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Chapter 19: Waiting for the Wake

Starfire lay still on the bed of the infirmary as her frends watched her intently. They had just teleported out of Starfires mind, as soon as Raven recovered from the temporary loss of her power.

"She should be coming to, any moment." Raven said also lying down on a bed in the infirmary. She looked at the ceiling.

"Starfire took a lot of my power. I can sense her recovering. Since Dracon is no longer here to bind her she will be fine" Raven continued.

"But when will she wake up?" said Beastboy

"Soon" Raven sat sitting up.

As soon as she said this Starfire started to groan and move a little, but her eyes were still sealed shut.

"Starfire!?" Robin said concerned

She moved around a little but made no sign of hearing them.

"At least shes moving." Cyborg said happily

He hooked up a few IVs and left with BB to play some video games.

"Call me if she wakes up!" He shouted from down the hall.

Robin nodded and turned towards Starfire

At least she was moving

He turned to ask Raven something but she was in a healing trance.

Robin looked back at Starfire and rested his arms on her bed. A rush of emotions came over him. He felt happy that Star was going to be ok, he felt tingly because of her beauty but he also felt sad and angry that she had to suffer and that it was his fault it happened in the first place.

"Im sorry Star" Robin whispered

Starfire lay there peacefully. Raven said she would be up soon but when? Robin drifted off into a sleep.
When Robin woke up Raven was sitting up reading a book.

"Good evening" she said sarcasticly

Robin looked outside. It was dark out. Night.

"I guess I dozed off" he said standing up

"Has Starfire woken up yet?" he asked

"She has flickered her eyes open a couple times and she has mumbled somethings but, she still hasnt woken up." Raven said looking at her.

Robin sighed

Raven noted his dissapointment and decided she should leave him alone

"Im feeling rejuvinated, soo... I ll be in my room now. Call me when Stafire wakes." Raven said and vanished through the wall.

Robin looked at Starfires monitors slowly he noticed a change in their slow pace. They got slighty quicker. This only meant one thing. Starfire was coming back to conciousness! He rushed to her side and heard her breathing pace change. Her eyes flickered softly as they began to reveal those two big beautiful green eyes.

"STARFIRE!!" Robin said happily and put his arms around her in a hug.

He didnt know what else to do.

"Robin?" Starfire voice came from behind his ear.

Robin laid her back down.

"Star, im so glad your ok" Robin said smiling but with worried eyes.

She smiled.
"I feel much well. Please tell me, where are our friends?" she asked innocently.

Robin pulled out his communiactaor.

"Titans, Starfire is awake!"

Before he even had a chance to close his communiactor, all the tiatns gathered in the room with smiles.

"Star your alright!" Beastboy said cheerfully.

"I knew our girl would be" Cyborg said checking the monitors and Starfires pulse.

Starfire looked at Raven

"Raven I must thank you for your help. Without it, I might have never been able to overcome Dracon." she said cheerfully and gave Raven a big hug.

Robin smiled from the corner of the room.

"Is Dracon really gone?" Beastboy asked curiously.

"I am sure that he is Beastboy. I no longer feel his presence inside me." She answered

"Awesome!" BB said

Cyborg finished checking everything about her and concluded

"Everythings fine Star. Your alright"

"Glorious!" she said.

"Might I be able to slumber in my bedroom tonight?" She asked

"I dont see why not"

Starfire smiled and turned her feet of the bed ready to jump out. AS she got out of bed she lost her balance and fell. Robin caught her.

"Careful now" he said chuckling.

Starfire smiled and laughed a little too.

"Ill help her get to her room" Robin said holding Starfire up, looking at the titans.

"OK man" Cyborg said.

The titans watched as Robin helped STarfire out the door.