Test of Time

Ch. 9 Everything She Needs

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Ch. 9 Everything She Needs

X:X Ten Years Later X:X

It was one of those days. Everything was going right, that perpetual sunlight beaming across Shangri-La to brighten the mood of all that lived both on and above the planet.

On this day, one particularly bubbly teenager bounced happily through the decent sized village she'd terrorized as a child and slowly grown to love.

A sixteen year old Nishi strode down the streets waving occasionally to those she knew and even some she didn't. Her rounded hips swinging tauntingly as she walked, her long red Chinese dress bunching at the waist where it was just a little too big and stretching in the chest where the material became tighter.

She had a great body, the only problem was that she knew it. The dress she flaunted had a slit that ran all the way to her upper thigh with a golden trim outlining it in its entirety. The golden clasps that ran up the length of the front glinting in the sunlight that seemed to brighten the entire town in an ethereal glow of utter happiness.

She didn't always where dresses, she actually preferred not to. Around the temple she usually wore jeans and a loose t-shirt, nothing fancy just comfortable. But this dress was special. It was a present from her Uncle (guess which one), so she figured if she's going to go out into town, she might as well dress appropriately. Besides, what better way was there to piss off Sanzo and Goku than to wear the most revealing thing she owned in public. It made life more interesting that way.

She paraded her looks, her long brown hair pulled into two tight buns atop her head accompanied by a duo of antennas as bangs. Hers unfortunately weren't natural like her uncle Gojyo's but she never left her room without fixing them in that gravity-defying position she'd become accustomed to over the years.

The boys were staring, everywhere she went. Nishi couldn't help laughing at the sight of their stupid gaping faces; amazed at their idiocy and at the fact that they could forget what they were doing at the sight of a pretty girl. She was so astonished by this that she almost walked past where she'd wanted to go. Her legs continued walking as her upper body stopped and arched back at the sight of the glorious shop. She veered back and went up to the window.

She stood so that her face was virtually implanted against the glass as she drooled.

"Ooh, meat buns!" She said happily, getting a whiff of them from the opposite side of the glass, still staring at the huge plate in front of her. "Good thing Sanzo forgot to put his credit card away. Makes it so easy to steal." She said aloud, brandishing the gold card from nowhere.

"I always knew you were abusive and dumb, but I never knew that you were a thief as well." A voice said from behind her making her jump slightly as she was pushed from her food fantasy. She relaxed once again against the glass, her mood totally crashed by the person's presence.

"What do you want now Waya?" Nishi asked the young boy behind her, still refusing to turn around and face him. She stared intently at the meat buns almost willing them into her stomach.

"I came to speak to you young lady." A more masculine voice said from somewhere next to the boy. Nishi sighed, she'd been expecting something like this for awhile now.

She took one last longing look at the food in the window before standing upstraight and turning around slowly, taking in the sight before her. There stood a boy about her age and an older man who she assumed was his father. The boy had a cast on one arm as well as a sling holding it in place against his side. He also sported multiple bruises all over his face, legs and arms. He had short black hair and was fairly decent looking, although Nishi forced herself to think otherwise. "Brought your daddy along this time?"

"N-n-no." The boy spluttered. Obviously she had done a good job trying to get rid of him the first time.

"Young lady, my son tells me that you are the one that did this to him, I just want to see if I can maybe talk to your father. Try to straighten things out at least money-wise. Is there any way that I could talk to your father?"

"Haha, which one?" Nishi said quietly, reaching an arm behind her head to scratch a spot that wasn't particularly itchy.

"What did you say?" The main strained to hear what she'd mumbled, truly wondering what she'd said. The man loomed over Nishi, obviously trying to show his power over her. He was probably one of those people that loved to yell and order people around just so that they feel like they're important. In Nishi's eyes he was pathetic to say the least.

"Oh, Nothing. But I've got to warn you, my parents won't be happy about this. I mean, they know I left. They'll have been going at it like a couple of dogs for awhile by now. . . literally." She added under her breath. "I guess I can take you though if you insist. My uncles are coming in today, so I should probably be getting home soon anyway."

"I don't care. Let's just get this over with." The boy whined as he looked from Nishi to his father.

"Fine, fine, and I was so hungry too. You owe me for this one Waya." Nishi said pointing an accusing finger at the boy and making him flinch away from her. She smiled at his reaction. "Shit, I'm gonna get in so much trouble for this." She said as she begrudgingly began to walk toward the temple.

X:X At the Temple X:X

Goku whistled happily as he walked down one lone cooridor towards the back of the temple, the cheeriness of the day obviously having an effect on him as well. Or perhaps it was something else. . .

Passing down the hallway a door to his right opened abruptly and we was quickly and forcefully pulled into the room. Goku smiled at the action when he landed lightly against a hard toned chest.

"It's good to see you too Sanzo." He said as Sanzo turned him around for a series of hungry kisses. "I'm glad you realized. . . that Nishi was gone too. It appears. . . we were thinking the same thing." Goku said between kisses. Knowing full-well that Sanzo would prefer him to shut the hell up.

"Why do you think I left the credit card out on the table?" Sanzo said, moving down to taste the skin on his neck. Goku smiled while he plunged two calloused hands deep into Sanzo's blond hair, pulling him closer.

"It's not like she doesn't know what we- ah- do when she goes out." Goku gasped out.

"Does she?" Sanzo asked against his collarbone.

"Don't talk about her as if she's ignorant. She's not as stupid as I was at her age."

"I'm glad you're finally admitting to that." Sanzo smirked before pulling Goku's loose shirt over his head and shrugging off the top of his robes. Goku rejected the loss of his touch, his warmth, and pulled him back toward him for a deep and passionate kiss. He slowly guided Sanzo toward the far end of the room and toward the bed that sat in the corner.

Their lips never parting until they reached the bed where Sanzo promptly shoved Goku down onto the mattress only to climb over him and continue their heated lip-lock. Goku pushed him away slightly making Sanzo look down at him with an expression of surprise, confusion, and almost anger.

Goku smirked while he looked over Sanzo's muscled leather-covered chest and stomach. His gaze returned to Sanzo's questioning expression. "Who said you get tops?" Goku asked quirking an eyebrow with his overwhelming amusement in teasing Sanzo. "Well, last time I checked –yesterday- it's my turn."

"Fine. Whatever." Sanzo sighed exasperatedly, allowing Goku to flip them over and take control. They continued to kiss helplessly as they attempted to remove the rest of their clothes. Once his chest was bare Goku began to methodically kiss his way down, taking his time to pay full attention to his nipples as Sanzo continued to undress the two of them.

Goku's kisses traveled tortuously slow down the rest of Sanzo's chest. Once he'd gotten to Sanzo's abdomen they were both completely naked, their breathing becoming haggard and lustful as they continued. . .

X:X Outside of the town X:X

They had only been walking about ten minutes when the boy began to get nervous again. "How much farther? Where do you live Nishi?"

"Oh it's just over this hill. I live in the Chang'an Temple right outside of your town." She said with a surprising calmness.

"What!" The father asked incredulously.

"I didn't know we'd be going on a hike just to pay the medical bills. Come on dad, I'm not so sure about this anymore." The boy whined once more.

"Shut up! We're going and that's final." The brusque man yelled impatiently at his son, obviously a little angry at the traveling distance as well. Waya sighed heavily and pulled at the neckline of his shirt with his good hand.

"This sucks. . ." Waya trailed off, looking over at Nishi who seemed unaffected by the walk as well as the heat. Of course she was wearing that extremely tight and incredibly tiny dress. Waya began to stare, his eyes moving from one part of her body to the next and taking it all in.

Nishi glared at him out of the corner of her eye. "We're here," Nishi said angrily. She turned her gaze forward as the temple came into view only a small distance in front of them. She ingrained the image of their shocked faces, wanting to remember every detail of this, before heading toward the large gates in front of them.

"It's about time."

They entered the large entrance with ease. Nishi greeted the monks they passed as she made her way toward a certain room in the far corner of the temple grounds. She knew exactly where to find her 'parents'.

The three of them continued down corridor after hallway after entryway until they finally made it. Stopping outside of a lone door Nishi held a hand out, signaling for them to stop.

"Finally." The father exhaled loudly in disgust.

Nishi quickly shushed him before moving toward the door to put an ear to the wood.

"Just as I thought. Dammit! I'm gonna be in so much trouble, Sanzo's actually going to kill me this time or at least have me working double chores for a month or two." Nishi looked as if she was spacing out a bit, most likely imagining the punishment that was going to ensue from the disruption of their 'alone time'.

"S-Sanzo?" The father asked unbelievingly. "You didn't tell m-"

Nishi quickly put a hand up to silence him. This needed methodical calculations with just the right amount of pleading and urgency in one's voice. She sighed heavily, placed a smile on her face that came with a little too much ease and knocked twice loudly.

A muffled "what!" could be heard from within the room, and it didn't sound too happy.

"Uh, well. . . I kinda messed up a little, and ah, there's someone here to talk to you."

"Damn it, Nishi!" Goku's voice drifted through the door and into the hallway making Nishi wince. Waya and his father merely exchanged confused looks as the sounds of rustling clothing and curses could be heard from behind the door.

Suddenly the door clicked and was opened quickly. Goku and Sanzo emerged looking disheveled and a little winded. Goku immediately strode toward Nishi, grabbing her by the ear he pulled her aside.

"What'd you do this time Nishi?" Goku asked angrily as he attempted to tie back his long and slightly damp hair.

"I kinda. . . broke his arm. Sorry Goku." Nishi said ashamedly, looking toward the ground as she spoke.

Sanzo huffed and stepped in between the two parties. His hair was messed and he was shirtless, dressed in only a pair of tight –and probably very uncomfortable at the moment- jeans. "What seems to be the problem?" Sanzo asked with an air of nonchalance gone awry.

"Nishi. . ." Goku eyed her, knowing that there had to be more to the story.

"Okay Goku, don't freak out now." Nishi looked up at him earnestly. "He- um. . . kinda. . . touched me." Nishi said, her voice dropping in volume with every word, knowing that he'd hear them either way.

"HE WHAT!" Goku didn't refrain from yelling as he looked over at the crippled boy. Goku's anger rose and he began to trudge toward the boy.

"Oh shit." Nishi said putting a hand over her face and continuing to run it over her tightly pulled back hair. This may not end well.

Luckily Sanzo put out an arm before he could reach the father and son, stopping him from ripping the boy apart. "What-do-you-want?" Sanzo asked plainly, trying to get the conversation over with.

"W-well Master S-Sanzo-" The man began.

"Sanzo! Goku! Nish!"

"What the hell is going on here?" Sanzo asked angrily. This was the last thing he needed. All he wanted to do was screw Goku in peace.

"Uncle Gojyo! Uncle Hakkai!" Nishi yelled before running over and jumping at her distant relatives. It was the same as it always was ever since she was little. They exchanged Eskimo kisses and looked back toward Sanzo's unwavering indifference and Goku's growing aura of anger.

Nishi was over the whole confrontation, "It's been so long, where have you two been?" She asked, looking away from the ensuing argument a few feet away.

"Around. Hakkai's been working a helluva lot down at the school and me, I was forcefully pushed into work by an evil labor dictator.

"Hello!" Hakkai said enthusiastically, insinuating that he was said 'dictator'. "That dress is perfect on you Nishi." She smiled at her uncle, this was one of the reasons she chose to wear it that day.

"What seems to be going on Nish?"

"Uh. . ." She didn't even know where to begin.

"Anyway, if we could please settle this matter. I've got places to be." Waya's dad said indignantly.

Sanzo shot him a feral glare while Goku continued to shout profanities and attempt to scramble around Sanzo, trying to get at the boy and so that he could throttle him within an inch of his life.

"Yes, as fast as possible would be best. I as well, have places to be." Sanzo grit through his teeth trying in vain to keep his temper down. "Goku calm down!"

Goku immediately stopped and instead, he moved beside Sanzo. Goku stood up straight and crossed his arms over his chest, sending a death glare toward the young boy who visibly shivered and moved ever so slightly closer and behind his dad.

"Okay. . . So if I could just speak to the young girl's father."

"That's me." Both Sanzo and Goku said in unison making Nishi smile and the boy's father cringe.

Sanzo, wanting to settle this, stepped in front of Goku. "I'm her father."

"Oh, I- uh." The man looked hesitant and a little uneasy.

"What seems to be the problem mister?" Gojyo asked from behind them, obviously wanting to put an end to this as well. This man seemed to have a knack for angering people.

"As I was saying! Your daughter broke my son's arm in addition to the cuts and bruises all over his body. I demand payment for the medical bills and an apology from your 'daughter'." The man sarcastically flaunted the last word. He was outwardly pompous and on Sanzo's last nerve.

In the blink of an eye Sanzo had him off the ground, a closed fist clutching dangerously to the front of his shirt. Sanzo was beyond pissed now. He sneered at the man he held in his grasp, their faces now level with each other.

"You want me to pay your son's bills? First of all, your son is blatantly weak, instead of standing up for himself, he cried to his father. And, if what Nishi says is true, your son inappropriately touched my 'daughter'." His grip tightened as he finished what he said, his lips twisted in his extreme anger. "I think that your son owes Nishi an apology and I think you owe me one. I'm tired, I'm pissed off, and I'm horny. So let's finish this ordeal so that I can screw my boyfriend." Sanzo was no longer thinking about what he was saying, things spewed from his mouth but the effect still remained. The man in his clutches looked truly frightened.

"I-I'm sorry Master Sanzo!" The man squealed. Sanzo threw the man to the ground, repulsed by the very sight of him.

"You and your son are pathetic! Hakkai, Gojyo, throw out the trash. Come on Goku." Sanzo said passing a quick glance at the two behind their visitors before quickly grabbing a smiling Goku and pulling him back into the nearby room.

"Aw, look at that, you've pissed off the 'Almighty Sanzo'." Gojyo chuckled as he pulled out shakujou and began to twirl the long chained weapon in one hand.

"I must say that I agree with his sentiments though. What your son did is inexcusable, and is punishable by immense pain." Hakkai looked down, his bangs covering his eyes. His glasses gleaming from the light of the chi his hands emitted.

"Guys, come on!" Nishi yelled walking in front of the two. "Don't you think that's a little harsh?"

Gojyo stopped twirling his weapon and severed the ground forcefully with its blade, making it stand on its own as the light within Hakkai's hands vanished.

"Nishi, we were just joking, they didn't really do anything, with the exception of the boy. Besides, I think he already got his just reward for that." Hakkai stated, the two of them chuckling a little too sadistically for 'just joking around' to apply.

"Freaks! All of you! Yo-you. . ." The old man pointed a shaky finger as he yelled. He obviously had some trouble understanding that he didn't exactly have any ground to stand on or any means of defending himself.

Hakkai smiled in utter amusement while Gojyo quirked an eyebrow. They exchanged glances before looking back at the indignant man and his incredibly frightened son.

"Did you hear that Hakkai? Isn't that interesting?"

"Yes, I don't believe that he finished his sentence either. You were saying?" Hakkai said as he slid next to Gojyo in a more than friendly manner. Gojyo slid his arm around Hakkai and pulled him even closer.

"Uh-um. . ."

"Us? Freaks?" Gojyo chuckled and looked down at Hakkai with a dreamy and almost sarcastic look.

"Surely he's talking about someone else. Although, if it is true, isn't it only natural that freaks stick together." Hakkai smiled as he spoke and tipped himself up on his toes to kiss Gojyo.

The man looked horrified and then defiantly disgusted as a chaste kiss turned into making out.

Gojyo pulled away with a loud sucking sound for effect and pointed a casual glare over at the man. "This is when you scramble away in fear for your life."

"Oh! Y-yes, s-sorry!" The man grabbed his son and began dragging him in the direction he figured the exit was.

"Idiots. I never wanna see you again Waya!" Nishi yelled after them, extremely amused by the entire situation. Turning toward her uncles, "Well, that made my day. . . You do know that they're gone now, you can stop." Her uncles had apparently continued their public display of affection while her back was turned. Hakkai slowly pushed Gojyo away and looked toward Nishi laughingly.

"Sorry, couldn't help it."

"It's okay, let's go eat. I'm starving."

"Sounds like a plan. Let's get out of here," Gojyo said. He reached down for Hakkai's hand as they began to walk down the hallway. "How much longer until they're done in there, I mean usually."

"Usually? Well, sometimes it's another hour or two and other times it'll only be a few minutes. It really depends on Sanzo's mood, I guess." Nishi looped her arm with Hakkai's and walked beside her uncles. "What do you guys think of going into town today?"

Gojyo and Hakkai just smiled at her and that was all the affirmation she needed.

And this was her life, she had everything she needed. And everyone got what they wanted that day, whether it's sex, food, or happiness. It was a good day.

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