Memories of rain

Chapter 1: Thoughts of each other

Kyo wakes up in the morning. He got dressed and walked down the stairs and sat the table waiting for food to be ready.

Tohru walks out of the kitchen, bringing a platter of food with her.

"Breakfast is ready everyone!" She says particularly to Kyo, but as though she said it to everyone in the house.

"Good morning Tohru." Kyo said taking his chopsticks and picking up some cod.

"And a good morning to you, Kyo" She said in her normally happy voice.

Kyo just looked at her and yawned, but Tohru on the other hand put the rest of the food down and sat right next to him.

' A lot of stuff has changed' She thought to herself. ' I don't know what I feel about Kyo anymore. What he said... What he did...I don't think he's just my friend anymore.'

Kyo looked at her strange, as she was, yet again, spacing out.

"Yo, you should eat before we go to school."

She snapped out of it and stared at him for a minute.

"Huh? What did you say?"

"Dammit! Pay attention Tohru! I said eat before we go to school!" He said with a small hint of annoyance in his voice. He didn't try to yell anymore. Not around Tohru at least. There was something different about her he just couldn't figure out. At first he thought he loved her.

' Come on!' He thought to himself. 'Its Tohru. I can't love her! She just a girl who happens to be my friend and lives with us and.........and...' He stole a glance at her, spacing out again. 'And soooo stupid! How can I think I love Tohru? Besides... She wouldn't love me back.' He sighed,still eating cod.

"Kyo, is something wrong? You sighed." Tohru asked, tilting her head slightly in concern.

"No Tohru, I'm fine, thank you."

"Well then, if you're sure Kyo."

Kyo got up and walked out of the room. He couldn't talk to her after he thought about her in that way.

' I must've mad him angry again. Darn it! Why do I always do and say stupid thing to him to make him feel uncomfortable?' Tohru thought, still staring at the door Kyo left from.

' She must feel like crap after I just got up and left like that. She must be feeling like that. But she knows she can tell me anything...or at least she should know...' He peeked in and saw her staring at the door he was looking through.

"Um...Tohru?" Thinking she was staring at him, he wanted to know what was wrong. Did he upset her? Did he make her sad? Angry?

"Yes Kyo?" She said, snapping out of it.

"I'm sorry, okay?"

She stared at him for a moment.

"But why Kyo? Why are you sorry?"

"I...I thought you were angry or sad because of how I acted a few minutes ago am all." He said, blushing. Now he felt stupid, saying something he didn't need to was embarrassing him.

"Kyo, I wasn't mad or sad because of that. I was... just thinking about something. That's all." She said, looking down at her thighs and straightening her skirt.

"Okay. Hey Tohru?" He asked, yet again blushing.

"Yes Kyo? What is it?" She said, turning around to see him while she talks to him.

"If you ever need to talk to some one, you can tell me anything, well...almost anything, okay Tohru?" He asked her, his head still down.

She smiled at him.

"Okay Kyo. Thank you."

Kyo knew now...He loved her. He was jealous when any other man was near her, even his own cousin! Yuki made him jealous...the day they all walked home, holding her made him so mad. He wanted to get to know her too. Everything...well, everything except her 'womanly concerns' and such stuff.

"Kyo? Are you okay?" She was looking at him, concerned. He was the one spacing out now and they had to get ready to go to school. Yuki was already at school because of a student council meeting. This would be Kyo's chance...Kyo's chance to tell he felt about her and how his future would go...with or without her.

Tohru grabbed her backpack and started to walk to school.

"Um...Kyo? Are you ready to leave?" She looked over the corner at him. He didn't hear her, he was to busy thinking about how he'd tell her. He was slouched against the wall and sitting on the ground. Tohru ran over to him, panicking.

"Kyo! Are you okay? Are you hurt? Are you sick?" She was panicking over him. Didn't that mean she at least cared for him?

Kyo smiled and got up.

"I'm okay on, lets go to school." He said picking up both of their backpacks and walking out the door leaving and confused Tohru behind until she ran up after him to catch up.

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