The Diary of a Queen

Author: Sissi Pearl

Summary: A young college actress records her entire experience with the new world tour of Cats in a journal. Alongside of being in a magnificent show, working with great people, and see different parts of the road, there are much more involved. Through subjective and colloquial words, love, friendship, disappointments, and obstacles are revealed, along with more or less, feelings of fear and pain…

Disclaimer: Although this is a purely fictional story, choreographer Gillian Lynn, original director Trevor Nunn, and designer John Napier do appear often and play important roles as people involved with the show in the story. Andrew Lloyd Webber also occasionally makes an appearance. The rest of the characters, along w/ names and backgrounds, are created by me. I do not own anything from the musical "Cats", nor do I own "Gill" and "Trevor" or "Andrew" as they appear throughout the story!

Forward: The Diary of a Queen

Ruth got me this journal as a congratulation present before I left for NYC, and I promised that I would write down everything from beginning to end. I decided to call this "The Diary of a Queen", for, unlike Anne Frank, I am not a "young girl", but a "queen", as what I will be for at least a year! This is a yearbook of my one-year off from college to be with the new world tour of "Cats", playing one of the biggest all-time dream roles of my life and getting a chance to travel around and see the world. I don't have to mention my excitements, and I don't think I need to mention how much all this means to me either. But I already know, that perhaps, 10 years from now, when I open up this book again and flip through the pages, what's written down in here would be something that I'd love to live through again…

Melissa Hamden