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I looked around. The grass was green. The sun was shining. Some kind of bird was singing. And I still didn't have the faintest idea where I was.

My first day in Search and Rescue and I was already lost. Typical. In the choir, I had a talent for losing my place.

"Frances?" a voice asked. I turned, and, to my relief, saw two more angels. One introduced the other as Andrew and then disappeared.

"Who was that?" I asked.

"Sam," Andrew said casually, as if I was supposed to know who he was.

"Where are we?" I asked, looking around. "And what are we doing here?"

Andrew pointed to my left. I saw two cars moving along a road. I heard a bellowing, and looked up. A long neck stretched over me. "We're in a park," Andrew said, "and we're here because something is about to happen."

When you walk down the road, heavy burden, heavy load, I will rise, and I will walk with you. 'Til the sun don't even shine, every time, I tell you, I'll walk with you. Believe me, I'll walk with you.

"Donald Gennero," Andrew said, pointing at the first car. "That's Tim and Lex Murphy. That's Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm in the second car."

I looked them over and tried to remember everything I was supposed to do. But the dinosaur above me was a little . . . well, distracting. "Apatosaurus," Andrew said calmly. "She's no danger."

"Oh . . . great," I hesitated. I hadn't expected this. I was in Search and Rescue, not Extinct Animals.

"So you're Frances," Andrew said with a smile. "Search and Rescue?"

"Yes, to both. And you?"

"Andrew, Angel of Death."

"Why . . . ?"

"Am I here? There are some dangerous animals in this park, Frances, and things could easily go wrong." It started to sprinkle lightly. "The weather, for one."

I looked back at the humans. Tim and Lex looked like ordinary kids, maybe eleven or twelve and seven or eight. Gennero, I decided, was probably some kind of businessman; the suit and tie might've given me a clue. Malcolm looked a little worried and wore all black, but otherwise looked normal enough. Grant looked thrilled, only a little affected by his companion's concern.

It was getting darker, and started to rain harder. The cars continued a little ways, and then stopped.

"Why'd they stop?" I asked.

"Power failure." He started walking towards the cars.

"Can they see us?" I asked, joining him.

"No; not yet."

"What is all this?"

Andrew looked around. "One man's dream. And an accident waiting to happen."

We stayed there for fifteen or twenty minutes. Andrew explained to me that Gennero was a lawyer, Grant a paleantologist, and Malcolm a mathematician. The kids were the grandchildren of the man who had built this park, John Hammond. The others were here to look it over.

Suddenly, I could hear footsteps. Distant, but very loud. "What can I do?" I asked.

Andrew sighed and repeated the instructions I'd recieved earlier. "Nothing, until it's over."

The others could hear the sound now. It was growing louder, coming closer. A large dinosaur Andrew told me was a Tyrannosaurus Rex loomed over the cars, blocked only by a fence.

And the fence didn't block it for long.

As soon as he saw that the dinosaur was breaking through, Gennero ran for something I hadn't noticed - a bathroom. "When you gotta go, you gotta go," Malcolm decided. He hadn't seen the dinosaur yet.

He did soon enough.

Everything happened quickly. The girl, Lex, turned the light on. Her brother closed the door to the car, which Donald had opened when he ran to the bathroom. Both attracted the dinosaur.

"Can't we do anything?" I demanded in a shaky voice. Andrew shook his head as the tyrannosaur attacked the children. It rolled the car over easily. They were trapped!

I was about to disregard my instructions, rush over there, and do something - even I don't know what - when Dr. Grant lit a flare. He jumped out of the car and waved it. The T-rex turned. Grant waved the flare slowly.

"Its vision is based on movement," Andrew explained to me. "It can't see anything that isn't moving."

Malcolm lit a flare. "Hey! Hey!" he screamed at the huge dinosaur. What was he doing?

"Ian, freeze!" Grant shouted. My thoughts exactly. Didn't this guy realize what that thing was?

"Get the kids!" Malcolm shouted to him. Then I realized what he was doing. If he could keep the T-rex's attention on him, Grant could go get Lex and Tim. But he would never be able to do that with slow movements. The rex would notice other things, like Grant. But if he moved around enough . . .

"Get rid of the flare!" Grant shouted.

"Get the kids!"

"Get rid of the flare!"

He did, but he kept running. The rex lifted him in its jaws and flung him. In the process, it ran through the bathroom. It picked up Gennero and ate him in one bite.

Meanwhile, Grant had managed to get the kids. The rex now turned back to him. He held the girl still as the dinosaur turned the car around.

Everything became a blur. The rain blocked my new human-form vision. The dinosaur eventually lumbered off. I couldn't see Dr. Grant or the kids anywhere, and the car was gone.

Andrew had, sometime before then, disappeared. "Well, he is an Angel of Death," I decided. There was certainly enough death going on to keep him busy.

What was I supposed to do now?

Suddenly, Andrew reappeared, his face grave. "Only Donald was killed instantly," he said. "Where's Ian?"

I listened, and I could hear gasping breaths. "This way!" I exclaimed.

"Careful; they can hear us now," Andrew cautioned. "You don't want the T-rex to come back."

I definitely didn't. I followed the sound to a pile of debris. I moved a board and someone groaned. "Malcolm," I realized. It wasn't too late.

He was lying on his back, almost unconscious. His breathing was ragged. In a split second, I decided my directions didn't apply anymore. Everything was over.

And if someone didn't do something, everything would be over for Ian Malcolm.

His leg was bleeding badly; I guess he broke it when the rex threw him. I realized he might bleed to death. "Help me with his belt," I told Andrew as I lifted his head a little. 'It might help him breathe,' I thought. Really, I just wanted to feel like I was doing something. Andrew undid the belt. I fastened it tightly around his right leg, an attempt to stop the bleeding.

I looked at Andrew. I could read nothing in his expression. "The kids . . . ," Malcolm whispered.

"They're all right," I said before I remembered he could hear me. "They got away." Malcolm's body went limp.

I heard a Jeep driving up. I gently lowered Malcolm's head back to the ground, praying he'd be all right. "Father, please help them find him," I said quietly. Andrew assured me these new people couldn't see or hear me.

After only a moment, they found him. "Thank you, Father," I said with a sigh of relief. "Thank you."

They put Malcolm in the Jeep and started to drive away. "Will he make it?" I asked Andrew.

"I don't know yet," Andrew said honestly. "But thanks to you, he has a chance."

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