This is another one spurred by a convo on the list. I take very little blame/credit :) The characters belong to others, I'm just borrowing a lot.

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It was just another day at the G.I. Joe headquarters, fondly known as the Pit. Scarlett, Duke, Lady Jaye and Flint had gathered in Duke's quarters for an afternoon of watching movies and sports. Everyone brought something to watch then they were going to draw straws to see who got their wish.

"So what did you bring Jaye?" Scarlett peered over her shoulder.

Jaye sighed melodramatically, "Steel Magnolias." A chorus of groans went up from the other three people and she looked offended, "It's a classic I'll have you know and -"

"And you once played Shelby," Scarlett, Duke and Flint all finished in unison.

Jaye blushed, "Oh, I guess I told you guys about that before."

"Only about a million times sweetie," Flint said gently, giving her a kiss. "It's ok. I've got the answer to everyone's prayers: The Ring."

"No way! I'll never sleep again if I watch that!" Jaye protested.

"That's the idea," he said and winked to the laughing Scarlett and Duke. "So what are your choices?"

"Ella Enchanted." Everyone just stared at her, "What? It's a good movie! None of you would see it with me in the theater so I got the DVD." Everyone just continued to stare at her, "I am allowed to be a girl every once in a while. I can't always bring 'Enter the Dragon', sorry!"

Duke kissed her with a chuckle, "You're very good at being a girl sometimes." She rolled her eyes and folded her arms crossly at everyone snickering at her. "I clearly have chosen the best one-"

"If you say 'Bridge Over River Kwai', Duke, so help me God..." Scarlett warned.

Duke stole a guilty look to his girlfriend and internally thanked the heavens that this was in his quarters so he could change his choice. "Uh. No! Of course not. It's..." He hunted around mentally for other DVDs he had, then remembered the perfect one. "Pirates of the Caribbean," he said triumphantly. Scarlett had given him that DVD but they hadn't had a chance to watch it yet.

Grumbles of agreement sounded that perhaps he did have the best choice of any of them, but they all gamely threw their names into the hat and Duke drew out the winner. "And we will be watching..." He looked at the name on the slip and took a deep breath and tried to not sound disappointed, "Ella Enchanted."

Scarlett squealed happily and clapped, bouncing over to the couch to make herself comfortable. Flint grumbled as he lowered himself into a chair, "Can I at least watch the end of the Kansas State football game?"

Everyone looked hopefully to Scarlett who waved her hand imperially, knowing she was the queen of the TV for the afternoon. "Let it be so."

O o o o o o o o o O

A knock sounded on the door to Duke's quarters, everyone's eyes going to the door and then Duke in turn. Their relationships were the worst kept secrets on base, but that didn't mean they wanted to throw it in the faces of the other team members. Everyone hushed as Duke answered the door. "Yes?"

Shipwreck's smirking face greeted him, "Hey Top, this just came for you." He handed Duke a small package with no return address.

"Who is it from?" He inspected the package carefully. Shipwreck shrugged and Duke looked at him sharply, "You're just bringing me an unmarked package that no one knows who it is from? What the hell are you thinking? It could be a bomb!"

"It's not ticking," Shipwreck suggested helpfully with a smirk. A glare greeted the joke, "We x-rayed it, Top. It looks like it's a TV remote control. Didn't you say yours broke?"

Duke's shoulders relaxed. He wondered why the company didn't put a return address on the package, but at least he finally had a new remote for his TV. "Thanks Shipwreck."

"My pleasure, Duke. Have fun with Scarlett this afternoon. Keep it quiet." Shipwreck's eyebrows wiggled suggestively, then he fled before Duke could react. Jaye and Flint roared with laughter though.

"You two can get loud sometimes!" Jaye said, bringing a blush to Scarlett and Duke's faces.

"Like you two have any room to talk. I know way more than I ever wanted to about your sexual practices, cowboy." Scarlett retorted, now causing her friends to flush with embarrassment.

Flint held up his hands, "Ok ok, let's shut up so I can watch the game."

"Oh hell no, Flint. I need to test out this baby." Duke grinned, sitting on the couch and getting Scarlett's legs draped over him. He fingered the new remote lovingly. So many buttons, so little time.

"Uh-oh Jaye, I think I've been replaced." Scarlett grinned, watching Duke and his new remote. Duke tickled her and she giggled. "Come on, I want to watch Ella Enchanted!"

"Just a quick test drive," he promised, kissing her on the cheek.

O o o o o o o o o o o o o O

"Package delivered successfully, sirs." The cobra trooper saluted crisply.

"Excellent! The fun," Xamot began.

"Is about to start," Tomax finished and they both laughed maniacally.