I'm normally a 1x4 fan but since it's Grace's birthday today and I promised to write her a 1x2 fic (or what passes for it) as a present, here it is. Enjoy!


By: Ryuuen

"How much do you love me, Hee-chan?"

It was an innocuous question, or at least, it would have been, had it been directed at anyone other than a certain Heero Yuy and had the asker not been one Duo Maxwell. But then, since things weren't as they were supposed to be, the question had warranted another of the former's "omae o korosu" glares directed at the latter, who simply entered the room, said glare washing over him like water over a duck's back.

"Yeah, yeah, I know, Hee-chan. But maybe you'd love me more after eating what I baked for you. Wanna guess?"

Heero gave a grunt and returned to working on his laptop, not before giving another of his patented glares that practically screamed, "You're bothering me. Go away. And if you value your life, stop calling me Hee-chan" but was interpreted by its recipient as "Tell me already, I can't wait to taste your baking, Duo-chan."

Duo giggled. "Oh, I know how much you secretly love cookies, Hee-chan so here, I made you these."

These turned out to be irregularly shaped home-made chocolate chip cookies. Heero eyed them warily, as though he were almost expecting them to come alive and declare plans to take over the colonies any minute now. Duo noticed this and said, "Maa, don't worry, Hee-chan, Quat helped me bake these so they're at least edible. Can't say the same for the first batch, though. How was I supposed to know that Wu-bear interchanged the sugar and salt containers as a practical joke? Anyway, why don't you try them out? Say aah..."

At this, Heero quirked a brow as if to say, "You have to be kidding me" but opened his mouth anyway, allowing Duo to feed him a cookie. He chewed, swallowed, and almost choked. Duo beamed.

"Well, now that wasn't so bad, wasn't it, Hee-chan?"

And then he proceeded to feed the Japanese pilot the rest of the cookies.

"Wow, Hee-chan, you ate them all. I'm surprised. Now tell me, how much do you love me?" He all but cooed.

The other pilot gave Duo a long-suffering look before picking up his laptop and padding out the room without answering. Duo looked after him, an almost wistful look on his face. It was then that Quatre, wearing a pink apron and sporting a smudge of flour on his nose, came bursting into the room, a tray of something in his right hand.

"Duo-chan, thank kami-sama... Oh." He stopped, staring at the empty plate in front of his friend. "Who ate those cookies?"

Duo sighed. "Well, I gave them to Hee-chan and..."

"What?" Duo winced at the almost girlish shriek that Quatre let out. "Duo-chan, those were from the first batch cookies you cooked."

"So?" Duo asked, still sulking. It took a minute or two to sink it. "The first batch?"

"You didn't know? Oh God, I'd better go find Heero-kun. You may just have given him an indigestion or something." And with that he was off.

Duo blinked, watching the door slam behind the Arabian pilot. He then looked at the empty plate and smiled goofily.

He got the answer to his question after all.