"Don't call me that."

"Oh Lukie-poo!" Luke reluctantly turned around behind the counter and glared.

"Whaddaya want from me now?" Lorelai tilted her head, pursing her lips in feigned thought.

"What do I want from you...let see...well first of all, I want a car. Maybe a Porsche, or a sparkly-red Lamborghini, with a CD player. Oh, and I would like a neck massage, along with a couple of Hershey's kisses, and a new swimming pool, preferably filled with coffee, lots of coffee, with cream and sugar and big marshmallow inner tubes so I could spend all my days until I'm old and ugly and gray floating around in my big coffee pool, and I could just reach down with one of those long super-straws and slurp up some Java—" Luke rolled his eyes in defeat, and passed over a brimming cup of coffee, complete with a couple of little marshmallows that he always saved for Lorelai, before quickly covering the last quarter of an apple pie that had gotten smashed by Kirk's baseball bat when he was trying to kill a moth, before she could get her paws on it.

"Will you please be quiet now?" he groaned.

Sticking her tongue out distastefully, Lorelai grabbed the cup of steaming coffee with a triumphant smile. However, she was still having too much fun to stop teasing Luke, especially since she was the last customer and there was no chance of him being able to slip away to go serve someone else and get away from her evil plans. Muah ha ha ha...

"What about the other things on the list that I told you? You forgot the chocolate, as well as the Porsche and the neck massage. What about those, huh?" She kept on a fake dramatic pout, and poked him right in the center of his red-plaid flannelled back, so that he turned around and met her eyes again. He sighed, a big whoof of air, and frowned, leaning on the counter with a raggedy paperback book clutched in one hand.

"I don't have a Porsche, especially a sparkly-red one, you sneaked the last of my chocolate stash twenty minutes ago when I naively left you alone while I washed the dishes, and I don't think you were serious about the neck massage, so please leave me in peace!" Lorelai made an expression of mock disbelief.

"What do you mean I wasn't serious about the neck massage? When have you ever known me to not be serious?" Luke opened his mouth, looking skeptical.

"Okay, scratch that. But I was completely serious about everything on my list, including the massage and the coffee-filled swimming pool. So make with the massage!"

"What do I get out of it?"

"You get...ooh, I know! If it's a good massage, I will wear my pointy black witch's hat, like in Harry Potter that I wore last Halloween, for the whole day tomorrow!" Luke thought about that, and the image of Lorelai in a witches' hat won him over. Besides, he would get to touch Lorelai, which he was always happy to have the chance to do. What could happen? Shrugging his assent, he walked around the counter over to Lorelai's side, and sank down in the chair beside hers.

"You're wearing the witch's hat tomorrow morning, in front of Kirk. We'll just see what he says."

"My, my, you sure are confident of your massaging abilities aren't you?"

"You bet I am," said Luke, "and I also really want to see you in the hat."

Grinning at Luke, Lorelai moved her dark, wavy brunette hair to one side and turned around. She felt his breath soft on her neck, and involuntarily shivered, but she couldn't help it! His hands started gently massaging her neck and shoulders, and it felt so good that she sighed in bliss. It had been so long since a guy had given her a massage, touched her so tenderly, and it was...really nice. No, more than nice, it was...just like Luke. Luke...had she ever really paid attention to the friendly owner of the local diner? Had she ever really paid attention to how ruggedly handsome he was, how whenever he looked at her or did something for her, like making her a burger he took extra care, stayed extra long to chat, touched her arm whenever he could, and turned red if she ever complemented him...

Lorelai slowly turned around, hardly daring to hope that what she had just realized about Luke was real, and looked into his warm, hopeful blue eyes, before suddenly leaning in, less than an inch away from his stubbly face. She felt him start in surprise, freezing for a long moment before wrapping his arms around her and gently kissing her lips. Lorelai's head spun with thoughts; Wow, he's pretty good-looking, really...I wonder what he looks like without his hat...what does this mean? Does he want to be with me? It sure seems like it...wish he's move his hands a little lower...But all these thoughts were blown out of her head when he deepened the kiss, gently exploring her mouth, and making her moan with pleasure...he sure was good at this...

Luke was happy. He was really really ecstatically happy. This had only happened twice in his life that he could remember, once when he had first learned to ride his bike as a child of 10, hugging his Mom and Dad and showing off to his sister, and once when he had first opened his Diner, and felt like he wasn't a loser for once, that he could make a good life, and do it all by himself. This moment dwarfed both of those, and any other experiences in his life by comparison, this simple moment, the simple brush of her soft lips against his, this simple kiss that was making his whole body sing with liquid fire, making his heart pound with joy...she loved him! Never mind why, never mind how, she had kissed him. Luke wrapped his arms around her delicate waist, and pulled her closer, deepening the kiss so that she moaned. He felt her cool fingers stroking through his hair, knocking his backwards baseball cap to the floor, and sending shivers down his spine. Pulling her even closer, if that was humanly possible, he began sinking ever deeper into the kiss...

"Aaaaaaaahhhh!" was on the tip of Rory's tongue, before her common sense got a hold of her and she covered up her mouth with both hands before the surprised scream could escape. She had just pushed open the Diner door with its little innocently tinkling bells, to find her Mom and Luke...what the heck were they doing? They couldn't be...kissing? Yep, it sure looked like it. Oh, now they had finally noticed her, and were both looking at her, frozen in mid-kiss. Luke's arms were still wrapped around Lorelai's waist, and her Mom's lips were still pursed. Rory stuffed her fist in her mouth to keep from laughing, because they both looked so guilty, as Lorelai opened her mouth. Here came the crazy explanation...

"Oh, um..." she quickly stepped away from Luke, who's face looked just like a cherry tomato. He was just standing there with his mouth half open. Hee hee hee...

"Um...uh we were just...well, you see there was this...and so it...so, um, and...and so that's why." Said Lorelai. "And—" Rory, giggles finally escaping, waved a hand to stop her. This was the first time in the history of the world, no, in the history of the universe, that her Mom was speechless. And Luke wasn't exactly helping her out, was he? Rory had never really pinpointed the two as a couple, but she had to admit, they made a pretty cute picture. Oh, Luke was starting to stutter. Poor guy, she'd better save him.

"Uh...R-Rory, uh I um—"

"Shush, Luke. I just came over to see if Mom was overdosing on the coffee, but I'll just go home now and leave you two love birds alone!" With that last statement, Rory walked out of the diner chuckling to herself. Who would have thought?

Staring at Rory's retreating form, Lorelai tried to think of something to say, anything to break the silence. What could she say? How about... 'Sexy tie?' No, that wouldn't be right; he wasn't wearing one. He never did. What was wrong with her? She was going to say something, say something highly intellectual, and she was going to say it right now...

"Uh...nice curtains." Oops, maybe that wasn't quite right. At least it had made him laugh...God he was cute when he laughed. Okay, now he was collapsing on a barstool, shaking with laughter. Um, cute and all, but what was so funny?

"Excuse me, Mr. Laughing maniac, but what, may I ask, is so vastly amusing?" Luke managed to gasp out some words, while holding his stomach.

"The...(laughter)...look on...(more laughter)...Rory's...face...(Laughter galore)." Lorelai couldn't help it; she snorted. Well laughing was contagious after all! Lorelai drunkenly attempted to sit down on the bar, and instead fell into Luke's lap, laughing hysterically.

"Oh my God, who cares about Rory's face, yours was bright red!" Luke, growing a bit more serious, gazed at the giggling Lorelai sitting in his lap. What did she think of all this? Maybe he should ask her.

"What do you think about this?" Lorelai gradually stopped giggling, and put her arms around Luke's neck, making him smile. Leaning closer, she grinned back at him, her blue eyes sparkling in anticipation of the amazing moment soon to come.

"I think I owe you a pointy black hat."