I have a few Haibane Renmei short works (drabbles and ficlets) finished. I also have ideas for a few more, so I thought I might begin posting them here, simply because there isn't enough Haibane Renmei fanfiction. I hope people enjoy these. Thanks for reading.

Written for Lady Shadowcat. The request was to write about Kuu's thoughts on her time of flight.

Drabble, 100 words

My Soul is in the Sky

This town is like an egg really, and I don't need this shell anymore.

This wasn't how I thought I would grow, but this is the true way.

Something inside me will break, like the shell breaks, when I leave them all.

What are we meant to accept, to refuse, to fight, to understand? Maybe even now I won't really see.

They won't tell us which is the real life, and that much scares me, but there is love here so surely there is some there as well.

No one can tell me where I am going, but I am finally truly flying there.