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Chapter 2: His Eyes

Starfire's eyes started to come into focus. The man she saw before her was not Robin. He had long black hair, that ended at about his shoulders. His face was handsome and chiseled. His eyes remained closed.
Starfire tried to get out of his arms. There was an eerie almost dark feeling about him.

"Your starbolts are very powerful" he said matter of factly still with his eyes closed.

"Than- Tha-Tha-Thank-You" Starfire tried to spit out. She was trying so hard to get out of his grasp but couldn't.

"Could you please put me down" she asked with innosence.

"As you wish" he answered opening his eyes for the very first time.

Starfire felt a rush of coldness enter her body and soak into her, piercing at her. His eyes were a bright vibrant yellow. An evil yellow. Starfire felt them penetrate into her mind. She felt the man slowly set her down. Star felt dizzy she started to drift in and out of consiousness, until finally she fainted. Meanwhile Robin could see the man that had saved Starfire. He was very close to the building that Strafire linded on, and hurried jumping each one one by one. "Starfie!" he yelled as he saw her faint. He was very scared. The man standing there dissapeared when he heard Robin coming.
Robin arrived at the building star was and ran to her aid.

"Star" he whispered silently.

Robin looked around for the man who had caught her but he was no where in sight. He checked Starfires pulse.

"She is still alive" he thought happily picking her up in his arms.

He grabbed his communicator while holding onto Star.

"Titans I found Starfire, you dont have to search anymore". Robin turned off his communicator before any of the titans could ask him what had happened to Starfire.

"Lets get you home" he said quietly.

Back at the tower the titans all awaited for Robin and Starfires return. Raven was paseing the room. Cyborg sat at the table quietly, and Beastboy took a nap. Robin came into the tower holding Starfire in his arms. The Titans all jumped in surprise as Robin asked Cyborg to take Starfire to the ifirmary. They hurried there and Robin took a seat next to Starfire, whom was lying unconsious in bed. Cyborg hooked up a bunch of cords and shots on her body. While he was working he asked robin.

"Any idea what happened?"

"None what so ever. Before I got to where she was, there was a man there, but when i got close he disapeared". He said trailing off at the end.

"Hmmmm, well when she wakes up she might shed some light on this."

" So you are saying she will be alright!?" Robin said excitedly.

"Thats exactly what i am saying but, Robin, you need to get some sleep instead of worrying all night". Cyborg said raisin an eyebrow.

"No, I don't think I will be able to sleep. I will just stay here with Star". Robin said with concern.

"Ok man well night i guess." Cyborg said confused putting his last touches on Starfire

"Good Night" robin said and cyborg left the room.

(In Starfires Mind)
"Let me gooo, Please! Augh! Help someone help me! AAHHHHHHHhhhhhh.
Starfire was in a very dark place. All she could see were those horrible yellow eyes. The darkness was swallowing her up. "HELP!!!!!." But then she was consumed by the darkness.
(Out of her mind)

Starfire bolted upright and gasped. She rapidly scwirmmed aroung making sure she was no longer confined by the darkness. Robin woke up by her alarmeness and tried to calm her down.

"Starfire its ok. Starfire please come down"

When she heard Robins voice she immediatly hugged him and started to cry.

"Robin I was so scared" she kept saying, crying into his arm.

"Its alright Starfire. It was just a nightmare. Its all right now." He said comfortly. He was glad that she was alright.

"It is not alright Robin. His eye's. His horribly yellow eyes." she kept saying under sobs in his arm.

Robin desperatly tried to make sense of what she was saying.

"What are you talking about Starfire? Whos Eyes"

"Dracon's" is all that she could say but held tight on to Robin, fear that if she let go the darkness would consume her again.

Whats wrong with Starfire? Can Robin protect her from whats coming?