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3 Days In A Blue Moon

"Shut up!" Kaoru cursed as she threw her arms around his neck. She could feel how his body tensed and then relaxed in her embrace. Pushing her chest into his own she wondered how he felt with her in such a compromising position such as this one. "You make it seem as if I'm some Princess when I'm the farthest thing from it!"

"Kaoru to me you are…"

"Stop it Kenshin! Stop it!" She argued as she shook her head rapidly, her loose hair gently whipping Kenshin's arms. Pushing her back slightly he took her raven hair in his hand and held it to his face, taking it the scent of jasmine that covered her entire body. It was a alluring scent, so alluring he felt himself falling again.

He fell in a pit that seemed dark but had something so completely heavenly at the other end of it. Gazing up at the bright blue moon he could feel the drop and the rise of something inside it. A feeling coiled itself around his insides as he dropped her hair to hold her face in his hands.

"Kaoru if we become one then you must swear to me that I will be the only one you'll ever be with." He searched her face for any sign of doubt or distress. He wanted her now more then ever before. He could almost hear how fast her heart was beating. Her blue eyes glazed over with such happiness though that the demon that Kenshin felt was growing within him was at bay. Kaoru had such an amazing way of performing miracles such as that.

She could feel how warm her cheeks were beneath his hands, how is eyes flashes amber then amethyst. It didn't matter to her anymore. She remembered once fearing the Battousai, calling him a murder…something ruthless. But wasn't it the Battousai that had loved Tomoe? That had tried to protect her until the end?


Kaoru then realized something incredibly weight-lifting as she stayed within Kenshin's grasp. They were always the same person…always. Battousai was Kenshin's wild emotions unleashed while the Rurouni was everything contained inside. So was this person the true Kenshin...? Was he the combination of the two?

Was this something that only she would be able to see?

"Kaoru, do you swear it?" She heard Kenshin repeat as her breath caught in her throat. The look of passion and determination in his eyes was something she felt no woman could fight…and why should they? Right now this man wanted her and she wanted him. He was beautiful and strong…he cared for her and protected her and…

And she loved him more then she had loved anyone else in the entire world.

"I swear it Kenshin. I swear it to all the Gods who watch over us now…I'll be yours forever…for so long that no matter how many times we are reborn I shall always be with you." Moving from his grasp she leaned up and let her lips linger on his, softly at first but she could feel his urgency. Hesitantly she pulled away to only say one thing. Her eyes were half closed and he gazed at her longingly…waiting for her words.

"Please make me yours." And as soon as those words were spoken Kenshin blew out the candle that lit the room, deciding the blue moon would be the bright light in the sky that they make love to, to let it be witness to this…no matter if sinful or shameful.

Laying her down upon the futon he opened fully opened her loose yukata and stared down at the perfect breasts that he would claim as his own. They had never been touched by another man…this woman was meaning of purity. He could see her flushed cheeks and unsteady breath. She was afraid but willing…

"Do you fear me?" He asked, as he lowered his lips to her ear. She shook her head quickly.

"No, that's the furthest thought from my mind Kenshin…" She took her arms and placed them on his clothed back, slightly angered the he had already undressed her while he still remained completely covered. Moving her hands she forced them inside his gi, over his shoulders and down his back, forcing it off completely.

He laughed quietly at the face she made as she tried to do it, nervous and determined. His heart warmed.

"Are we going at too slow a pace for you?" He asked with a gentle chuckle in his voice. She blinked at his warm smile, something she wasn't sure she had seen before. Lowering himself he placed his lips to her neck and gently kissed that one spot before trailing down to her collar bone. He felt her slightly shake with pleasure and this pleased him, deciding to go further.

But then something shook inside him as he let his mouth linger over her exposed nipple. He felt completely frozen.

"Kenshin?" Kaoru asked as she raised her head from the futon. Kenshin then looked up at her, his purple eyes gentle and sad…so incredibly sad. Her heart broke with just that one look.

"Kenshin what's wrong?" She asked as she placed her hand on his face. "I swore myself to you…I'm ready to be one with you…" She smiled and he shook his head as he took the disregarded sides of her yukata and covered her exposed chest.

"This one can't do it Kaoru-dono; This one is the worst person for trying to do this…you are too pure…too perfect." He grabbed his gi from the floor and placed it over his shoulders as he got up to leave.

"No Kenshin! I'm not perfect! Why can't you understand…I thought you had?" Rising from the bed she chased after him, turning him around forcibly, but it was more then obvious he let her.

"This one can't let you hold this sin over you…" He looked down, his deep red bang over his eyes.

"Then marry me…become my husband so then there would be no sin…" She smiled warmly as he raised his head to her gaze.

"Kaoru-dono…" He drifted off, unsure of what to say.

"I swore I would love no other…so I can see no other way." Her brilliant smile worked its way into his heart, fighting off the blackness he had felt inside him before. He quickly took her in an embrace, her laughter sounding like music to him.

"Could there be any other woman as wonderful as this one?" He wondered towards the sky, his voice so quiet not even Kaoru could hear it spill from his lips.

"We will become husband and wife Kaoru-dono…I swear it."