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The hot Egyptian sun blared down on Atemu. It had been a long five years. Five years since he called off his wedding with Anzu. Five years since he stepped down from his place as Mazaki's heir, and five years since he said good-bye to Yuugi.

There wasn't a day that didn't go by that he didn't regret his actions that night before Yuugi left for America with his parents. He still remembered Yuugi's tear stricken face. How he regretted not buying tickets for the next plane to America. But Yuugi was young he told himself… not even fifteen. He had just hit puberty. Still confused by what love was… hadn't met people his own age. He was the first friend Yuugi ever had. His feelings were expected. He probably didn't know the difference between platonic and romantic love.

Despite his longing for Yuugi, Atemu had tried to move on. He never searched for Yuugi's name in the headlines. He never responded to the numerous letters that Yuugi had initially sent to him. He had tried numerous relationships with both genders at Cairo UV although all had ended in failure. His longest was a six month relationship which ended with the girl saying that she felt like she was kissing a cardboard box. He stopped trying after a while and decided if he couldn't have Yuugi he would just stay single. Thus instead, Atemu focused on his studies which paid off immensely.

A small smile, one that was seldom seen on Atemu's face, appeared on his face. He smiled proudly at his small archeology team as they packed the ship that they would be taking for the long voyage to the Valley of the Kings. His first archeology dig… he was going to find the tomb of the nameless king whose mystical items had been the topic of his graduation thesis.


Atemu hated formalities, and he hated press conferences even more. Both were something he had to endure before the ship sailed. He beamed and radiated in his dark suit as camera shutters snapped his photo. His picture would be on headlines all over the globe. Despite no longer being the heir of Mazaki Corp., his surname would forever follow him. For once he was thankful for the lessons his stepfather had forced him through. As a result, he was able to politely excuse himself from the cameras and disappear onto the ship.

Atemu sighed in relief as he watched the glimmering city of Cairo disappear into the horizon. The small hum of the ship's engine brought sleep to his eyes. Atemu sighed as he lazily undid his tie. He draped his coat over his shoulder as he stood looking out into the distance. It was be another fortnight before they reached where he had hypothesized the location of the nameless pharaoh's tomb. The warm Egyptian wind blew at his bangs. He finally felt free.

"Hey stranger." A young man's voice sliced through the air pulling Atemu back from his day dreams. He looked over his shoulder. His eyes widened.

"How… how you get on board?"

"After five years that's the first thing you ask?" The other asked. His voice was playful. "Not how are you? Or why you're here?"

"Well I am concerned about the security on my ship."

"Always the realistic one… I have my ways." The other simply said.

Atemu simply shook his head… still a little stunned. "What… what are you doing here?"

"Five years ago… my best friend showed me the world and freed me from my prison cell. He then told me he loved me. When I said I loved him too, he said I was too young to understand love. That I should see the world and not commit to something I don't have the wisdom to know. I've seen the world. I've experienced heartache." The young man gulped. "And I... I want to say. The day I met you was the happiest day of my life. The day you left me was the saddest day in my life." Tears were flowing from the young man's eyes. Atemu stepped forward. "I think I've grown enough to say this to you again. I… I still love you with all my heart. I…"

Atemu, no longer able to hold back, pulled the other into the purest and most heartfelt kiss he had ever given. The other initially shocked slowly melted into the kiss. Under the full Egyptian moon, the two basked in each other's arms until finally Atemu pulled away.

"I love you too, Yuugi."


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