Title: Secretly In Love With You part 2

Author: Sorceress Fantasia

Pairings: YY/Y, B/R, M/M, past Y/A, J/M, implied S/Y

Warnings: Sap, romance, AU, fluff, OOC, shounen-ai

Disclaimer: I tried to lure Yugi over to me with some really good cards, but Yami came and snatched him back. He took the cards too. So no, I don't own the YGO anime or characters in any way.

Note: Inspired by the manga 'Full Moon Wo Sagashite'.

Adjusting the strap of his bag, Yugi hurried along to his best friend's apartment. It was a wonderful Saturday, and he was going to spend it with Yami. Recently, he had been rather bogged down with school work and tending his grandfather's games store that he hardly had any time for Yami, and he could only guess how frustrated his friend was with his lack of attention. As it was, he could only spend two hours with him today before having to rush off for a school project with his classmates.

Even though they had many classes together, art was not one of them. Yami was horrible at art; his best drawing to date consisted of a stick figure. Yugi chuckled as he remembered how the arts teacher had commented dryly that that was the only thing that looked remotely like a person under Yami's paintbrush; Yami had promptly dropped out of that class after that.

And that was why they had slightly different schedules in high school, and also why he had a project Yami didn't have to do. It was a pity, really; art was a highly interesting subject that gave him an avenue for expression.

When Yami's apartment block came within view, he walked faster, hoping to spend more time with his friend. It wasn't long before he reached the door and pressed the buzzer. Yugi grinned when he heard a flurry of activities inside; in his attempt to get the door, Yami had probably knocked down a thing or two. Like he always did.

Some things just never changed.

The door flew open, and a slightly disheveled Yami laughed nervously.

"Hi, Yugi!"

"Did you break something again?"

"Heh... nothing much. Just tripped over a couple of books."

Yugi raised an eyebrow.

"And I nearly fell over a chair."

Letting out a laugh he had been suppressing, Yugi entered the apartment. It was almost strange how Yami always managed to make him smile at the smallest things like no one else could. Looking at the place that much resembled a war zone, his smile turned teasing. Waving a hand at the mess, he said in mock anger, "Yami!"

Yami gave a shrug of his shoulders, laughing sheepishly.

"Well, you know my dad and mum went abroad..."

Shaking his head, Yugi placed his bag on Yami's sofa and bent down to pick up the things on the floor. Yami, seeing this, decided it was time to clean up lest Yugi tripped on anything like he did earlier. Between the two of them, the room was a lot neater in a matter of minutes. And half an hour later, the apartment was as neat as it was going to get.

"Hey Yugi, I'll set up my playstation. You go pour yourself a water or something," Yami said, and went into his room.

When Yugi entered the room later with two glasses of orange juice, the computer was already up and ready for them. Setting down the water on Yami's desk, he hopped onto a beanbag in front of the television and picked up a controller. The last time he had been here, Yami had thrashed him on Marvel VS Capcom. It was time for some revenge.

Peering at Yami who was just beside him, he pressed the 'start' button.

"Ready to feel some pain, Yami?"

His friend threw him an arrogant smirk. "If you are ready, then I am too. Let's start this game!"

Two hours later, Yugi was scrambling out of Yami's apartment.

"Oh god! I almost forgot about my project! Now I'm going to be really late!" he yelped as he threw his things into his bag hastily.

"Calm down, Yugi!" Yami tried. "Your project mates will wait for you!"

But Yugi was too far into his packing frenzy to really register Yami's comment. Earlier in their games, he had emptied the contents of his bag, fishing out game after game taken from his grandfather's shop, and now, he was having problems remembering where he had last seen them. Still, it wasn't too bad; if he left anything behind, he could always get it back from Yami later. They were meeting again tomorrow for dinner at his place anyway.

Zipping up his bag, he tossed it over his shoulders.

"Okay Yami, I have to go! See you tomorrow!" And he dashed off so quickly Yami was amazed he hadn't tripped and fell yet, with the haste he had tied his shoelaces.

Closing the door, he sighed. Alone again. Lately, Yugi had been so busy they hardly had time together. If only he was better at art, he would have continued that class. Then he could have done this dumb project with Yugi. Even if it was project, spending time with Yugi was better than not spending any at all.

Suddenly, he spied something lying on his sofa. Walking over, he picked it up. He frowned when he noticed it was Yugi's leather-bound organizer, the one he had gotten him for his birthday three years ago. It looked surprising new even though Yugi had been using it for such a long time. That was the way the little angel did things, Yami thought with a smile. Always keeping his things clean.

Looking at it, Yami considered if he should run after Yugi now to return it. But from the way Yugi had dashed off, he was probably already on a bus and far away from his place. Never mind; he'd return it tomorrow.

Unbuttoning the organizer, he flipped through the pages. Oh good, Yugi's schedule was going to free up soon. Feeling playful, Yami decided to fill in his name for the whole of next week, hoping that Yugi would get the hint. He grinned, and flipped to the first page, where a pen should be as with most organizers. However, the only thing that was present was an empty pen cap. Yugi had probably dropped the pen somewhere. Sighing at the little one's carelessness, he reached over to his pencil case for a pencil and quickly filled in his name. When he was done, he turned to the last page and was pleasantly surprised to see a picture of stick figure, the one he had drawn for his last art class months ago. Yugi had kept it? Yami remembered throwing it into the nearest waste paper basket after the class, but Yugi had picked it up and saved it? That was a surprise, but not the biggest one. Tucked neatly into a plastic covering, just one page before the drawing was a photo of himself and Yugi together. And it wasn't just any photo; it was THE photo. The one Jou had taken for them nearly a year ago.

Back then, when the class was to present a parody on 'Cinderella', everyone had voted unanimously for Yugi to take the female lead. Apparently, everyone thought that a male Cinderella would be hilarious, not to mention the fact that Yugi had the good features to carry off the role. And with him as the female lead (well actually, they had changed the script to make Cinderella a boy), Jou and Honda had nominated Yami to take the male lead rather... enthusiastically.

It was a whole month of utter bliss for Yami then, to be able to seduce Yugi openly, and he secretly thanked the scriptwriter for making the scenes between them flirty and yet in good humour. Yugi had responded in a sultry manner, just the way his role demanded of him, surprising everyone with how much a sensual siren he could be.

By the end of the skit, Yami had fallen in love all over again.

Jou had bounced onto the backstage with his camera after the show, and with a bit of pleading, he managed to get a shot of Yami and Yugi together, still in their respective costumes. And if that wasn't enough, he persuaded them to pretend to be intimate. Five minutes later, Jou had the photo he wanted: the peasant-turned-prince Yugi and Prince Yami in an embrace, with Yugi's head leaning on Yami's broad chest.

The blonde boy had teased them relentlessly after snapping the shot, much to Yugi's embarrassment and Yami's blissful rapture.

But after that, Yami had plain forgotten about this photo, what with his elation of flirting with Yugi onstage and wrapping up the small production. But apparently, Yugi had remembered and even managed to get a copy from Jou.

It was good. He loved the way Yugi's face was lit up by a light blush and the way he was smiling. The angel looked absolutely ravishing indeed. And for once, Yami was thankful to Jou's playfulness. He had no idea he and Yugi looked this good together. If he didn't know any better, he would think the two in the photo were a couple of many years.

And Yugi had this photo in his organizer, not to mention his stick figure drawing... did he have a chance with Yugi after all?

Yugi was completely puzzled when Yami had called him in the early afternoon, telling him to come over to his place for dinner instead. And he even told Yugi not to bring any food over; he would call for a pizza and they could eat their dinner while watching a rented movie. That was definitely strange. He could hardly remember any occasion when Yami had told him not to cook because he loved his cooking, and he had told him as much. But Yami had refused to give him any reason, instead telling him to come at seven o' clock sharp.

He peered down at his watch. Just on time. Pressing the buzzer, he heard Yami's voice saying, "Coming!"

When he didn't hear anything falling down and getting knocked over, Yugi frowned. Was something going on tonight that he had no idea about? Something was definitely off...

The door opened gently, and there was Yami, dressed in a leather ensemble that looked as though the boy was about to go clubbing. It was not difficult to tell that the apartment was in near total darkness from the way the light from the corridor seemed to be flooding in. Only the orange lights at the short corridor leading to the living room had been switched on. And yet, he could faintly make out a wavering light casting a dark shadow emanating from the living room as well.

Yugi blinked.

"Yami? Why are you dressed like that? And the lights?"

Said boy winked. "You'll see. Come on in." And he stepped aside, allowing entrance.

Still frowning and biting his lip, Yugi entered the apartment. He was about to head for the living room when Yami grabbed his hand.

"I've got something to show you." Yami's voice had a much slicker quality to it than ever, and his tone smooth and even a little husky. Yugi shivered at the sheer intensity of the gaze that was directed towards him: it was warm and calm, just the way Yami always looked at him, but tonight, something else was in there as well. Something that reminded Yugi of seduction and even lust.

Even though he was a little uncomfortable, he let himself be led into the living room. He felt his jaws slacken when he saw what Yami had done to it.

Lines of white candles adorned the room, creating a cocoon of warmth that permeated his body. The halo of light from the flickering candles added on to the heavenly atmosphere that felt too good to be true. It was beautiful.

"Yami? What...?"

But his question was stopped short when Yami placed a finger on his lips.

"The beauty of this place is only matched by you, my angel."

Yugi gasped. He remembered that line! It was one of the lines the Prince said to him back in the class play they did a year ago! Yami had been the prince looking for his bride at a ball then, and he was Cinderella, the young boy who had been bullied by his stepmother and stepsisters.

His character had been ushered into the palace when a young, inexperienced fairy mistook him for her newest client and promptly gave him a suit and a carriage. Only thing, the fairy was supposed to help Snow White by giving her an apple so the silly princess wouldn't eat the poisoned apple instead, so she gave Yugi an apple to take to the palace. However, being the inexperienced fairy that she was, she managed to give him a poisoned apple, which Prince Yami quickly took a bite off when he met Yugi. But he wasn't the Prince and neither was he Snow White, so Yugi did not choose to remove the apple from Yami's throat the conventional way by kissing. Instead, he chose to pound on the prince's chest and made him heave it out. When he succeeded, Yugi quickly ran off with the half-eaten apple, afraid of being accused of injuring a royalty. Little did he know that the prince had fallen in love with him when he saved him. And so, the prince took it upon himself to look for the little angel with the piece of apple he had heaved out, hoping to find the other half of the apple. When he finally found him, he had lit up the place with beautiful lights, creating the dreamy effect of a fairy tale.

He had no idea Yami still remembered the lines...

"The last time, you ran away from me. Now that I have proof you are my angel, I won't let you get away," Yami continued, bending down slightly to pick something up from the table in the room.

When Yugi's eyes fell upon the object, he exclaimed, "My organizer! I dropped it here? ...Yami?" he whispered his confusion when the crimson-eyed teen opened the book.

But Yami did not answer. Instead, he fished around in his pocket for something else. When he felt it in his hand, he smiled. Digging it out, he laid it on his palm for Yugi to see. It was a white pen, one that had no cap.

"I found this pen in my locker just a few days ago, along with a note that told me I wasn't alone. I guess... the mysterious person who has been dropping the notes into my locker dropped this pen inside on that day too."

With little effort, the pen fit perfectly into the once empty pen cap that was in Yugi's organizer with a little 'click', much like the shoe slipping onto Cinderella's petite foot seamlessly.

"I have found you, my angel, after so many days of searching."

Yugi stared at him in surprise, his breath caught in his throat.

Shaking off his Princely façade, Yami spoke, "Yugi, you are the one who has been writing me all those notes, aren't you? The notes that are so encouraging, so warm, so loving... They gave me hope when I was at my worst. They cheered me up whenever I saw one of them in my locker. The person who wrote the notes loves me. Please tell me, Yugi. Are you the one?"

The amethyst-eyed boy hesitated. But eventually, he nodded, looking down. "Yeah, it's me," he admitted, his voice resigned and posture slack.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Yami whispered, afraid that if he were to speak too loud, he would wake up and find himself alone in bed again.

"Because... because I didn't know how," Yugi admitted. "When I first dated Anzu, you seemed to just... wilt away. You looked so depressed, and I didn't understand why. I tried to ask you, but you wouldn't tell me. So I thought... maybe you'd respond better to a written note. But I wanted to stay anonymous so you wouldn't guess it's me; otherwise, you'd clam up again and not tell me anything. So I faked my handwriting and begun leaving those notes into your locker. It was easy, since I know your locker combination, and you'd probably think I had slotted it in through the openings on top.

"Soon, it just became a habit so I didn't stop. That day I was rushing for the trip to the museum, so I chose to slot my note inside rather than opening the locker. But someone pushed me accidentally and my pen went in too. My classmate from art dragged me off before I could take the pen back, and when I tried looking for it the next day, it was already gone, along with the note."

He fell silent after his confession, looking at the ground, at the side, anywhere... anywhere but Yami's face. Why had he written such notes? Why didn't he stop? It wasn't a habit, not at all. So why didn't he stop writing it? All of a sudden, Yugi couldn't stand the deafening silence any longer and decided to make a break for it. He didn't want to talk about the issue anymore, he didn't want to face his best friend any longer. With a sudden burst of energy, he tried to push past Yami, but Yami caught his wrists easily.

"Yugi, don't go. You promised that you'd always be with me; you wrote that in your notes, didn't you?"

"But I..."

Yami lifted Yugi's face with his forefinger and thumb gently but firmly. Staring into the amethyst eyes he adored so much, he whispered, "I love you, my angel. Don't ever leave me."

Yugi thought he had heard wrong.

"What...? What did you just say?" Please god, don't let it be a dream...

"I love you, Yugi. I've loved you since we were eleven, and I love you now, as I will continue loving you in the future, no matter what you do or say," Yami replied sincerely, trying to pour all his love into his voice, his eyes, his touch. "Yugi, you were the one who said that the person who wrote the notes loves me. Now tell me, is it true?"

Yugi felt his heart weep at the confession. But it wasn't tears of sadness. Instead, they were floods of elation that lifted his entire being into the heavens, giving his spirit a pair of wings and made him soar. Yes, he had not continued writing those notes out of habit. He wanted to write to Yami, he needed to write to him, to let him know how he felt and what he didn't dare say out loud. The fear of rejection weighed so heavily in his mind like a ton of metal bricks. But now, the last of his fears faded away like a shower of sakura blossoms in the wind with his secret love's soothing voice.

"Yes, it's true. It has always been true. I love you, Yami. I love you so much I can't imagine life without you. But I thought you would never want me because you could have anyone you wanted. That's why when Anzu asked me out, I accepted. I fooled myself into believing I could forget you and remain as your friend, I fooled myself into thinking that I could fall in love with another and that things would never between us. But I was wrong. I was so wrong.

"Anzu noticed it first. She said that I was always distracted, like my mind was never with her even my body was. Our relationship was never built on a solid foundation, and it just... cracked after that. It was like a spider web of cracks that spiraled out of control so quickly, so suddenly. I tried to spend more time with her, I tried to tell myself that I was her boyfriend and so I should pay more attention to her, but I just couldn't. It... didn't work.

"After we broke up, I finally understood. I could never work out a relationship with someone else, because I love you too much to want to be with another. There can only be you in my life," he murmured, tears welling up in his eyes.

Leaning in, Yami kissed those tears away, smiling when a faint blush crept up Yugi's face like a morning glory wrapping itself around a fence. It was shy, gentle, and most of all, charming.

"Don't cry, my angel. Now that I've found you, my Cinderella, I won't ever let you go. Ever."

A smile broke forth on Yugi's face, despite the tears that were still cascading down his cheeks like pearls from a broken necklace.

Yami's breath caught in his throat, and he could almost hear the rush of blood through his veins. It was an enchanting rhythm, one that gave rise to a sudden headiness. The giddiness conquered his mind, and before he knew it, he was closing his eyes and leaning in.

Yugi unconsciously did the same.

Their lips met in a firework of ecstasy and pure bliss, firing up a blaze of colours behind their eyes and setting their bodies on fire. There was no luxurious wine, no sweet honey, no nothing. There was just... Yami and Yugi. Their arms pulled at the other tightly, as though hoping to mould their bodies together and merge into just one being. They could feel the warmth of the other's body, the passion in the other's touch, and the softness in the other's kiss. The candles were still flickering, casting a halo upon their bodies that made them seem to exude a heavenly glow.

Slowly, they parted, lips still inches away from the other's.

They smiled, each reveling in the blush that had appeared on the other's face.

Cinderella had finally been found, and this time, she didn't have to run away again.

After a candlelight dinner that Yami had so meticulously prepared by calling a nearby restaurant, the new couple snuggled against each other in the living room. The white candles had long since been blown out.


"Yes, love?"

Yugi giggled uncontrollably at the pet name.

"What were the candles in the living room for? Is there any significance, apart from a throwback to the play?"

"Well, I thought it would be the perfect mood setter. And besides, it's one candle for every year we've known each other. You do remember that today is the day we met, all those years ago, don't you?"

"Of course I do. That's why I asked you over for dinner. I was going to whip up a gourmet meal. But well, just as well I didn't. I prefer the one we had tonight," he cooed, snuggling closer.

Yami smiled, wrapping his arms around Yugi tighter.

"Happy anniversary, love."

"Happy anniversary, Yami."

And they kissed again.

Jou and Honda blinked.

"Hey, Honda?"


"Did I miss something?"

"If you did, then I think I did too..."

Yami and Yugi walked towards them, both chirping a happy 'good morning'. That wasn't strange, not at all, unless one recalled that Yami never chirped. But what was really strange was the way they were together. Holding hands was nothing too strange, since good friends did it all the time. But both Jou and Honda noticed the possessive grip Yami had on Yugi's hands, and when they stood before them, the two were leaning into each other. Yami released Yugi's hand at that moment, but instead of opening his locker, his hand slipped around Yugi's slim waist and pulled him closer. The other's reaction was to simply giggle.

Suddenly, things became clearer.

"Did you two...?" Jou trailed off.

"Our 'once upon a time' has finally found its 'happily ever after'. That's what happened," Yami answered with a smirk that seemed more genuine than it had in a long time.

Yugi's smile widened, as did Honda and Jou's eyes.

"Well, we've got to go for our classes now, so continue to enjoy gawking at us."

With that, Yami and Yugi left.

For a while, they were silent. But eventually, Honda spoke.


Jou nodded.

"Really finally!" he exclaimed with a grin. "I knew that making Yami the prince and Yugi Cinderella would do them some good!"


"Maybe we should celebrate it! With some pizza and games at Yami's place!"

"Yeah, maybe we should. But before that, remember that you owe me ten bucks, Jou! I told you they would hook up within the next three months!"

Jou frowned. "No, you never said that! We never made that bet!"

"Yes, we did! You were just too busy ogling Mai to remember!"

"No, I wasn't!"

"Yes, you were!"

"No, I wasn't!"

"Yes, you were!"

"No, I wasn't!"

"Yes, you were!"

"No, I wasn't!"

Soon, a crowd gathered around them.

A distance away, a pouting Yugi pressed a ten-dollar bill into his boyfriend's hand.

"See? I told you they would announce our relationship to the whole school one way or another," Yami said.

"I thought they would be a little more discrete..."

"Love, discrete is not in their dictionary."

"I guess so..."

"Let's go to the new ice cream parlor after school. My treat, since I have this new, crisp ten-dollar bill now..."

"I'm gonna eat you out of house..."

"Go ahead and try."

"Is that another bet?"

Smirk. "Maybe?"

"I get a kiss if I manage to."

Yami leaned in and captured his boyfriend's lips in a chaste kiss.

"I'll still kiss you even if you don't manage to. I want to kiss you everyday."

Yugi smiled.

"I'd love that."


Sorceress Fantasia 27th October 2004