13 years have past since the Cleansing incident and at lot of things have happened during that time. Yusuke and Kuwabara graduated from high school and are now attending college, Hiei and Akari's third child, who they named Tenshi, has just turned 13, the twins, Dante and Bijin, are now 18. Kurama is attending college as well as looking after his mother.

For 13 years, peace and prosperity reigned, but now the peace is about to be threatened. But, the threat comes not from outside forces, but from within.

Chapter One

Kuwabara is walking back to his apartment since his last class was over when he hears a familiar voice call out to him.


He turned around to see Akari and her teenage daughter, Tenshi, coming towards him. Tenshi glomped Kuwabara tightly, snuggling his chest. Kuwabara returned the girl's embrace as he looked at how much she's grown since he hadn't seen her since she was three. She had long, silver hair placed in a high ponytail, she stood the same height as her father, Hiei. She had golden eyes and a silver tail. She took her looks from her late grandfather, Dante, the wolf-demon.

"Hi Kuwabara. Looks like Tenshi gave you the big hello again." Akari said, stepping up to where he and his daughter were.

Tenshi finally pulled away and smiled at him.

"I missed you, Kuwabara." She told him.

He smiled at her and her mother.

"I missed you guys too. Sorry, I haven't been visiting as much, but college does that." He told them as he started walking home again with Akari and Tenshi walking beside him.

"So, how are you?" Akari asked.

"Great! Got straight A's this semester and now that class is out for summer vacation, I'm going to enjoy myself." He replied.

"That's great! You're on vacation, why don't you spend you summer with us? We would love to have you there. That's why we're here. We came to ask you, Yusuke, and Kurama to come and spend your summer vacations with us." Akari said as they arrived at his apartment.

"Well, I'm all for it. I'm sure, Kurama will agree as well. Yusuke...well...that's another story." He said as he put his books down and went to the kitchen to fix himself and the girls a snack.

"What's wrong with oni-chan?" Akari asked as she and her daughter took a seat at the small dining room table as they watched Kuwabara fix them something to eat.

Kuwabara glanced over his shoulder at her question.

"You don't know, do you?" He asked as he finished the sandwiches and joined them at the table.

"Know what, Bara-chan?" Akari asked, referring to the the nickname she gave him.

"Keiko-chan dumped Yusuke." He replied.

"NANI?!" Akari couldn't believe what she just heard.

"Yeah. She finally admitted to truth the Yusuke the night before we were to go off to college. She told him she didn't want to be with him anymore because she couldn't deal with his demon blood." He told her.

"Poor uncle Yusuke." Tenshi said.

"And what really made it so bad is that Yusuke was going to ask Keiko to marry him that night too." Kuwabara told them and took a swallow of his soda before he continued.

"Yusuke didn't take it too well. He retreated into this shell, he grades started to slip, and he started drinking. Kurama and I tried to help him, but he wouldn't accept it. He really needs help Akari." Kuwabara told her.

"I wish I had known. Hiei and I have been so busy with running the kingdom and raising our children that we lost touch with you guys. But, don't worry. I'll talk to him. Is he home?" She asked.

"Yeah, he should be. He doesn't have classes today." He replied.

"Good. I'll go talk to him. In the meantime, please contact Kurama and the others to let them know about the invitation to spend the summer with us and could Tenshi stay her till I get back?"

She asked.

"Sure, no problem. We have a lot of catching up to do right, Tenshi?" He asked smiling at the teen.

Tenshi blushed and nodded.

"Okay. I'll see you guys when we return. We, as in Yusuke and I. He'll be with me." Akari told them and left the apartment.

"So, what do you want to do, Bara-chan?" Tenshi asked, staring at her friend and secret crush.

"Video games?" He asked.

"You're on!" She replied and that went into the living room and started to play.


"I don't want to be with you anymore, Yusuke. Why can't you just accept that?" Keiko said.

"But why? What did I do wrong?" Yusuke asked.

"You did nothing wrong, Yusuke. I just don't want to be with you anymore." She told him.

"Why won't you tell me the truth, Keiko? Since you're dumping me, I derserve that much." Yusuke said solemnly.

She sighed. "I don't want to be with you because of your demon blood."


"You're a demon, Yusuke. And although you may deny it, you love being a demon. That's why you love to fight so much, its in your blood. If I were to stay with you and we have children, they would be half demon. They wouldn't be able to live a normal life. They would different from all the other kids. They would be stronger, faster, and smarter than normal children, plus who knows what they would look like when they're born. Like you or have some deformity that's normal to other demons, but considered a freak in this world? I can't deal with that Yusuke. I thought about this carefully and I decided that it would be best to just let you go, for both our sakes. Goodbye, Yusuke."

With that said, Keiko began to walk away.

"Keiko, wait! Keiko come back! KEIKOOOOOO!!!!" Yusuke yelled.

End Flashback

"Oh Keiko. I miss you so much." Yusuke said softly as tears rolled down his cheeks as he sat in a shadowed corner of his apartment.

At that moment, the doorbell rung. Yusuke looked up at the door and lowered his head again. Whoever it was, would go away as long as he stayed quiet and didn't move. The doorbell rung again.

Suddenly, the door flew with the force of the powerful kick applied to it, startling Yusuke.

"Do you really think you could fool me, oni-chan?" a familiar voice said as the figure walked inside and turned on the lights since Yusuke sat in complete darkness with the curtains drawn.

"A-Akari? What are you doing here?" Yusuke asked once he got over the shock of seeing twin after all this time.

"Here to see you, silly. What's going on with you? Why the hell are you sitting in the dark and drinking vodka no less?" She asked as she approached him and snatched the bottle from his hand and threw it out the window.

"Hey!! What's the big idea?!" He shouted at her in her face.

Akari blinked at him, then smiled and gave him the meanest back-handed pimp slap in demon history or any history for that matter, causing him to fall backwards on his bed. She straddled his hips to keep him from getting up.

"What's the big idea? I come to invite my family and friends to spend their summer vacations with us only to find out that my gemini has become a drunken bastard. Why would you start drinking, knowing how your mother is?" She asked.

"She's not my mother!" He shouted at her.

"Yes, she is. She raised you since you were an infant, that makes her your mother in my eyes."

"Just leave me alone." He told as he turned his head so not to look at his twin.

Akari gently took hold of his chin and turn his face back to hers.

"It'll be alright, oni-chan." She said softly.

Yusuke couldn't hold back the tears anymore. He sat up and embraced Akari tightly as he cried into her chest. Akari stroked his hair and back, whispering comforting words and sounds to him as he explained what happened between he and Keiko. She rocked back and forth, offering her twin comfort. Yusuke stopped crying and just sat quietly, wrapped in Akari's arms.

"I'm so sorry, oni-chan. Would it help if I said she wasn't good enough for you?"

Yusuke laughed a little. "You always could make me feel better, Akari-chan."

"Of course. Anyway, pack your bags."

Yusuke leaned back and looked at her, puzzled.

"What for?" He asked.

"Because you're not spending your summer vacation, crying over Keiko. You're coming home with me and Tenshi and you are going to spend your vacation with us in my dimension. I won't take no for an answer, besides, the twins and Hiei will be happy to see you plus Bara-chan and the others will be coming along too." She replied.

She got up off the bed and pulled him up with her.

"Well, hurry up. The others are waiting for us at Bara-chan's place. So, come on. Let's get packing." She said as she opened drawers and began removing clothing to be put into the two suitcases sitting on the floor beside the bed.

Yusuke stared at his gemini and smiled. He was so glad and proud to have her in his life. He began to assist his twin until both suitcases were packed and left his apartment, bound for Kuwabara's place.

Back at Kuwabara's place, Kurama, Botan, and Koenma have arrived and are awaiting Akari's return while playing cards with Tenshi and Kuwabara to pass the time.

"Do you think Akari will have Yusuke with her when she gets here?" Koenma asked.

"I don't know. I hope so. Urameshi has been down in the dumps for awhile now. He needs a change in scenery." Kuwabara answered.

Just then, the door opened and there stood Akari, looking solemn.

"He didn't come did he, mama?" Tenshi asked.

Akari stepped to the side and now, standing beside her was Yusuke with two suitcases in hand.

Tenshi jumped up, ran and glomped her favorite uncle.

"You came, Uncle Yusuke! I'm so glad you came!" Tenshi said.

Yusuke put down his suitcases and returned his niece's embrace.

"Yeah, I'm here. I'm glad to see you Tenshi. You've gotten so big." He told her as he pulled back to get a good look at her.

Tenshi smiled at him, then moved back to let her uncle and her mother in to be greeted by the others.

"Hello, everyone. Its good to see you, guys." Akari said as she finished hugging Kurama, Koenma, and Botan.

"Thanks for inviting us to stay with you." Botan said.

"No problem. We'll be glad to have you plus Hiei and the twins are anxious to see you. All set to go, minna?" Akari asked.

"Yep." They answered.

Akari opened the rift to her dimension and everyone walked into it, then it vanished. They were on their way to the sister dimension.