Tension twisted in the air like a coiled viper waiting to strike. Every ounce of energy tingled and charged through Riddick's veins as he felt the presence behind him. Only a few feet away… His mind reeled with the possibilities of how he would go about the kill. This thing, whatever it was, was extremely dangerous. But so was he, the deadliest man alive.

Massive shoulders moved methodically in a slow wave as he rolled the joints to prepare himself. A flash of silvery death glanced once more to Jack, who was still locked in a frame of terror. Taking a deep needed breath he braced himself, for that moment when time would stop and step back as he lunged into an attack.

Muscles readied, two shivs held in a vice like grip, knuckles showing like white hot fury he took a deep breath and spun around.

Everything blurred out of porportion as his sleek movements swayed through her vision. Jack remained in a state of hollow emotions as she watched Riddick face the beast. Her sanity wavered that thin line of her mind as two deadly beings faced off in the dim light.

Rising to its full height of eight feet, tail raised high resembling a black scorpian going in for the kill. Riddick danced back as the curved blade like stinger cracked down nearly hitting his chest. It snapped back, the sound of a metallic whip echoing all around them. Arms outstretched it bowed its cone shaped head, grinning with a defiant hiss gurgling from the depths of its black skeleton body.

In a flash it lunged forward, jaws hung loose as a snapping noise sounded from its form, the inner jaws extending at lightning speed in Riddick's direction. Side stepping and crouching low he avoided the deadly blow and brought both arms up into the creatures chest. In two fluid movements the curved blades slashed into the dark flesh, a strange yellow substance spewing forth and splattering on the floor as well as Jack's arm.

A soul shattering scream of pain bellowed from her powerful lungs are her skin sizzled and smoked, the substance eating through tender flesh. Caught off guard Riddick spun around to see Jack turning on the water in the shower, trying desperately to stop the acid from melting tissue and bone.


A thunderous serge of envasion ripped at the back of Riddick's mind as the stinger tip of the wicked tail dug deep into his thigh causing him to fall to his knees. A disgusting hiss rumbled behind him followed by another serge of agony that sliced through his nerves as the stinger was removed with a loud rip.

Blood poured and oozed from the gaping wound as Riddick tried to push himself back up. His gaze, narrowed by the pain, found its way to Jack and what he saw stunned him more then the sudden attack.

Soaked through by the water, her eyes focused, almost dead of any emotion except for one… He recognized it immediately… A Killers Rage.

Jaws clenched, face twisted into an expression of pure unbridled anger Jack glared with an unimaginable fury. Chin lowered to her chest, hands clenched in trembling fists she stepped forward and suddenly he felt the presence step back. Bringing his head around he watched the scene unfold… As she approached, one slow step at a time, it retreated.

Body haunched and ready to strike, arms extended as if protecting itself. The thing was actually Afraid! What the fuck…? Riddick spat under his breath in disbelief but this was too soon, for Jack did something he would have never imagined.

Placing both legs on either side of Riddick's body, slowly lowering herself into a crouching position, she threw her head back and let out a strange roaring hiss. The creature slumped suddenly, growling soft whimpers and backed away. It continued to retreat until it faded back into the darkness of the ship.

Jack closed her jaws and remained above Riddick who inturn was just gazing at her with a curious brow. She didn't move, her eyes filled with a fiery emotion that pulsed from her body in waves of disorienting energy.

"Jack.." Harsh from the pain the deep rumble of his voice broke the silence and caused Jack to snap to. Her face resembling shock and disbelief as she took in her surroundings. Once her mind came back into focus she glanced down at Riddick, who's thigh was streaming with crimson life.

"Oh shit!" Jack exclaimed in a high pitched voice and jumped back.

Riddick grunted and pushed himself up, dragging his body to the toilet. "Jack.. I need to go to the med lab.." His voice was fading as he collapsed against the cold blood splattered floor.

Jack shook out remaining thoughts of fear and moved to his side. "Easy big guy, I'll fix you right up." She said in a soft tone and gently brought his upper body over both shoulders and with a heave of her strong legs she hoisted him into the air. Once balanced she took off into the darkness, her body reacting almost as if by instinct as she made her way straight to med lab and set him on the table.

Ripping off the remainder of his pants she ignored the sight of his exposed manhood and placed the scanners above him. Flipping switches and pressing buttons the machine hummed to life as lasers swelled with regenerative beams over the gaping void of flesh.

Jack held back the need to throw up at the sight of his skin jagged and torn while pieces of muscle and tendon hung loose in disgusting tendrils down his muscular leg.

The process was faster then she expected as she watched in silent fascination as the laser carefully pulled the tissue back into place. All that remained after five agonizing minutes was a needle thin scar about seven inches in length.

Biting her bottom lip she knelt down before him as he slowly opened his eyes. Relief rushed through her as a growl poured from his full mouth, "I feel like I was shived by a Skiff."

"Don't talk big guy, you're not making any sense and you need your strength." Jack responded with a slight smile and ran her fingertips across his cheek.

"The hell I will." Riddick retorted and shifted from laying down to sitting up. "When I'm awake… You've got some explaining to do."

Jack furrowed her brow at him in question, "What are you going on about?" She honestly had no idea what he was saying, but sure that he would elaborate what happened if she asked. "Look Riddick, save it. You need to atleast keep calm for a few minutes."

"Look I don't need you talking down to me. First of all you're not my mother, and secondly I don't want to hear it." He shook his head while placing a hand to his forehead, "Do me a favor.."

She sat next to his feet on the table, "Anything."

"You gotta get closer then that."

She moved in a bit more and watched as he shook his head and smirked, "Closer."

With a sigh she sat right next to him and raised a brow, "Close enough?" She chimed waiting for him to say something.

Suddenly his arms lashed out and wrapped around her pulling her into a passionate kiss. Leaving her breathless he pulled away, just far enough to place his head to hers, "As soon as I can walk, we find that thing and ghost the fucker."

-End Chapter Fourteen-