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Summary: It's been 50 years, and now the blue moon is full. But why is the moon effecting Kenshin most of all? And could the moon, release a more, seductive side of both Kenshin and Kaoru?

Sub-Summary: The blue moon is effecting Kaoru deep down and making a more seductive side of her come out, but, the same thing is happening to Kenshin. It's true that full moons do things to you, but what of Full Blue Moons?

Author's Notes: This is VERY VERY funny and yet, it has romance and it as well. I thought of it after the lunar eclipse and everything. So here it is! Enjoy Minna-San!

3 Days in A Blue Moon

I love staying up past midnight, sitting on the roof or outside of my late father's dojo and looking up at the sky. Yea, as weird as it sounds it's really a place where I can just slip away. Very uh, serene I guess. I think I gives me time to think to myself, cause teenage angst is pretty big around here I've come to notice. Even though I'm 18, legally that makes me an adult; I still act like a teenager at times, like, take Kenshin for an instance. What "adult" has a crush and keeps her feeling so locked up tight inside?

So that's what happens late at night, lots and lots of thinking. He has intruded on me a few times, maybe a shake of the shoulder or a call of my name. I'm usually in a very deep thought too.

Maybe I shouldn't think about it, maybe I should just let this so-called thing called "love" run its course. But sometimes it hurts not to think about it. Tears would suddenly sting my eyes; my heart would beat harder in my chest. Sometimes, I find it easier if I scream maybe that would help!

Before, I was never this way. I've always hid my emotions with a smile or a scowl for that matter.

Honestly? I don't think he sees me the way I see him. He sees me as a sister, a friend, a best friend, but not a, well, lover. I don't know anymore. I want to know, but perhaps I have to wait, and as much as I hate waiting, I will...

It was nearing midnight. That was a bit obvious. All the other tenets in the dojo were sleeping soundly, all except Kamiya Kaoru, who lay awake looking at her window. She always knew when to leave to her "thinking" spot, whenever the moon hit her face in just this certain way. So she lay, looking out her window.

When the blue moon did hit her face, she got up from her futon. Quietly changing into a baby blue kimono that she kept beside her as she slept. In truth, it was her late mother's kimono. And now, she could finally fit into it.

She opened her shoji silently, trying not to wake Sanosuke, Yahiko, or Kenshin. Even though, she has come to realize that whenever she walked about at this time at night, he would always find her. She prayed he wouldn't follow her, because, it was he whom she was thinking about.

She sighed in relief when she reached outside. She jumped up and grabbed onto the shingles of the roof, pulling herself up. She moved herself to her normal spot, and looked up at the sky, thoughts pouring into her head.

Maybe I won't be found tonight. Maybe I'll be able to finally think about what's really going on here.

I love him, but how to...

She shook her head, sliding off the roof, and taking a seat on the old steps of the dojo.

Kaoru sat by herself outside her late father's dojo. It was late, probably somewhere past 1:30 in the morning but something was keeping her awake. She looked up at the stars suddenly, and hummed softly to herself, trying not to wake the Rurouni who slept inside. "I just want to gaze into your eyes." She stopped quickly and turned sharply. She looked inside the dark dojo; she heard nothing, saw nothing.

"Kenshin?" she called in a light, airy whisper. Still there was no answer. All Kaoru could hear was the sound of the summer crickets chirping there love songs.

She laughed sadly. If there ever was such a thing as laughing sadly, Kaoru would be it's expert.

Kenshin turned in his sleep, he moaned softly. Another nightmare no doubt. Some evil he had done in the past that came back to haunt him on this certain night. While he dreamed of death and bloodshed, Kaoru sang with the stars.

He suddenly awoke in a cold sweat. Breathing a dry, heavy, pant. He wiped the sweat from his brow as his panting subsided. He then heard a soft voice. It was sweet and tranquil, like it was floating on the wind. He placed his sword against the wall in his room and followed the song.

Kaoru now sat silent; the blue moonlight made the blue hues in her hair twinkle. She was to into her own daydream to notice the man who was drawing closer towards her. But it wouldn't matter; Kaoru still sat there looking up at the moon singing happily with the stars. She then, suddenly, felt a rush of joy from within her. Which was odd, because before she was feeling so sad. She got up and started twirling in the moonlight. He dance wasn't anything extreme, just pirouettes with her arms open wide as if she was going to give the next person she sees a vast tremendous bear hug.

Kenshin chuckled to himself. Almost all of him wanted to go outside and dance with her, all by themselves in the privacy of the moonlight. But the other part of him felt like if he intruded on the very little time Kaoru was this blissful; he'd hurt her more then he already had. So he took a few steps into the darkness and continued to let Kaoru enjoy her frolicking.

Kaoru, with one more burst of enjoyment within her, jumped into the air and landed softly on the ground. She then, sat back down on the worn steps of the dojo and basked in the blue moonlight. Thrill and excitement was still building up inside her though.

Something I'll always remember is going to happen...

Kenshin's breathing was labored. How could he just awake from a nightmare and be so excited! So happy, So thrilled! He walked further into the shadows before colliding into the wall. "ORO!" He shouted before falling to the floor with a loud thump.

Kaoru got up quickly and ran inside. Warm, bright violet eyes met her gaze. Half anger and half embarrassment was building up inside her. It also showed on her face.

"Kenshin no baka! How long have you been watching me eh?"

"Gomen Kaoru-dono!" He took a deep sharp breath, "Sessha did not mean to intrude?" Honestly, Kenshin did not believe he was intruding on Kaoru, but he did feel horrible for ruining her moment.

"Oh, No Kenshin. I'm just flustered. You know blue moons do things do things to you." She looked towards the sky. The smile on her face gave Kenshin the clue she wasn't cross with him.

"It is very rare to see that it is." He smiled.

She shrugged her shoulders and walked back outside. "I feel so...so different; so strange! I've never felt like this before. So carefree, I blame the moon."

His smile changed into a cocky manner. His eyes narrowed, secretively. A look not really known for the famous Himura Kenshin, but more of the Hitokiri Battousai.

Kaoru cocked her left eyebrow. Perhaps, this moon was effecting Kenshin as well. She didn't know, and truly? She didn't care! She could do just about anything at any given moment. But, she held her excitement inside her, for only a few more moments.

She was dying to know why Kenshin had that look on his face, and why does he look flustered? And why is his breathing so heavy? Her heart was beating faster in her chest. She couldn't look directly into his eyes, and when she did her face shaded into warm pink color. "I do think the moon has something to do with our weird behaviors that it does." His voice was slightly husky and that look never left his face.

Kenshin's breathing was beginning to become more labored. He thought it way too hot for late summer, though when he glanced up at the sky, it was so high.

His eyes fell on Kaoru; she looked so different in the moonlight, the blue hues of the moon, made her hair shine. Her ivory skin had a luminous glow to it. She really did look like a midnight angel of sorts. He expected wings to sprout from her back. She truly looked unreal.

"I heard," She stated randomly, "That this blue moon will return in 50 years." She turned her back to him and walked further into the yard.

"Are you going to bed now Kaoru-dono?" Kenshin asked. Kaoru shook her head, and with only a slight turn, she winked and ran out of the dojo's yard.

"Oro?" Kenshin gasped before using his god like speed to chase after her. He stopped suddenly, and looked at his surroundings. He was at the river; the moon made the river look just as radiant as anything else did.

Though, the river is beautiful, it has no comparison to...

It was then; Kaoru jumped out and wrapped her arms around Kenshin's neck. "Did I scare you Kenshin?" She asked, not letting go.

"Hai Kaoru-dono! You scared Sessha very much so that you did..." He leaked out, his face was turning purple from lack of air. But she let go, and walked in front of him, but tripped on the own feet and fell into Kenshin's chest, his gi was open wide as well. "Gomen..." Kaoru whispered, she looked down to the floor.

"Oh Kaoru-dono, there is no need for apologizes." They had both yet to notice that they we're still holding each other.

When Kaoru did notice she backed away, her face flushed her eyes gleaming. "Kenshin..."

Kenshin's eyes we're closed. But when he opened them they we're amber and had a seductive shine to them and he cut Kaoru off by a swift passionate kiss.

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