Chapter 2

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Summary: What happens when Iron Maiden Jeanne held a Halloween party and invited Yoh and others? An unexpected guest also pays a little 'visit'. What will happen?

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Meanwhile at the hotel, Yoh and his gang were discussing about the preparation for the party at the lobby.

"Oi!" Ren glared at the Ainu and spat, "Horohoro! Quit showing that very-clown face of yours!"

Horohoro ignored him and continued his annoying action. POW! Rens' fist landed hard on his head and in a few seconds they were throwing curses and showing their fists at each other.

Yoh sighed and shook his head and drifted to sleep again making loud snores which irritated the Itako. Her eyebrows knitted and she stuffed a cushion in her fiancée's face, almost suffocating him.

"An-naaaaaaaaaaaaaa..." Yoh's eyes bulged as he struggled to catch his breath.

Meanwhile, Ren and Horohoro were still throwing curses at each other when a sharp voice interrupted, "Onichan!"

Horohoro turned and was greeted by Pirika's fist heading towards his mouth. Horohoro eyes widened in horror as he cried and covered his 'dear' mouth with his hand. "N-o not the mou-th."

Ren laughed evilly, "Serve you right!"

"You are right, young master!" Bason butted in with golden gleams in his eyes full of pride and conceited.

"Ren, you shouldn't' treat our guests like that." Jun scolded.

Finally, Yoh succeeded in 'beating' Anna and stood up to breathe in fresh air. The Itako cocked an eyebrow and asked, "Have you all finished choosing your costumes?" An evil gleam was seen in the Itako's eyes when she announced, "Yo, Meat-bun, I've chosen a costume for you. Count yourself lucky." She said showing him a burger costume.

Manta gulped and then broke into tears. Yoh stuck on to his earphones and hummed a song. "Yoh, don't be jealous." Anna continued, "I've also chosen a PURRFECT costume for you." She cocked her eyebrow and an evil smirk was on her face.

Everyone turned as Yoh blinked, "Garfield?" He looked at the costume and nearly fainted.

Then, everyone broke into fits of laughter. "Hahahaha, neko-chan." Horohoro teased.

"Hmph, what a lame costume." Ren spat, drinking his milk.

Anna's knuckles turned white, "You dare insult my choice for costume?"

SLAP! Ren was thrown towards Pirika and landed hard on her lap. Horohoro turned red, "Hey you, Chinese freak! Don't you dare lay a finger on my sister!"

Ren blushed and turned his head away, "Hmph, I'm not interested in doing so." He then glared at Anna, "I'll get you for this!"

Anna just ignored the Chinese and continued in trying the outfit on Yoh who was pleading for mercy. Tears flowed out his eyes anime style.

Meanwhile, Hao was also busy shopping or robbing for his PURRFECT costume. He smirked when he stopped in front of a costume shop. His eyes twinkled as he gasped in awe.

"What's wrong, Hao-sama?" Mari asked.

"Look at that costume!" Hao pointed at the 'masterpiece'. " nice, how pretty, how PURR...FECT!"

"Erm...Hao-sama, isn't that really weird?" Matilda tilted her head and questioned.

Hao chuckled, "This is the most PERFECT costume for little Jeannie here to KNOW I'm in the party." There was an evil gleam in Hao's eyes as the glass window shattered into pieces and he grabbed the PURRFECT costume.


"Allow me to present..." Drum rolls added to everyone's suspense as Bason announced. Slowly, the lift doors opened slowly as everyone watched in eagerness. "The prince!" Bason added the finishing touch to his speech as Ren walked out of the lift. His golden suit was glamorous as it sparkles.

"Erm...but I thought gold is a bit old fashioned in this era." A green hair boy said with an shy smile.

Horohoro burst out into laughter. "Hahaha! A pr-prince? Oh boy, you look like a gold mine had exploded all over you!"

"Kisama!" Ren cursed, showing his fist. "...and I see you are a pesky vermin." He insulted. "How CUTE." He said sarcastically.

"Hey! It's a hamster!" Horohoro yelled.

Turning her attentions towards Ren, Pirika smiled and said, "Ren, you look great in that costume." Her shoulder-length blue hair fitted her costume which was a blue gown perfectly.

"Ah!" A scream pierced the air as everyone turned towards Yoh. "Stop it, Anna. Please...anything but that..."

Anna furrowed her eyebrows, "You dare disobey me?"

Yoh gulped and turned towards his friends who were now turning away, pretending that they did not see anything. Yoh cried as Anna placed a collar around Yoh's neck and dragged him along.

"Sorry, Yoh-kun." Manta said, "I'm also in a difficult situation right now."

"Gomen, Yoh-dono. I can't be much help." Amidamaru said with teary eyes as he too was dragged away by the scary Itako.

"Hurry up! We are almost late!" Anna's announced as she walked out of the hotel lobby.

"Hai!" Everyone replied, except for Ren who gave his famous 'hmph'.


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