The Lay of Ka D'Argo by newscaper (revised 10/29/04)

To Chiana his love,
To her he bade,
"To Jothee, take this
my sire's blade."
His farewells said
To friends and lover,
From this dire wound
He'd not recover.

In wait for his foes
Lay the fey Luxan,
Though blackest blood
Signalled Life's reduction;
Before him, legs lifeless,
Pierced through, his middle,
Charrids and Scarrans
With blue pulse-fire
He'd riddle.

Awaiting his Fate
At the end of the Battle,
He bravely welcomed
Friend Death's dark rattle;
Before him, his foes
By pulse-fire cut down,
With blood Charrid and Scarran
He earned his renown.

By miracle or Chance
Grim warrior survived
Just long 'nough to spy
The weapon contrived
By John bloom to life,
Fire, Wormhole powered,
And see both the
Enemies' fleets devoured.

As the watery globe melted
'Round eyes gone lifeless,
His companions again
He'd saved in crisis;
"Do big things," he'd said,
"For me, do not tarry!
'Tis my time now,
Billions' fate you carry."

To the famed Human's tale
Surely all must append
Our dear faithful friend
Ka D'Argo's fell end;
Tho' red Vict'ry was won
Through Hell's dread flower,
'Tis Love which is
Peace's greatest Power.