Jeanne's Halloween Party

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Summary: What happens when Iron Maiden Jeanne held a Halloween party and invited Yoh and others? An unexpected guest also pays a little 'visit'. What will happen?

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"Marco. It's going to be Halloween next week." The silver hair maiden said softly after her prayers.

The blonde man nodded.

"Halloween...All Hallows Eve. It'll be fun if we held a party, don't you think?"

"Jeanne-sama...Of course!" Marco shouted excited. "Yeah, at last I can wear my costume after long years!"

Iron Maiden Jeanne eyes widen. A smile formed her pink lips. She turned and walks towards the Iron Maiden Box.

"Jeanne-sama, who should we invite?" Marco asks.

Iron Maiden Jeanne turned. "Hmm...maybe we can invite Yoh and the others. Marco, you go and prepare the invitation cards."

"I see. Jeanne-sama."

Meanwhile in Funbari onsen, Yoh was doing his everyday chores. Anna's 'kindness' was keeping him busy.

"Yoh! Cook dinner!" "Sweep the leaves!" "Get me some sweet crackers from the groceries store!" "Check the mail!"

"Hai, Anna-san."

A few hours later...

"Anna-san. I found a letter addressed to us both."

"Where? Let me see." Anna said while snatching the black envelope away from Yoh.

When, Anna opened the envelope a huge spider jumped out.

"Ah!" Yoh shrieked.

Anna turned towards her 'beloved' fiancée, her face still cold. She looked at the 'spider', which was on her hand and picked it up.

"Yoh no baka! It's just a toy."

Anna unfolded the envelope and pull out a piece of card which was shaped like a coffin. She flipped open the 'coffin' and read.

"Reserved to you."

"Anna-san..." Yoh sputtered. "What does that suppose to mean?"

"It's an invitation a Halloween party in France." Anna said emotionlessly.

"Invitation? What kind of invitation?"


"NANI? What is Halloween?"

"Baka...Halloween is........."

"Halloween is held on the 31 October in Christian countries. The next day is All Saints Day. On Halloween night, people will wear costumes to scare away evil spirits." Manta said as he approach them.

"You're good, Manta." Yoh said flashing his famous lazy smile.

Anna clenches her fists tight, "MANTA...why did you interrupt?"

"Oh-oh." The next thing Manta knew was he laid outside the house.

Yoh sweatdrop and was about to sneak away. Just then, Anna turned towards him.

"Ahem...Yoh, where are you going?"

"Umm...he, he. Anna-san."

"Yoh, we better pack up."

"Huh? Why?" Yoh asks confused.

"We're going to France for this Halloween party." Anna said.

"But...we don't have so much money."

Anna turned towards Manta. "Manta will pay for us."

"NANI???" Manta gets on his feet and shouted.

Anna gave him an icy glare. "Is there a problem?"

"No..." Manta said, his voice shaking.

"Good." Anna then turn towards Yoh. "Yoh! Let's pack up."

"Hai!" With high speed, Yoh zoomed upstairs. Anime style. After a few minutes...

"Anna-san. I'm done."

"Good. Now Manta, go and book air tickets for we're going to Paris." Anna said without looking.

"NANI? Why does it always have to be me?" Manta said.

"What did you say?" Anna asks giving him another icy glare.


Before long, they arrived at the airport. A blue hair boy and a blue hair girl were waving at them.

"Yo." Yoh flashes a smile at the two siblings.

Anna who was wearing sunglasses with a red bandanna around her neck crossed her arms and did not say anything.

"Oi, Yoh. What brings you here?" Horohoro asks.

"Umm...for your information. We're going to France." Yoh said.

"Really? We're going there too! Ren-kun had his airplane here and was going to take us there!" Pirika said excited.

"Ren-kun? Since when did you call the Chinese freak that?" Horohoro demanded.

"He's not a freak!" Pirika protest as she gave her Onichan a box on his face.

Just then, a boy with pointed hair approaches them.

"Ren-kun!" She shouted as she hugged him.

Ren blushed.

"Get your hands off my sister! You Chinese freak!" Horohoro shouted.

"Yo, Ren. Hmm...where's Jun?" Yoh asks flashing his friend a smile.

"She's already in Paris shopping." Ren said.

"Manta, is the airplane ready?" Anna asks.


"Good, then let's depart." Anna said as she walks towards the departure gate.

"Chotto Matte!" Pirika shouted.

Anna turned.

"Join us, Anna-san." Pirika said.

"Umm...Anna-san?" Yoh asks. "Since Ren and the others are going to France, why don't we go with them?"

"Hmm...OK." Anna said coolly.

Then, everyone got on the plane and depart. Upon their arrival in France...

"Yoh!" A green hair boy shouted at them.

"Yo." Yoh greeted back.

"Oi, Lyserg. What brings you here?" Horohoro asks.

"Well...Jeanne-sama invited me here." Lyserg said showing them the invitation card.


"I also got one." Ren said taking out the card.

"Me too." Pirika said

"Me too." Yoh said.

"Really? I guess Jeanne-sama invited you all here." Lyserg nodded.

"Halloween? Hmm...sounds fun." A voice said from behind.

Lyserg turned, his smiley face immediately turned into a frown.

"HAO!!!" Everyone shouted.

To be continue...


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