date with Mitaka. She strolled into the doorway of Maison Ikkoku, with a happy smile on her face. Usually, I love to see her smile, it brightens my day. But at this particular time, I hated that smile. Hated it, because I knew who had put it there. Shun Mitaka, bastard. Rich, handsome, athletic, bastard. He also happened to be my rival for Kyoko, course, now that I think about it, I was never really in the running to begin with. But I'm getting ahead of my self. As I was saying, Kyoko waltzed into the apartment building, smiling blissfully. She took off her high-heels, scooped them up into her soft hands, and carried them with her as she walked into her room, the manager's office. I had been standing there the whole time, and she hadn't said a word. Hadn't even acknowledged my presence. I knew then and there that something was up. I had to do something. So quietly, and with the paranoia of one who has lived in Maison Ikkoku for a while, I crept up to her door, and strained to listen and possibly overhear her talking with Mrs. Ichinose, whom I had known was waiting in Kyoko's room for her. I could hear faintly the words of their conversation.

"Yes, it's true! He really did!" That was Kyoko, she seemed awfully excited, and what did Mitaka do anyway? I continued to listen in.

"So did you accept?" That was Mrs. Ichinose, ever the gossip hound. But, accept what?

"Well, actually, I haven't made my decision yet, but I think I may…" I heard a long pause, and then Mrs. Ichinose said something.

"But, what about Yusaku? He'll be pretty much suicidal if you do…" Damn it! What would I be suicidal about! Spit it out! I was almost biting my nails in nervousness. What could it be?

"Yes, I know he will be upset, but Yusaku is a grown man now. He can handle it…" Another long pause.

"I guess you've really made up your mind then…" Another damn pause, this was getting annoying.

"Yes, I suppose I have. I will ma…" Suddenly, Mr. Yotsuya appeared behind me and pushed me forward lightly. Unfortunately, it was hard enough to cause me to fall forward and lose my balance. I crashed into the door. It slammed open and I looked up into the angry faces of Kyoko and Mrs. Ichinose. I could only gulp loudly. Mr Yotsuya had of course, disappeared. Kyoko began to yell at me angrily.

"YUSAKU! How dare you eavesdrop on me again! I thought you were above this juvenile behaviour, but I guess not. Once a child, always a child. I think I made the correct "choice" then, right Mrs. Ichinose?" Ichinose just nodded solemnly.

"Yup, the coach is a hundred times the man this little punk is." I gaped like a fish in disbelief. What was going on here? What choice was Kyoko talking about? Then with a hmmf, she stormed back into her room, slamming the door shut along the way. Mrs. Ichinose just glared at me.

"You gotta lotta nerve kid! Eavesdropping on people like that! I wanted to mention that she herself made eavesdropping a way of life, but kept my mouth shut simply because I felt very guilty at the moment. She started to walk away and I quickly jumped in front of her. She looked at me curiously and I steeled myself.

"Whadda ya want kid?" I immediately blurted out what I wanted to know.

"What "choice" was the manager talking about? Please tell me!" I said urgently, hoping she might take pity on me.

"All right, all right! I'll tell ya! Listen up kid! Tonight Coach Mitaka asked Kyoko something very important, ya follow me?" I nodded for her to continue. What did that slime ask her? I had to know! Ichinose continued on.

"The coach asked her the most important thing a man can ask a woman." I was getting a little impatient.

"What did he ask her!" I practically yelled.

"Oh for crying out loud! Don't ya get it yet kid? The coach asked the manager to marry him!" I just stood there in shock. I could not believe my ears.

"Ma…ma…marriage?" I stuttered like a twit. Mrs.Ichinose sighed and nodded her head.

"Yeah, y'know, the big "M" word. Marriage…" She then walked over to her room, and went inside. I continued to stand there…Still in shock. And upstairs, the window of my room, with the letter five on it, cracked, right down the middle…

Author's notes: This came about for one main reason, the depressing lack of Maison Ikkoku fics on the net. I think I have counted a total of ten, small fics. All of which are rather short. I felt a need to help fill the void, so I wrote this. I admit that the beginning is rather depressing, but I assure you it will get better… Just bear with me. I urge any fan of this series to write a fic or two of their own. With Viz virtually canceling the anime, it almost feels like MI is dying or something. Please people, write fics on MI! Anyway, chapter two should be out soon. Please R+R! Thank you!