my words from me to you : : Here's my first fanfic. Got fascinated by Chinese imperial era. So I decided to write one about it. Hope you guys enjoy. Please review after reading okay? "Xie Xie!" Thank you in mandarin. -

Pls note that Neji is a.k.a Ning-er. His Chinese name is pronounced as "Ning ci".

Sakura is a.k.a Yin. Her Chinese name pronounced as "Xiao Yin".

By the way, it's a fact about their Chinese names. Just FYI. Heeheex...

Chapter 1

The 15th prince, Neji was highly respected and loved by his people. Although he's only of a tender age of 18, he was almost capable of everything. He excelled not only in literature, drawing and handling state affairs, he, too suggested and implied many policies that brought much comfort, prosperity and well-being to his people. For that, he was also the Emperor's favourite son. Neji was very much filial to his father and listened to everything he said. All except one. That was marrying his cousin who was the daughter of the Emperor's blood related brother who died in a war against the Manchus a long time ago. She was princess Tenten. The Emperor treated her as if she was his own daughter thus got everything she want her way, "cultivating" her to be willful and a bit spoilt. But she's caring and most importantly she loves Neji a lot. "Why won't you marry her? I'm sure you'll like her after spending quality time together after marriage." The Emperor urged, looking at his well-built and handsome son. Neji knelt down in his robes of dark navy blue designed with patterns of magnificent dragons in silk threads of turquoise saying, "I'm sorry Father. But I would like to choose a life partner of mine myself who I believe I will truly love. I always regard Tenten as a sister, not so much of a soul mate. Please forgive me Father." The Emperor signed as he nodded his head. He made a gesture for Neji to get up and left Neji's study room.

The Emperor cracked his head for days and alas, decided to seek for the grand advisor's help. Then only, the Emperor came up with a fine plan...

Neji was sent to Jiangnan Province for inspection of the well-being and doings of the civilians there for a few weeks by the Emperor himself who claimed it would be a great learning opportunity for him. Neji didn't think much and left the Imperial Palace the very next day. Arrangements were made ready by post to the Province's magistrate who were be attending to the 15th prince's needs.

Neji was walking along the street after dropping off from the ferry with a few of his guards. All were dressed not in Imperial robes and clothes. But of clothes that only rich families can afford. 1 of his usual bodyguard who happens to be his best buddy, Yosuke, was accompanying him. The place was a bustling city, people doing their all businesses and jobs happily everywhere, people exchanging friendly smiles with familiar faces they knew and also the entire street lined with beautifully decorated stalls selling accessories and food. Neji was enjoying himself when suddenly he heard someone shouted, "GET AWAY FILTH!" He turned. Neji and Yosuke saw a middle-age man, dressed in fine robes pushing two little children on the floor who begged for a few copper coins to buy food. Those two little children were dressed in dirty rags with their faces rubbed with dirt and earth. Neji pitied them and was about to offer them a tael or two to buy themselves proper clothes and a meal. However, he refrained himself when he saw a young lady approached them. She was dressed in pretty robes of light floral blue with an inner dress of silken white, there was a bright pink sakura hairpin with golden beads on her long dark hair. Neji noticed she had dark emerald eyes. She was beautiful.

She smiled and talked to those two crying children who later dried their tears and smiled in return. She brought the two children to a garment shop bought some clothes and then went to an inn. She spoke to the innkeeper and his wife, handling them a banknote of 100 taels then left with a word of thanks. Curious, Neji walked up to the innkeeper and asked,"May I ask who's that lady just now?" "Oh, she's Miss Yin. Sakura. She gave us money to give shelter and food to those two children. We promised to help her look after them sir." The innkeeper answered politely. "Its hard to find people who have such a kind heart for those who really need help." The innkeeper's wife added thoughtfully. The innkeeper threw a don't-interrupt-us look to her and gestured asking her to get inside. She mumbled something angry and went in. Neji thanked the innkeeper and left the inn with Yosuke hurrying behind. "Sakura..." Neji murmured dreamily, seeing her disappearing into the crowd.